SPCA Animal ShelterOld age is not a damned disease!

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I do not know where to begin because I am just beyond distrought over the fact that the local S.P.C.A (animal shelter)euthanized my 15 year old cat after I told them she was missing. My cat, MiMi is about 16 or 17. She never goes far, if anywhere at all. One day she was out in the yard getting sun, which she normally does, and then takes a stroll around the property before coming in. MiMi was picked up by the animal control officer who found her in the alley and feared she might get hurt. MiMi was taken to the shelter. That evening we searched all over the neighborhood for MiMi because she NEVER stays outside very long. That was a Thursday. The following day I called the police department and was told that the animal control officer went on vacation. I asked about any cats that might have been picked up and was told that one had been though they had no description. We waited through the weekend to see if MiMi would return. She did not, so I went to the S.P.C.A and to look at the cats that they shelter when lost, found, or given up by their owners. I saw a three cats that looked exactly like our MiMi, but one that I was I thought for sure was her. Excited that it might be her, I ran to her and called out her name. Being that she is and older cat she was beginning to lose her hearing, so I called her name pretty loud. The cat, sleeping, actually raised it's head. I told the person assisting me that the cat looked like MiMi. I was told that the cat was a boy. I asked, if he was sure that the cat was a boy. He told me that he was sure that his people knew what they were doing. I accepted his answer, not wanting to undermine him or the others. Each of the three cats that looked like Mimi, I was told were boys. I left the shelter feeling very down. After MiMi hadn't shown up for several days, and me getting no sleep, I went back the following week to look again for MiMi. The same cats were there plus a few new ones. I looked at all of them and then spent a little longer with the two older ones that resembled MiMi most. The other that looked like her was a younger cat and I had ruled "him" out. So, it was down to just the two. I was still being told that they were boys. I went back to the shelter a total of five times over an eight week period. Just last week I finally got a chance to speak with the animal control officer that might have picked up MiMi. She remembered picking up a cat thatshe thought matched the description I gave her. She checked her logs and gave me an I.D. number for the cat she picked up. She told me the cat was still there and who to call and speak to. She also thought the cat she picked up was boy. I called about the cat and was told it had been euthanized (only two weeks after). They gave me a date and told me the cat that they had put down ("killed") was a female. They claimed she was underweight, not eating, and had a host of problems, on top of getting sick while she was there. I would like to see any of them when they reach 100 years old and beyond, and end up in a strange place. MiMi had not reached 15-plus years being a stray cat, and was obviously a well taken care of cat. She came to them as a "found" cat, not a "stray". That means they knew she had a home. They could have given her more time to reconnect with her owners. They could have taken the time to try and contact me knowing I was looking for her. If their goal is to stamp out euthanization then why are they not making every effort to preserve life? They have foster homes for the kittens, why not for the elderly cats? Because they think money can be made off of the older cats? So, they automatically euthnize them and then say they were suffering. "Our MiMi" deserved to live a full and complete life, espeially, after having lived so long. Any pet deserves a right to a full (long)life. We, as her family, deserved to see her through to the end of her life and to make her as comfortable as we could throughout. I am sick to my stomach because I took their word for it that those cats were males, and walked away. I am sick to my stomach because "our MiMi" was actually alive two of the times that I had visited the shelter. My name and contact information along with a description of my cat was only taken the fourth time that I had visited the shelter looking for MiMi. Everythiong that could go wrong there did. I donate money to this shelter and have always viewed them as compassionate, caring, and really doing something good for the animals. Every life counts! And "Every life counts" should be there motto because the story about stamping out euthanasia is half-hearted. I feel like I have donated money just to have my own pet put to sleep. Now, I want to know more. I want to know how they will ensure that this travesty will never happen again> I want to know what are their intentions for the other elderly cats that come through? And, I want more than just a half-hearted apology. All of our pets have lived full lives, anywhere from 14 -18 years old. We have a cat here now that is about 16 or 17 years old. She looks worse than MiMi but, is content in her elderly years. I would hate to think of her ending up at the S.P.C.A because they may put her down the very same day due to how scraggly she looks. Can someone please tell the S.P.C.A that, "OLD AGE IS NOT A DAMNED DISEASE"!


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    Mr Jay Ramlukan Jan 16, 2008
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    Good Day

    I am very disturbed by a visit by the SPCA on the 15/01/08 around midday. SPCA official, Alfred, from the Durban branch, reported that he has recieved a complaint concerning our 3 dogs being bound. Explaining to the gentleman that the dogs are bound due to renovations taking place at the residence and the animals are bound due to the risk of posible injury of materials at the property. The official disregarded our plea and advised us to release the dogs or be fined R20 000-00. After releasing our dogs, our young pup was noted to be seriously injured the next morning on his left side of his body due to the material of the renovations within the property, this after our plea fell on deaf ears by the SPCA official.

    SPCA official Alfred arrived again the next day (16/01/08) to follow-up on previous day's events and was informed of the injury to our pup, which he only advised us to take the pup to the SPCA for stitches.

    Our dogs are well nourished and loved and was bound because we were afraid for their safety during the renovation period.

    I would like to know why Our household is being targeted by the SPCA if we had a valid reason for the incident that took place according to a complaint and who will carry the costs involved for our pet that is injured if it was due to the threats by the SPCA?

    Awaiting your soonest response

    Mr J. Ramlukan

    Address: 82 Dharwar Road

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    Patty Westfall Jun 10, 2008
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    First I want to say that I am not from the media. I just need the media to hear my story ...

    My sister found a little Yorkie running down the road on my street. The car in front of her snagged the collar and flipped the little dog. It wasn't really hurt, just very scared! It had nipped my sister, but didn't even break the skin. I put her in my bedroom in a kennel box to calm down and she was just fine.

    I called the SPCA to let them know that I had the dog in case the owners were looking for it. Stupid me, I told them that this dog nipped my sister and the SPCA MADE me bring the dog in for quarantine for about 2 weerks. (I also sell Yorkies and thought that I may have possibly sold this dog to someone and wanted to look through my records to reunited the dog with the owner.) I told them I would pay all fee's while the dog was there. They said they were going to spay her, I said I would pay, god knows I wasn't planning on keeping her, just reuniting her with her family.

    The SPCA wanted me to sign a paper giving them the right to kill this dog, I said NO! They said yes you will! We went round and round until I finally said ok ... I don't agree to this ... this... this... and so on, and then signed it. Officer Eleanor Wyatt was MAD!!!

    This Officer was the same one who had repeatedly inspected my kennel for years and never found anything wrong.

