Stater Brothersmanager


the Manager at the time was A woman named Jennifer and this guy that works there .well in may on a Saturday at 8:35 pm i was walking through the store with my the stuff i was going to buy, and i was in there about 20 min and the manager is standing at on end of the store walking fast towards me saying ma'am you have to leave, sorry but u have to leave by the time she got up to me she said you can give me the grocery's and leave or i"m calling (ins) or security i stated i did nothing wrong she then went upstairs thinking i was going to run off i stayed there fore 7 min waiting she then came down and told me there were two people that told me that you were asking to pay for there grocery's with an ebt card then i should her my wallet and said does it look like i have an ebt card what is an ebt card i then should her my money and she said well you can buy your grocery's then you have to leave .i walked out of the store and told my father that has gone to that store for 30 years and he took me back up there . the manager then said three people complained and my father said wouldn't one of them stayed and pointed her out and she said they were scared for there well being . I'm 18 and a average weight and white so (ins) would have been wrong to call, scared i don't think so she changed her story three times i blame the guy she was talking to he use to talk to me but i stopped cause there was something off with him she was talking to him when she judged me.

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