Star Car WashBroken and Dangling Driver Side Mirror


Dissatisfied customer can hardly convey and/or describe the experience I encountered at Star Car Wash in DeSoto, TX. I dropped off my vehicle for a quick wash (interior and exterior clean) while I headed to lunch with a pal.

After my one-hour return, boldly dangling by the wires is my broken driver side mirror. Imagine my amazement and disgust! Needless to say, I attempted to speak with the manager that looked to be barely age 21 to address this matter. He immediately became irate and argumentative and indicated that he was unable to resolve the problem despite the damages that was clearly displayed. He repeatedly refused to accept accountability despite that their team was totally responsible for damages.

I was provided with the Regional Manager's (Mike) info who was just as cantankerous and discourteous not to mention unwilling to accept accountability. During our conversation, the Regional Mgr initially pretended to be concerned and empathetic, yet moments later when I requested repairs of approximately $300, he became condescending and patronizing and denied any and all responsibility.

Recognizing that continued conversation with this Regional Manager was a moot point; I pursued other means of filing a civil liability court claim against Star Car Wash to recuperate damages; however, I inadvertently wrote Mike, the Regional Manager's, name in the incorrect box and the claim was dismissed because he was not the owner; and therefore I was instructed by the presiding Judge in Lancaster, TX to re-file. Upon the Judges review of the photos, her baffled and in awe facial expression was priceless and then her precise words were... "these damages was done by the car wash".

Initially, it cost $100 to file the claim in Lancaster, TX. Due to law changes and filing increases, by the time I considered re-filing the claim, the filing fees increased to $200 which in totality equated to the amount that I was originally attempting to collect.

Many have stated, as I too am aware, that I could have also recovered the expenses from time loss from work in addition to court cost from Star Car Wash upon winning the case. Unfortunately, after several months had passed, I opted to cut my losses in that arena and therefore I did not re-file the court case.

Alternatively, I have decided to recuperate the damages by sharing the reprehensible and disgraceful experience by Star Car Wash with other consumers and patrons not only on this site but other consumer complaint sites that are available.

Be advised that these comments are not purely an act of bitterness and retaliation but an act where injustice and disservice have not been vindicated by the repugnant and loathsome Star Car Wash in DeSoto, Texas. (See Attached Photos of Damages Incurred)

Broken and Dangling Driver Side Mirror
Broken and Dangling Driver Side Mirror
Broken and Dangling Driver Side Mirror
Broken and Dangling Driver Side Mirror


  • Mu
    Museero Mar 09, 2011

    The reason am sending this complaint is because, My tire of being exploded, all I do is work hard, but for the past three years the owners of the car wash have been taking away many hours from my paycheck and not only that, we have been treated very bad by the owners in front of the customers, they have employees working for weigh less than the minimum wage. Last thing, I haven’t get paid in the past two weeks, I don’t know what am going to do because I have to pay my bills and support my wife and kids.

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  • Jd
    jdropper5 Aug 04, 2012

    Contact US Department of Labor for your workers rights:

    How to report unfair labor practices in Texas

    Employee Rights and Laws

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  • To
    tonysuperior Jun 05, 2013

    was this an automated car wash (on a track with cloth mitts)? if so, most washes will have signs that state they cannot be liable for damage to exterior rear view mirrors. the reason for this is that mirrors take a lot of abuse in the world and any previously unnoticed damage will only be exasperated upon use of an automated wash. in short, if the mirror was 100% going in it would not break.. the mirror was due to break no matter which auto wash you took it to. btw the same goes for antennas, mouldings, and non-factory items (bug shields, roof racks, spoilers, etc).

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