    Back in 2006, I went to the SPCA CLINIC to get rabies shots for some of my dogs. They refused to give them their shots because I didn't bring their previous records. This was my first time using the SPCA for shots, so I didn't know you needed to bring records. I sent my sister for the records and the SPCA started taking others in front of me until it was too late to do my dogs. I made an appointment with my Vet, but she couldn't come out until around the 20 of April, the deadline for these shots and tags was March 31st. About a month later the SPCA said they got an anonymous call saying I was abusing my animals. They BROKE into my home when I wasn't there. They broke the metal frame around my kitchen window and to this day, it is still broke. The managed to finally get in through a spare room window where I had an air conditioner in the window. They broke my sewing machine, 3 jars of antique buttons and then set the AC on it's side so it would drain all over my carpet and then left the window open.

    My sister was sleeping with the radio and TV on in the back bedroom. When they opened the door and saw her, they made her get up. In court, they lied and said she was talking to someone, she was sleeping!

    They gave me 15 minutes to get home from a place where I was 25-30 minutes away. They said if I didn't, they would take all my dogs!

    I sped all the way home to find them in my home taking videos.

    They gave me about $2500 in fines for not having them licensed and shots. It went to a jury trial and was pretty much thrown out, it cost me $45 court costs and a 6 month probation that was suspended after 1 day.

    They SPCA has been harassing me ever since.

    I am still struggling. The SPCA is still harassing me too! I just went to court on the 15th of May 08 for a dog that they stole from me on 12/31/07, and was acquitted on the animal cruelty charges again. Someone broke into my house on 12/16/07, I called the police and had finger prints taken, had them arrested and right after that the SPCA supposedly got a anonymous call saying my dogs were skinny.

    They came out and didn't even look at my dogs, they went straight to my barn and started picking it and my horse apart. They said my hay was moldy, not ... even the Vet said so ... they gave me 1 day to change his halter ... they said it was too small ... they gave me 3 days to have a vet come out and file his teeth, (mind you this was a holiday!) he didn't eat for a week after that, they gave me 2 days to have a ferrier come out to trim his feet, the ferrier said he didn't need it ... I had him do it anyway, he only took 1/8" off and my horse went lame for 2 weeks. They gave me 7 days to put dirt in my barn ... it wasn't wet and didn't need it, I did it anyway ... they gave me 2 weeks to cut all the trees down around my pasture, so I did this too.
    They never even came back to even see if I did all of these things!

    BUT, when they left the barn, they grabbed my last lhasa, Red Frost, and seized him! I asked what they were doing with my dog. They said his hair was matted ... I had just groomed him on the 9th of Dec, this was the 31st of Dec and he is an outside dog! (It did raid for a solid week previosue to them coming, so he did have dirt on his legs.) They said he also had an eye infection ... he was never sick one day in his life! Red's hair was the color of an irish setter with a white overcoat, he was beautiful!

    Red had red lips and a red nose and the skin around his eyes was also red. His eyes were a beautiful amber color. I only had 3 this color in all the years that I bred Lhasa's!
    I asked to see his eyes ... they said NO ... I asked to see his tangled hair ... They said NO! I asked to at least say good-bye to him and again they said NO! They didn't even give me any papers to say they took my dog! Just the correction notice for my horse, that they never checked back on.

    If you want his picture ... email me. It was in this letter, but didn't copy over.

    I went to court after several court dates, because they said his hair was tangled, I had another JURY TRIAL and was totally acquitted. I tried to go pick Red up afterwards and they wouldn't give him to me, so I had my lawyer file a motion for a Plevin, to give my dog back. I was supposed to go to Superior court Tomorrow, 6/12/08 for this, but this morning my lawyer called to tell me the suit was canceled. The SPCA KILLED RED!

    They said he was aggressive. He was the most docile, sweet dog you would ever want to meet, not aggressive. It took them 6 months to figure out that he was aggressive? ... 1 day before my trial? ... when they would have had to turn him over to me? This sweet, beautiful little soul is DEAD because this SPCA is CROOKED and LYERS! How could they take the life of such a wonderful, sweet, innocent little dog who never hurt anyone or anything? This SPCA here, all over the state of Delaware ... specifically Camden, Delaware, needs to be stopped. They are abusing their power and animal and their owners in the process. They couldn't get me in court either time, so this is their revenge. When will all of this stop? Someone needs to investigate and stop them from hurting other animals and their owners. They are like the Gestapo! This is NOT like AMERICA!

    Red was not just a dog to me, he was my family and now he is gone. I don't even have his ashes! The SPCA should really be ashamed of how they are running their business! This is supposed to be "THE SOCIETY FOR THE PREVENTION OF CRUELTY TO ANIMALS" WHAT IS NOT CRUEL ABOUT HURTING MY HORSE? WHAT IS NOT CRUEL ABOUT TAKING THE LIFE OF A BEAUTIFUL DUAL REGISTERED STUD LHASA APSO JUST BECAUSE THEY DIDN'T WIN THEIR CASE? THEY ABUSE MORE ANIMALS THEN THEY HELP!



    Can you please look into this and help? It's TOO LATE FOR RED FROST ... But you could help another pet and their owner not have to go through this.

    Officer Shank is the last officer from the SPCA who harassed me. The first one was Eleanor Wyatt back in 2006.

    My name is Patty Westfall
    2505 W. Denney's Rd. Dover, De, 19904

    Vote for your city's best dining and nightlife. City's Best 2008.

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  • Fa
    FAITH GONE Jun 27, 2009


    I have had all faith in the SPCA taken from me today. I have a manx kitten (whose mother I found as pregnant stray) that is very very ill. It came on pretty quickly and hard. I have seen manxs with the same problems in the past, in fact it's common in the breed and I knew that there was no cure except surgery, which as we all know isn't 100% and is costly. The kitten is about 9 weeks old and I adore her but I knew it was time to do the right thing and have her put down before this got worse. Unfortunately I work 30 miles from home and can't take time off right now. I asked my roommate if he would take her down to the local spca ( which tols me btw that they only euthanized if an animal was really sick or hostile which turned out to be a lie). So he goes down there and explains the situation. When they asked for his ID he handed them his state id ( he was waiting for his new DL) and she starts in about "where's his DL and he shouldn't be driving without one". Now first of all, , she's not a cop nor is it any of her business. She is a receptionist at a shelter. Then.. she starts giving him a hard time because it's his roommates cat and " is the mother fixed" and how they won't take the kitten without proof that the mom is fixed. Then they ask for his address so they can come to house with a warrent and take my cats. Flat out told him to give up his address so they could come to the house and fine me. What the hell is that? Just because I had a sick kitten that I wanted to put down humanely? Finally one of the other ladies stepped in and said that this breed commonly has problems and that he was just trying to help me out because I couldn't take the day off work. But really? First they're going to harrass him over his driving legalities and then threaten to get a warrent and come into my house? Meanwhile.. the kitten is still sick, they refused to take it.. and now as I write this very letter, I'm holding the poor thing watching it suffer and cry. I thought they were there to help animals? i donate money to this organization. I host fundraisers for them. My parents company hosted events for them and raised money. and the one time I have ever needed to to to them for help and this is what I'm supporting? I will never donate another dime to this place and I will go out of my way at this point to make sure everybody knows what kind of "shelter" they're really running.

