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I ordered a pair of frames and a prescription from My Eyelab. The original progressive prescription was HORRIBLE, so I brought the glasses back to get a new prescription at My Eyelab - North Miami. My Eyelab lost my prescrition AND my glasses. Today, when I spoke with one of the employees named Brenda, she told me that they do not carry those frames any longer. I requested a refund for the frames and prescription since they do not have those frames in stock any longer. She then proceeded to lie to me and said she was not authorized to give me a refund. I called Stanton Optical, and they told me that she WAS authorized to give me a refund and that she lied. I spent $279 for the frames, and $177 for the prescription. If they do not refund my money for a purchase I will never see again, I will happily speak with an attorney and sue this nefarious company.

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Nov 09, 2018 10:11 pm

The Snellville, GA location is not the best. Four out of four of us wear glasses, two with pretty bad astigmatisms. We spent over $700.00 on 6 pair of glasses. it took almost 3 months to receive my sons glasses. . It took 2 weeks to receive 3 pair an additional 2 weeks to receive the 4th. Not until mid-October did we receive the last few. When we received them my son could not see out of them, we chalked it up to a new prescription. There was no change, we returned the following day. When they checked the glasses his prescription was incomplete, that's why he couldn't see out of them. Not only that we waited months for his glasses but it was wrong. So we were told to leave them and they will put a rush and have everything back within a week. 3 weeks later nothing. I am ready for a full refund and never see them again. The sad part is I was trying to support new business in the area.

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