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Stein Mart / customer service at the store and customer service at corporate

An May 15, 2019

Today I purchased an item at the Stein Mart on South Hulen St., Fort Worth, TX. Upon checking out the cashier had a used bag that somebody brought their products back in for a return or exchange. I made my purchase in this case you wanted to put my new item in a used bag no telling where it came from that is nasty and gross. I called the store to only speak to a manager who was condescending and Nonchalant. So I called the corporate office and spoke to Cody then this Corporate Buffalo started raising his voice at me! And of course I lost my cool because I'm not fixing to talk to ignorant or stupid individuals. Apparently Stein Mart does not take pride in what they do or take pride in their establishment because they dress like trash they talk like trash And then they expect you to sit there and listen to them raise their voice that you know they need to get back into the reality and know that we are all human beings and everyone needs respect and if they're going to talk to me crazy well guess what I'm not fixing to sit here and listen to somebody who stupid. I would not shop there again I'm taking my business elsewhere I should've just gone to Macy's or Dillards.

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