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  • Ro
    roror Jun 27, 2009

    i never give to the spca.simply b/c they are a disservice to animals.i called countless times, as did my neighbor. about a old dog left out side night and day in a yard.he would make these sounds of misery.he was under a crab apple tree surrounded by bees and all kinds of insects.poor thing was miserible.every time the spca came out. they said the dog was being provided all necessary requirements. that poor dog suffered a sad life.he was probably being stung and by bees and eatten alive by flys and misquitoes day in and day out.it would have been better off put down than go through life in such misery.

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  • Ro
    Robin in W.B. Oct 04, 2009

    i am so angrey at this girl and her boyfriend who just moved into our neighborhood about 6 months ago.this girl called the spca and said my cat was a stray. twinster, my cat, would go into the property owners garage from time to time, however the owner knew this and was ok with it, the girl who called the spca rents an apt and has no access to the garages and is not even to be in that area.she had no reason to do this, the cat, (twinster) did not go in her areas.she had no right to call expecialy if her landlord knew the cat went on her property who did this chic think she was.i called the property owner and she is mad as well.i can not believe this happened to my baby boy he was not even 1 year old yet. the spca did not contact me i had been looking for the cat for 3 days before i started knocking on doors.the girl said she called and thought tha cat was a stray and then in the same breath said she told the spca she thinks it was my cat.well if that was true then why didn't someone come over to see before they had him killed.iwas home the day this happened and no one came over to ask.if i had only saw the truck i could have gone outside to see what was going on and save my baby cat twinsters.the girl knew where to come if she was concerned.### i have to say.and why would the spca kill him the day he came in just because he was reported as a stray, from some kid who did not know or care weather it was a stray or not.they killed my cat on a goofy kids word what is wrong with the spca how are they being humane.it seems to me all they do is kill not help, really.i miss my boy.robin in wilkes-barre pa.

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  • Ro
    roror Oct 05, 2009

    sorry about your cat.the spca sucks at times.you have every right to be angry.

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    mylittlechi Oct 12, 2009

    President Bush in his 9/25/2007 UN speech called on the world to abide by and enforce the new “International Bill of Rights” and “The Universal Declaration of Human Rights” that includes the inherent freedom, dignity, liberty and free speech of humans. As in the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights all humans are born free and with the human civilization rights to freedom from oppression, freedom to own property and resist seizure of that property. We also have the right to love animals and be loved by animals and resist those who would be cruel and inhumane to humans using the false and arbitrary excuse of cruelty to animals. These rogue societies arbitrarily abuse human sympathy to foster local uncivilized, unenforceable and cruel to human laws that allow them the thuggery to seize personal pets for greed, power, and monetary gain.
    There must be ethical and legal standards that guarantee humans the right to possess loved animals free from the uncivilized oppression and theft of unethical, rogue SPCA, Humane Societies and local officials. Rogue SPCA’s raid righteous animal loving citizens, proclaim guilt, steal animals acting as judge and jury then kill or sell them all without any due process which is in violation of all human rights. A sovereign citizen must stop the thuggery and false, unfounded accusations and actions by not allowing these racketeers and terrorists on your property. We therefore insist that our Sovereign Citizens human rights supersede any misguided and unconstitutional local or state documents that infringe on those basic and universally accepted Human and God given rights.
    The rogue SPCAs almost never get court convictions when the animal owner is properly defended because the SPCAs accusations are false and intended mainly to get publicity and donations. The presence of urine and feces is not a crime but a part of animal life and they are present at SPCA shelters as well. Meanwhile the devastated and mentally broken animal owner is destroyed by being publicized as being cruel to their loved ones with SPCA lies and often do not effectively defend themselves. This is truly a racketeering crime and cruelty to humans on a grand scale and all for donation money and PEG (power, ego, greed).
    Crime Definition: Some person must be damaged, there must be a human victim and an action against the human by the criminal. All crimes involve a human victim other than the perpetrator. A fully consenting adult cannot be construed to be a victim. Furthermore, to be construed as a victim, an individual must have suffered the involuntary abridgement of one or more of the rights or privileges enumerated specifically in the law. Any such abridgement is a crime, and if proved in a jury court, the perpetrator may be penalized with punitive labor, incarceration, or both, as specified in law. Not all breaches of the law, however, are considered crimes, for example, breaches of contract and other civil law offenses. The label of "crime" and the accompanying social stigma are normally reserved for those activities that are injurious to the general human population or the State, including some that cause serious loss or damage to human individuals.
    Crimes are defined and punished by statutes and by the common law. Most common law offences are as well known and as precisely ascertained as those which are defined by statutes; yet, from the difficulty of exactly defining and describing every act which ought to be punished, the vital and preserving principle has been adopted; that all immoral acts which tend to the prejudice of the community are punishable by courts of justice.
    Under international law, certain acts are defined as criminal and may be persecuted by extraordinary procedures, such as Crime against humanity, War crimes and Hate Crimes.
    Animal cruelty and abuse laws are generally considered to be “morality laws” meaning the purpose is not to protect the animals, but to keep people on the straight and narrow and are subject to a very wide and subjective interpretation and motivation. Laws that require interpretation are vague and unenforceable since one cannot know how to follow them. Morality itself depends on the person defining it and one persons immorality may well be another's morality.
    There is no State cruelty and animal protection statute that defines cruelty as seeing feces or smelling urine as this is part of being a live mammal. Since no human is violated in animal laws they are not criminal but statutory infractions. The animal cruelty, the US Constitution and SPCA laws require "Overwhelming proof" and firm grounds sworn to by a sworn government police officer to believe that an animal is currently in distress before a search warrant is lawfully granted. It is a shame some rogue SPCAs allow their greed to “sell their soul” and falsely accuse Humans of cruelty and in so doing commit the sin of cruelty and inhumane treatment to both humans and animals. Remember all you high raid, seizure and publicity rogue SPCAs, you could be headed for being raided and investigated yourself. Remember "Those whom the gods would destroy they first anoint".
    Where is the rage about the cruelty to humans for greed, the rage about the theft and false accusations of cruelty to animals by these vigilantes who destroy your life for gain? There seems to be a publicity and donations battle by Humane Societies and SPCAs and a lot of innocent human pet people are suffering from it. The SPCA gun toting bullies will do anything to get publicity so they can get attention and sympathy for requests for donations. In many cases the donations are spent on guns, ammunition, excessive salaries, personal expenses and perks like cars as proven in the New Jersey Dept. of Investigations report below. This happened recently in New Jersey where the NJ State Department of Investigations found the SPCA operations so corrupt that they determined the only way to remedy the situation was to disband these money and power greedy SPCAs. They found the SPCAs accused pet people of cruelty to animals, seized their animals and made wild statements to the unknowledgeable press for ridiculous amounts of money to keep the animals before selling or killing them.
    These SPCA practices appear to clearly be racketeering and inhumane treatment of humans and animals and violate the AETA Act and RICO Federal Laws, Civil Rights Laws, Human Rights Laws, our U.S. Citizens Rights and Religious Rights and prosecution of the rogue SPCA under these laws should often proceed. An example of the inhumane abuse of humans is illustrated by the practices brought out in the New Jersey investigation cited below including the misuse of firearms (that resulted in one elderly man's death by heart attack in one Warren County case), stockpiling of firearms and ammunition and issuing gun permits without investigations or training while neglecting to investigate complaints of animal cruelty, poor record keeping, and attempts to destroy records to avoid detection by the SCI.
    These terrorist SPCA paramilitary, Gestapo, terrorist gun toting bully tactics result in permanent mental PTSD human cruelty scars on people who just want the love of pet animals. Many feel these terrorist SPCAs can be tried under the federal AETA (Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act)(HR 4239, S3880) and under RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) for their terrorism and racketeering. Many also believe that many local laws allowing warrant issue by other than a true judge of a true Federal or State Court of Record and seizure for purposes other than evidence and by other than true police are unconstitutional, invalid and unenforceable thus opening up the SPCAs to the AETA, RICO and Civil Rights law prosecution and misuse of 501c not for profit Corporation funds prosecution http://www.state.nj.us/sci/ahs.shtm as well as lawsuits. The 501C records and filings of the rogue SPCAs should be examined in detail and their tax exempt status challenged going back so contributors who took tax write offs will have to re-file and the SPCAs loose their rights granted by governments. The SPCA officers can also be penalized for illegal actions found in a 501C Corporation audit. The terms of any bequests or donations must also be honored or the bequest or donation amounts can be withdrawn so these should be audited in detail.

