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4/2020 Ordered a full shower glass enclosure from Specialty Glass for $1560.38
11/15/2020 We moved back in our house in Santa Maria. Started using the shower.
8/2022 The base of the shower frame is corroding. Called Specialty Glass because this should not be happening. Went to Specialty Glass with pictures.

8/25/2020 Specialty Glass give me the phone number of Cardial Glass to call because the frame was done by them. Alfredo [protected]) at Cardinal Glass says they do not deal the retail customer. He does not know why Specialty Glass would give me their number. I called Specialty glass and now they tell me we are out of warranty. I checked my invoice and there is no mention of warranty. Alfredo says the way this is handle is that Specialty glass needs to send a technician to see the problem. The problem is a gap in the gasket between the glass and the frame that is letting the water in and creating pocket for the water to sit. Specialty glass says the gasket has shrunk.


I request a technician to look at the damage with Rhonda at Specialty Glass.

10/7/2022 I finally get a technician to look at the corrosion.

10/24/2022 I get an estimate for the repair. $985.00

I do not think that I should be charged a $985.00 repair on a defect. That gasket did not shrink it was cut short allowing water to get trap in the frame. The Service is horrible. You get the runaround. When I presented a picture of the corrosion at their store, she was rude and did not want an argument!

That shower upgrade was expensive, and it should not have this wear yet.

Desired outcome: Money back on the shower or repair the area where the gasket is too short and replace the lower frame that is corroded.

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Santa Maria, US
Oct 27, 2023 2:02 pm EDT
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The corrosion you are showing is not caused by any defects in workmanship. Your Manufacturer warranty had long expired, and the enclosure had been in trouble free service for quite some time. Hard water, as well as soft water that uses salts will eventually cause corrosion on metal in a shower. Frequency of use, as well as lack of maintenance can help accelerate this issue. It appears you have some very light corrosion that could easily be cleaned up with common household cleaners to help slow it down. The door has been installed in your home for quite some time- and we had trouble even locating parts for the older model door as new styles have replaced that style door. We tried to assist you at every step- from reaching out to the manufacturer on your behalf- to visually inspecting and working on a solution for you. Bottom line was- you wanted it your way with no room for an alternate solution. Based on the age of the door- we could have just told you a new door was the fix, but we tried very hard to get you what you wanted-how you wanted. The fact that it was an impossible task due to being out of any warranty and an older model fell on deaf ears. I sincerely wish the components were easily available and obtainable- so we could have helped you out, but sadly it was not possible. If you wish to discuss any alternatives, or just want to discuss preventative cleaning methods to prevent buildup and corrosion over time- please give our office a call. Thank you!

Specialty Glass & Mirror CO.