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A Nov 09, 2019

I have ordered a rifle, scope, and ammo! Over $2, 000 worth . Scope was not in stock but the gun was. When the gun was delievered to the store it was the wrong gun. They said they would get the correct one in. Numerous times we were guarenteed delievery. We changed plans and got babysitter to come pick up. Mind you I had done this way before deer season opened so i would be ready. Time and time again we were guaranteed delievery each time they said would be on the truck. Each time they said it showed the delivery would be in. Each time nothing! We called corporate and were directed to Chris. He promised items to compinsate us for the delay. One was a muzzleloader. We called the store and they said was not in stock. We went to the store that day and there were 4 there. An employee said its all in who u talk to. While there this old guy who is always rude was exceptionally rude!! So Chris from corporate guaranteed the gun and said he would meet us at the store. Day came he was unavailable then next time unable to get gun. So we were directed to Jim who is supposedly Chris boss. Same song and dance several times was to busy to meet. He said he had the gun but was tied up at Murphresborro store. Then was to meet me on a Saturday with numerous items promised and a check for composiation. I drove up there mind you its an hour drive. Stayed several hours in the store. Had a babysitter and of course no show. Oh yah before that he had a wreck on the way. When he was a no show on Saturday he promised more items. Next meeting was on Tuesday. We called him on monday he said yah all is good. Tuesday we get him and he was to bsuy but would call back. Well no call then when we call him his phone was disconnected. So call corporate again. Was told we would get a call back from a big boss in 30 minutes. That call still is not returned. We called and found a jim in the list. We spoke with him after he called back and said he is the Jim over this area but we hadnt talked to him. He said Chris not even over this area. WTH!! He called back the next day and had a conference call with my wife and Tyler over internet sales. He said he would get back with us . Said the muzzleloader and scope would be honored. So the other stuff guess we are SOL! Friday he says he will call by 5 to let us know if we can meet Saturday! 5:30 rolls around no call. We call him he doesn't answer. This is Saturday at almost 10pm no answer. We have called left messages and no answer! I mean really I ordered a $1150 rifle and almost a $700 scope plus ammo! Thats a lot of money especially for me. I been saving and working overtime. I did eveything to be resdy for season. To be screwed her at season. I have bout many things from this store and this is the thanks i get. I was prmoised over $1100 back, a muzzleloader, a scope, a treestand, 2 $50 gift cards, a picture at the store, a 1911 pistol, and a browning maxus all purpose hunter shotgun. The Jim we last talked to said he would honor the scope and the muzzleloader. He would have to ask the big boss about the shotgun. Still no word. We have kept dates and a list on things. Highly upset was a long time ago!!! Now I am to the point what do you do cause corporate is not doing things. First off the store has my money and no items i have recieved. Thats a crime. Also promised items and nothing. I am to the point better business bureau needs to be contacted, the news station, social metia, legal action, and also local law enforcement. This is in no way to treat a customer! I just want my stu[censored] I would settle on otems promised but still think that some items need to be given! I am also about to contact Browning and Leupold due to the items i have bought are there company items. I am sure they would not want items to be sold in these store causing them bad publicity! I expect contact ASAP or i will have to go furture with above stated action. I know there is a major problem going on and think that somone very high up needs to get involved!

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