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  • Ze
    Zerst Oct 12, 2009

    WARNING: The SPCA is actually little more than a front company for mobsters and hoodlums. These obese criminals thrive on nothing more than the death of well-loved animals! They feed on disrupting your lives and assassinating your pets! They tell you that animal control officers are looking for stray animals for your own protection, but little did you know that in the back of every shelter is a library of culinary books aimed at creating the perfect dishes for cat and dog alike!

    Allow someone a little apathy in their job. Try a little yourselves, maybe.

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  • My
    mylittlechi Oct 12, 2009

    “Any Officer, or other person at the direction of any Officer, whether an undercover agent or not, who attempts to enter these premises without a proper warrant or Judgment issued out of a Court which is a part of the Judicial Branch of the Government, & issued under the Seal of the Court & legally signed will be treated as any other trespasser or lawless intruder would be when attempting to break & enter an inhabited dwelling when warned not to do so. You will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.” Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242


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  • Ze
    Zerst Oct 12, 2009

    Damn, I should have thought to cut & paste some random excerpts from a law student's primer. Then I would have sounded like I knew what I was talking about too...

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  • My
    mylittlechi Oct 12, 2009

    PERMISSION TO CROSSPOST This is a great decision. Judge Simpson found that the determination between altered and unaltered dogs is without merit and therefore the requirement of inspection of enclosures for unaltered dogs is unconstitutional,

    He additionally found that dogs are personal property and the requirement of a seizure bond where you must post a bond upon a showing of probable cause and if you cannot post the bond your animals become the property of the state, city etc. is unconstitutional and a finding of guilt must occur before a court can take your property.

    The judge issued an injunction prohibiting the city from enforcing these provisions.

    With respect to the Fourth Amendment issue the Court dismissed it because the city agreed with us. However, the Court spent a lot of time discussing the Fourth Amendment and stated that notwithstanding the ordinance seeming to allow for seizure without a warrant for tethering violations, for some cruelty issues and for any violation of the ordinance (a provision used by Meloche to seize animals for violations of his alleged Class A requirements) the Court reasoned that no ordinance provision nullifies a warrant requirement so as to those seizures LMAS must obtain a warrant prior to seizure.

    Moreover, while the Court did not strike down many of the definitions, it could have just left it at that. Instead the Court went point by point and clarified the statute as to what was permissible and what wasn't . Notwithstanding the story in the "Courageless Journal"- I am not sure that they read the same opinion, we had a major victory on the issues that matter on a national basis..

    Please read it a few times, it gets better with age.

    Oh does it ever!

    This means:
    1. There must be a finding of guilt to get a warrant.
    2. Animals cannot be seized without a warrant.
    3. It is unconstitutional to seize animals without said warrant.
    4. Anyone who has had animals so seized may sue for damages.
    A. Sue the organization that seized the animals
    B. Sue the individuals that seized the animals individually.
    (nothing protects these people when they are acting outside the law)
    5. There are a lot of potential lawsuits out there.

    This is not the same as a decision handed down by the Supreme Court, but it does lend substantial credence to any lawsuit.

    I hope people who have suffered through this go for it.

    There is no statute of limitation on this issue.

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  • My
    mylittlechi Oct 12, 2009

    This is a big win for all breeders and people that have dogs, ...I love it! Thank you ADOA for being the voice for the little people. I will be suing the balls off these MFer's everyone of them. Big law suit coming down on Mr Buddy Amato and his band of thieves. Please read and learn your rights. This will be a supreme court ruling someday, but for know Kentucky is as good as go!

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  • Dd
    DDinTN Dec 16, 2009

    To the original OP, what a very sad and horrible story, , , and sadly rings so true of what to expect from the very places that are supposed to exist "to help animals".
    I currently am fed up and disgusted with the ridiculous rules many animal shelters and more so, "no kill" shelters, have begun imposing on potential adopters. I recently lost my elderly siamese cat. His partner whom he spent his entire life with, all but the past two years, passed away two years previously. One cat lived to be 17 years old, the other 20. I had them both since they were weaned.

