Stein Martcustomer service

U Oct 01, 2019

On October 1, 2019 around 5:30 pm at Stein Mart in Bixby Oklahoma
I have never been treated so poorly in my life. The employees acted as if I was a goat walking through the store, they were so rude I can't even find the words to describe how angry I am. I will never spend a dime at a Stein Mart store for the rest of my life and I will make sure to let everyone I know all about the way the employees behaved and treated me while I was shopping. I shopped for maybe 15 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore and decide to just go check out and get out of there. When I get to the counter, they're about 5 employees standing around before one lady opens a new register to check me out and she takes my I'd and credit card out of my hands and stared to inspect the 2 cards without saying a word to me at all. She then turns the credit card machine around to face her and began swiping my card. She swiped it about 4 times and it kept saying car error. So one of the other ladies hovering around says we cannot do manual entry! I have no idea what she was implying but nothing about Manuel entry was even brought up by anyone other then her.. I wasn't even aloud to swipe my own credit card! The cashier swipes my card again and starts inspecting it once more and innapropriately tells me maybe I should call the number on the back and let them know that the merchant is trying to run my card but it isn't going through. I haven't even mentioned the way they treated my husband. He wouldn't even shop because of how the employees immediately treated hi it was very obvious that this was a race issue. My husband and I were treated as we were some kind of criminals and those employees crossed the line! These were Acts of Racism, and decinatiom of character! The lady that was shouting about Manuel entry proceeded to follow me outside, harrrassig me standing outside my vehicle so I asked her what her problem is and she said I don't have a problem, do you have a problem? you paranoid or something? And laughs loudly and walks around my vehicle a few times then got inside her vehicle and is doing circle around the shopping center following me out of the shopping center! Something needs to be done about this! I'm considering going to the news about this to warn people about the customer service. Maybe I can save someone from being treated like trash humiliated, or being a victim of acts of racism! How on Earth do the employees even feel that it's ok to behave the way they did. I am pretty sure a member of cooperate was in the store when these women are practically bullying the customer's!

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