    Both my cats were solely indoor cats, and I have it no other way. Because of their being indoor only cats, I never had them vaccinated, nor did I believe it necessary to do so. How does a cat get sick with the type of diseases they vaccinate for, when it has no contact with other cats? They did receive vet care when needed, which with two cats, in all those years, only happened about three times. They were both very healthy, happy, and well adjusted cats.

    So, the problem begins when I decide now that I have no more cats, the house seems so empty without them. So I decide it is time to maybe adopt a kitty from a shelter or no kill shelter. I find a kitty online, and fill out the "application".
    I get an email asking me to provide a vet's contact info, so they may see that I had my cats vaccinated. As I had already said on the application, my cats are deceased. They no longer reside in the home. What the hell does it matter if they had shots or not?
    It should be pretty obvious that a cat that lives to be 20 yrs old, did just dandy without the shots. And as far as possibly making the new cat sick, they are supposedly vaccinated when you adopt them, so again, , , , why would it matter?
    Does the fact you spent a bit of money on a cat to get it shots, even though it did not need them, make you a better, more loving pet owner??

    Although I find this "requirement" very stupid, what disturbs me even more is the fact they demand this in order to adopt a pet.
    I constantly see how so many poor animals need homes, yet some stupid human and their stupid rules, stands between a pet getting a loving home, or facing being euthanized. I am seriously beginning to believe, they prefer putting them down than finding homes for them, otherwise, they would lighten up on the rules a bit.

    As I see it, anyone willing to take a pet not knowing what sort of personality is going to turn out having, could possibly be sick (as many shelter animals are), and pay anywhere from $60-$100 dollars or more, when they could go get a FREE cat or dog from the local newspaper, has to be pretty serious about taking on the responsibility of owning and caring for the pet. By turning away potential adopters, they are as good as sending 1000's of pet a year needlessly to be killed.

    This is from the Humane Society website
    It is estimated that approximately 3.7 million animals were euthanized in the nation’s shelters in 2008. This number represents a generally accepted statistic that is widely used by many animal welfare organizations, including the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA).

    3.7 MILLION and they are worried that my dead cat did not have shots...

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  • Ru
    rueffingkiddingme Jan 07, 2010



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  • Cl
    C.Ladydog Jan 23, 2010

    I have at least 50 stories about the S.P.C.A. but I will tell about the newest.

    My friends dog was hit by a car (a police officer) who would not help with the vet cost.
    She went to a Vet. The vet tech saw the dog and said there appeared not to be broken bones but needed a few stitches.
    My friend left because she had NO MONEY for the stitches, she cleaned and fixed the dog up and called the S.P.C.A. who has low cost
    vet. care. You will not believe what happened. The S.P.C.A. said there was not a vet until Monday but demanded she go to another vet. and showed up on her door step to remove the dog from its home. The S.P.C.A. is to help you NOT make things harder..My friend has been sited for not going to a vet, but she did and was seeking help.
    Sited for dog at large, they were on a family walk and lee county has a code 4-11 that says your dog can be off the leash as long as you are near and have control over the dog.
    But what do you do when there are no side walks... her child was nearly hit as well. This dog is a very well cared for pet and well loved. The family like a lot of us are having hard times with the economy the way it is. The very people who are to help us only hurt us more... I would never call the S.P.C.A. for help after hearing this. They do not come get the numerous dogs and cats off the street running loose in lee county. I have strays running loose in my yard day and night, I worry they will make one of my dogs ill.
    I see on T.V. when they are making a name for themselves the S.P.C.A. doing their job but be a single loose dog and they will not do a thing.. They want you to confine the dog for them... THEN WAIT for them to show up... DO NOT keep the dog for three days trying to find the owner because you are then the new owner... You can get the fines...
    SHOULD you do as they say and report loose dogs, you will be on their list as a problem person... Better yet, get a new person or young person that THINKS they know it all and creates a big issue where there was none. Then you could be looking at big money you have to pay them. I want to know where this money goes? Maybe to lawyers they have to hire because they kill the wrong pets and do nothing to help other ones. They pick and choose.
    ARE THERE ANY LAWYERS FOR THE UNJUSTLY ACCUSED that do not cost a years pay?

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  • Ma
    maat45 Feb 03, 2010

    Mary, I am so sorry about your cat and others who have found themselves in the same situation as you and your beloved pet. And I'm horrified to see that this is not an isolate incident (checked around the web). It's long past time for better and safer controls in animal shelters around this country. My partner was invited to to submit for election to the board of one of our local animals shelters and while she was hesitant (she didn't care for how the place was...umm..'run' or the animals cared for, we discussed it and she believed she might be able to make a difference or at least give it her best effort. She did...and she resigned a year later because despite the questions of a few and lip-service to supporting her, no-one provided back-up. She isn't done with them yet, I'm pretty sure. Like you found out...older cats were euthanized too, too often and for no reason other than age and/or supposed 'illness'. It so happens that she manages a pet supply store and actually, prior to her being invited on the board, had begun taking the older cats to her store for adoption purposes...the ones which supposedly had no homes or owners. This was because the kittens are profiled most prominently and she was tired of hearing about the older cats being generally unwanted. Of course kittens deserve a home but an older cat which has been surrendered does NOT need to die. She had cats from five years old to eighteen years and found good, loving homes for every one she brought into her store. It's infuriating, frustrating, angering that these places can get by with pretty much anything the director arbitrarily wants and it's not that they don't get the money or funding...but they spend it on landscaping the cats and dogs in their care never get to enjoy or benchs for employess to take a picnic lunch and who knows what else. Money disappears like snow in fifty degrees with no accounting. It's a racket and it's the animals who suffer. I'm all for potential pet owners adopting an animal in need of a home...we have sixteen adoptees...dogs, birds, cats...and wish we had room for more...but we find it very difficult to recommend a shelter. We do for the animals' sakes, get them out of there but I'm sad to say I'm not at all sure that strays or surrenders are better off while they wait with a limited term. As to your own situation...as I said, happens too often. We know of too many where the exact circumstance happened to the pets of others as happened to you...denial, even lies, pets put down while owners are desperately trying to find them (and that even included pets who have been either tattooed or micro-chipped) through the very shelters supposed to protect and return. It's an abomination.

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  • Ir
    Irish Clover Feb 20, 2010

    It was the greatest day of my life when I found out that my pet was killed without my permission, and it cost $50.

    The SPCA had originally came to our house, to check on my pet lamb, who had had a bad leg ever since she was born, being a triplet. Apparently, someone had complained about a sheep lying down, unable to move. But she was perfectly fine, that day. She just has trouble standing up when she was sitting. But after a few steps, she's up and around, eating and doing all the normal things sheep usually do.

    The officer said that 'she was well cared for, but they would definitely be in contact again, soon.'

    I was slightly worried that they would take her away-the only thought then was the possibility of her being taken away. I had not even considered euthanisation.

    For a long time, they did not contact back, and I went overseas with my family, leaving my brother to take care of my sheep.

    Halfway through my trip, I was asked about euthanising the pet. I didn't disagree, because the SPCA must have some sort of valid reason behind wanting to put her down. I was completley wrong.

    Some weeks after, I am told that Penny, my pet lamb, was dead, had been killed that morning. I was shocked, since I had asked for until I got back home to see her for the last time.

    Apparently, when this request was made, the SPCA simply replied that their schedule was too tight, and they had to do it now. So they inject the needle, and walk away with $50, leaving my brother to bury my precious pet, who had been with me for 2 years, and was special to me, especially that hurt leg of hers.

    She was living well, didn't have any peculiar behaviour, and but the SPCA still decided to murder her. Yes, when you think about the events, it can be classified as murdurer. And in between this basic account, a lot of other absurd things done by the SPCA happened to.

    Thanks alot, SPCA.

    They probably earn lots of money through those forced euthanisation cases.

    No need to donate, everybody.

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  • Ja
    Jaime1989 Jul 11, 2010

    For the second time in 2 summers I was accused of animal abuse. My dad had 3 dogs and I had 2 dogs.

    My dad’s dogs are a couple of years old. Buddy was beat by a woman before my dad got him at a year old, he doesn’t like unknown females, Bud was neglected and could not be left alone in a house because he'd rip it apart, and Girl was a little under a year old when he got her; her nose had been broken and she had a ton of ticks on her.

    Where was the SPCA before dad bought them?

    Bud was poisoned and died 2 years ago my dad called the SPCA and the bylaws to report that his dog was poison and died he left the body out for two days waiting for them before he gave up and buried him.
    Buddy was also poisoned and refused to eat. For father’s day I gave dad a bag of empty dog treats. He said it was the best gift he ever had!

    An SPCA agent by the name of Bonnie Bishop came and accused us of abandoning Buddy last year-that the dog was being starved. I was feeding him at 6 am because my dad was ill do to cancer and his appointments were for 8 am in Ottawa an hour and a half away and would last for several hours. The agent was a female so buddy wouldn’t let her anywhere near him not even with food. She said he was going to be taken away, I told her that she trespassed and buddy was fine that I saw him earlier that day.

    She fed him food that made him sick!

    She said that he’d be re-homed. You cannot re-home a woman hating dog it would be put down to which I called her a murderer if she did so. I also told her that I’d be locking the gate and that if she went near him I’d call the cops! She said she’d do as she da*n well please and if I locked the gate she have me arrested.

    The dog is still living and Bishop left us alone or so I thought.

    Less than a week ago Bonnie Bishop was back and accusing me of animal abuse yet again-this time for tying up Girl outside to do her business at my dad’s store for 5 minutes after my boyfriend and I wet her down so that she would not get heat-stoke. She said a car could hit her where she was tied up. The person would have to hit her on purpose in order for that to happen.
    She then asked me how many dogs I have I couldn’t exactly lie as she could just look it up. So I told her my dad had 2 and I had 2. She asked after them. So I told her that one of my dogs had cancer in the front leg and that I was putting her down Wednesday of this past week. I of course started crying she didn’t believe I was putting down the dog and told me, I should cut off her leg which the vet didn’t recommend as it was the front leg to a St-Bernard. The vet also told me to give the dog 4 aspirins a day. Bonnie Bishop told me not to do that as it could kill the dog!

    Since when did the SPCA know more about animals than a vet does?

    Then she had the nerve to ask for paper work to prove my dog was dead. She wanted that as I was crying because I was in my mind a murderer for putting down my sick pet.

    What next she’ll tell me I’m abusing my 4 month old puppy because I put her in a cage for 10 minutes when she is bad or because I take away her water at midnight so she doesn’t have an accident in the night.

    Do you think that’s abuse? My family and friends don’t think so.

    This woman is causing lots of problems around this area and when confronted by my mother she said I volunteered all the information and that I was lying about being accuse and belittle by her which is untrue as my boyfriend, my sister and her kids where in the room to witness this.

    Did you know cops can shoot a puppy because it is growling? This happened in Rockland Ontario did the SPCA do anything? NO! It was a two month old purebred puppy.

    My neighbours dogs are named sl*t and sexy. They are mean and they never stop barking, and not attention seeking barking, but full on threatening snarling and teeth bearing Using the backyard for anything other than 20 seconds? Forget about it. They are always outside with no water and very little chain (2 feet or so) to run around on. But you call people to help them they tell you it’s not their problem!

    These people need to be stopped before they kill more dogs than they do helping them! Though we maybe too late with that because of the 300+ dog they put down because of ringworm.

    So tell me, how does a condescending woman like Bonnie Bishop get a job dealing with people, people she can abuse just as much as the animals she’s meant to protect, and actually get PRAISED for it? She’s a bully, a law breaker and a liar. She has repeatedly bullied her way into private homes and properties to throw around her “I’ve the same authority as a police so respect my badge and gun or else” attitude and spouting idiocies. A fair number of local farmers are terrified of her, she can do as she pleases and they can’t counter sue, why? Can you number off 5 good lawyers that could sue without costing a year’s salary in the process? I sure can’t. The problem, is she’s backed by a company with money who will fuel her abuse, why? Because she brings in a lot of (abused) animals, which looks good on corporate paper and people love to hear sob stories and will donate more and more to help “abused” animals to be taken away from “unloving and unsafe” families. But when there are actual problems with abused animals, it’s impossible to get a hold of them, or better still, “we’ll look into it”.

    Her attitude towards people shouldn’t be stood for, she shouldn’t have 15 years under her belt, let alone the awards she has. She’s lucky my boyfriend knows restraint otherwise he would have “escorted” her off the property for harassment and abusive and condescending conduct. If she wants to talk to someone, she should talk to them on the same level, not down to them, she isn’t on an altar, she has no podium, the only “authority” she has is given to her by us, the people, the pet owners who trust in the SPCA to actually take a stand and understand individual circumstances and help protect pet owners from people like Bonnie Bishop who live to “stir the proverbial pot”. You can take this as a personal rant or falling out with this particular woman or find it to be nothing but a bland and vagrant attempt to assault her character, or, you can see it as nothing more than trying to open the eyes of the local people, in an attempt to stop her harassing and abusive ways. If you’re ever visited by the OSPCA, do yourself a favour and ask them for their names, if it’s Bonnie Bishop, tell her to come back with another agent or with a warrant. You don’t want her alone if she refuses call a friend or someone of at least 13 years of age to stand as your witness, her word is gold and you’ll see her lying through her teeth if confronted. But above all else, remember, she can’t do anything to you or your animals if you don’t let her take that first foothold and plant that seed of doubt in your mind. Stand strong against her or you’ll see what I mean when she’s nothing more than a cold hearted woman bent on making your life, and your pet’s life, miserable.

    Please, please take my advice if you ever meet this woman if not for you do so for your pet.

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  • In
    interested.2010 Feb 19, 2011

    ARE ANY OF THESE comments/cases from Pennsylvania? Has anyone gone up against the SPCA?

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  • In
    interested.2010 Feb 19, 2011

    Has anyone ever taken the SPCA to court for what they did to you?

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  • Sa
    sand123 Apr 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I read your stories and you'll be surprised to hear that the SPCA is just as bad in Canada.

    My 2 year old cat came home late one night with a broken leg. I took him to the vet the next morning. After a $254.00 they told me that it will cost over $1500.00 plus tax, to have surgery or a $1.000.00 plus to have it amputated. I also could have had him put down but that was not an option, he was still healthy and strong. I was recently separated from my husband and was already in serious credit card debt without employment. I told the vet that I needed time to come up with the funds because in my mind I wanted to save his leg. Meanwhile my mother and I were caring for him at home and he was doing well. Not cowering, crying or hiding. He was eating and behaving normally except for favoring his leg. I was going to make my decision when the vet reported me to the SPCA.

    While I was out, they came into our house and threatened my 80 yr old mother with charging me criminally if she didn't hand over the cat, which was sleeping peacefully on the chair. By the next day they had amputated his leg. I contacted them and asked if I made payments for the amputation could I have him back. Absolutely not they said. He has since been put up for adoption and is out of my life. Here's the irony. Nearly four months later I have been charged with 2 counts of animal cruelty.

    I couldn't afford the expensive surgery and no help was offered. If I am found guilty, which is a distinct possibility, they will fine me for the operation, plus a federal fine, plus take away my right to own an animal for five years to life, and I will have a criminal record. I have seen a lawyer and it's going to cost me a minimum of $4000.00 to defend myself. I have to follow through because if I don't I will certainly be found guilty and it will cost me nearly as much and more.

    I loved my cat as much as anyone can love a pet. The only thing I am guilty of is insufficient funds. Thank you SPCA for making the lives so much better for pet owners. The power has gone to your head and ego. You are making good pet owners look like criminals while basking in the light of righteousness.

    I would like to hear from anyone else who has a similar story.

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  • Sa
    sarah simmons Mar 20, 2012

    About three years ago out family could no longer keep our loving dog charlie. The SPCA said that we had to return him back to the SPCA if we had to give him up because that is were we adopted him from. The day I went with my dad and charlie to the SPCA was one of the worst days of my life. I couldn't bare go inside so my dad took him in. He came back outside and said that because he had hip dysplasia he was considered unadoptable and would then have to be put down. He was only 5. We thought we had no other choices but to give them to the agency anyway. They said that they would talk to the vet and get an X-ray to see how bad the dysplasia was to see if he was adoptable. I left not knowing if we has going to be put down or put up for adoption. To this day I always wonder what happened to him. I sent an email to contact the SPCA just to see if he was put on the euthnization list or put up for adoption. I didn't want any details I just wanted to know what happened to our family pet. All they had to tell me was a yes or no. I am still without closure even after three years.

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  • Ka
    Katherine Garonzik May 30, 2013

    This letter is in regard to our beloved Jack Russel Terrier ( Oreo).He bit our 30 yr old son.They were roughousing and he got bit and required a few stitches.The next day Animal Control was at the door asking to see his rabie certificate.This is where I willt tell you we had'nt gotten one yet. We claim full responsibility and deserve the $79.00 fine.The Animal Control Officer rattled off a host of more possible fines. I told Officer Jester that my husband is a retired Postal worker, we live on a small pension and in addition we are raising 3 grandchildren ages 13, 11, and 8. We struggle to make end meet. He said that the ASPCA would charge $20.00 a day for the 10 day quarantine. I asked if we could make a payment plan.He said to ask the ASPCA. He then asked me to sign some paperwork and I would not. The next morning we made an appointment with a veterinarian to get his vaccination at 11a.m. unfortunately Officer Jester arrived and said I needed to sign the papers and our little dog (18 months) Oreo be placed in a dog crate and taken to the ASPCA. I again refused to sign and was hysterical. My husband asked if he would be put to sleep and was told No.My husband came in the house and assured me nothing would happen to our dog. I had to put him in the crate sobbing the whole time while Oreo fought going in. I placed his chewy bone in with him and then I literally got sick. The next day we called and asked if we could please make payments. NO ! NO ! NO ! . $279.00 is a lot of money for those who don't have it.Every day after the 10 day quarantine $20.00 more.We scraped up the $79.00 to pay the fine (or else they said my husbands license would be taken).We even went to the State Rep. The secretary was very nice but was unsuccesful. The next day another officer came out and said in front of our 3 grandchildren that their dog would be euthanized the following day. They were inconsolable.They have suffered enough losses in their Our punishment and poor Oreo's was a DEATH SENTENCE.DID THE PUNISHMENT FIT THE CRIME ?We have cared for people our whole married lives.My mother, my mentally ill sister, my mother-n-law and now our grandchildrenMy husband gives to a child thru Christian childrens fund. THE ASPCA IS INHUMANE TO PEOPLE AND THEIR PETS.IS THERE ANYONE ELSE IN DELAWARE(WE LIVE IN SUSSEX COUNTY) WHO HAS HAD PROBLEMS ?OR NATIONWIDE? SOMETHING MUST BE DONE ! ANY SUGGESTIONS ? THANK-YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO READ THIS I NEEDED TO VENT. KATHERINE GARONZIK 23444 Mission rd, Millsboro DE

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  • Ta
    Taramg Feb 18, 2014
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We adopted a terrier/manchester in July. We fostered him for 2 weeks beforehand as we had 2 children and wanted to make sure he wouldn't hurt them before we were legally responsible for him. Throughout this time an employee of theirs was perpetually harassing my neighbour claiming she couldn't get in touch with us to discuss the fostering and possible adoption. After WE contacted her she told us she HAD to come over to check us out and our home. The SPCA said that us going in and signing papers was sufficient, but this woman claimed they lied to us. She came over, gave us the ok and we adopted the dog. Over the past months a volunteer named ANNE has been calling us to check up on the dog. Our son was born in September 2013 and has had many trips to the hospital and most recently required recussitation because of respiratory distress. We decided that until we got to the bottom of our son's illness a family friend would take care of the dog. Anne called us again and when my sister answered and said we would call her back when we got home from the hospital she rudely said "WHERE"S THE DOG". I complained about her rude and unprofessional behaviour. Two weeks later Marilyn and a man named Kevin showed up unannounced looking for our dog. Our son was in the ICU and I told her a family friend was caring for him while we were going through this medical emergency with our infant son. She came back again 2 weeks later without calling, writing, or giving us any kind of warning whatsoever. This time my husband explained that our son has been extremely ill and our family friend's are caring for the dog because we are constantly going back and forth to the hospital. She claimed this was satisfactory with her little friend Kevin and if we needed to return the dog to the SPCA to let them know. Yesterday we received a letter in the mail saying that we have to return our dog because we have breached our contract. Not only will I never adopt an animal from the SPCA this woman has repeatedly lied about our communications with her, and she has breached their own contract by showing up at our home on 2 occasions unannounced despite the contract stating they had to give us sufficient notice. This woman doesn't seem to understand that OUR dog is in a safe and healthy environment because our son has been ill. We love animals, but unfortunatley our children come first. This woman does not have the social skills or the lack of lying to work with other human beings. The SPCA is desperate for people to adopt their animals yet they continue to harass us for no reason. We'll be returning the dog regardless because we never want to see this Marilyn again.

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  • Ne
    Nessa30 Jun 24, 2014

    We took our dog in on Tuesday [protected]) as he was constipated, the vet did an x-ray & said he needs to be admitted as there is a foreign body stuck in his tummy. The next day [protected]) we went to visit & he had no improvement, he was not eating so we were told to feed him, he was however, walking and responding to us. At this time, he had a drip on him that was completely empty.

    The next day (Thursday, 2014-06-19), we went to visit him again & got him to eat. Again, he was walking and responding to us. He even played with us outside on both these days. He had no drip on him and his mouth was completely messed with sticky stuff, when we asked the vet why, he said it is the laxatives & our dog does not want to take it but they will increase the dosage & said that surgery was the last option. At this time, our dogs tummy was bloated, but the vet insisted that he was fine. He still was not passing after two days, but we were told he is fine!

    We went to the SPCA at 13h00 (visiting hours) on Friday [protected]), we were taken to the cage where we found our dog lying paralysed with completely diluted eyes, he wasn’t even blinking just moving his eyes from left to right, and didn't respond or even recognise us. The guy told us he is going to call a nurse, we waiting 20 minutes, and no nurse. His cage was a complete mess, wet paper, blanket was messed. We then took him outside (area which we were allowed to take him the days we came to visit him), he did not bend his legs or anything, we even had to hold his head up. We initially thought he was under heavy medication so that is why he was not responding to us, we then went looking for a vet. We spoke to two other vets who told us we need to wait for Dr Suleyman as he was the one seeing to our dog (who was not in due to being at Mosque). At 2:45, we found Dr Suleyman, he saw to the dog and just said to us the dogs heartbeat has stopped, however we could see he was still breathing, he took the dog away very quickly without even saying anymore. When we went inside looking for our dog, we were just told the dog is gone to theatre. 5 minutes later, the vet came back and made it seem like it’s our fault and said the dog choked on his own vomit. No other report was given! No report as to why our dog was paralysed and didn’t even respond to us, NOTHING!!!

    It was clear that our dog was not even seen to at all that Friday as the receptionist and the guy that took us to the cage gave two different reports on our dog. The report that was given by the receptionist was a report of the dog for Thursdays results. The receptionist told us he ate, whereas the guy that took us to the cage said he didn’t eat (which was clear from the full bowl of food in his cage), he didn’t even have water in the other bowl. To think, due to constipation, we lost our dog!!

    The vets at this SPCA just have attitude and do not even care for the animals, Dr Suleyman being the main vet is not sympathetic at all and talks to people anyhow he pleases (we experienced this the Wednesday we visited and on Friday). We asked to speak to him on 2014-06-18, to ask for progress as the receptionist just said he is still constipated, Dr Suleyman just gave us attitude and said whatever the receptionists tell us is the report and he can’t give us a further report and just walked away, as if we now disturbing him! It’s shocking what you see at that SPCA!!! I will never recommend anyone take their animals there!!!

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  • Jc
    jc walt Jun 25, 2014

    She survived alone, outside with 4 kits for 5 weeks. Somebody called the SPCA to be mean.. They came, saw the cats. I said I'd foster them, & they said they'd neuter them.. I was over joyed. Today they brought Momma back. They cut off her beautiful ear to show she's neutered. Now she's lost her balance and keeps falling to one side. Plus that where their radar is located. Every little hair is important. They cut off 1/3 of her ear. What the heck is wrong with them? Cats use their ears, and tails for balance. Now she'll never be safe. I'm a mess. They say it's the Universal sign for a neutered cat How sick is that? Since when? I've had 100 cats & never had their ear cut off!! Erie County SPCA does it again. Stop this sadistic practice. Plus she had huge beautiful ears that let me know where every little sound was coming from and if it was safe or not. I'm stunned at this irreversible damage to this beautiful animal.

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  • Re
    Renee Warren Jul 23, 2014
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    This complaint is about the SPCA and what they call cruelty to animals. They received a vindictive report from someone that I had a disagreement with that I was abusing my animals. So they show up to my home while I am at work. My son was home at the time and of course my 16 1/2 year old dog came to the door with him and they did some test to his ear my son said. They said he had an ear infection. They only seen my one dog who is 16 1/2years old but I believe the complaint also involved my cat which they did not see. That is because the complainant had told them that my cat had a problem with his eyes. However the complainant did not tell them that I have a record of taking my cat to the vet for that very same concern. The vet charged me $150 to do some tests and told me there was nothing wrong with his eyes that it was probably allergies and gave me drops. He told me that he would probably need the drops for quite sometime. Mind you he never took payments either. So I willingly give this info to the SPCA and they call the vet and now he says that yes I should probably bring him back. Of course he would say that because the only thing he is interested in is MONEY. I also told them about the dental surgery that my other dog had to have due to an abscess which cost me over $500 which I have proof of as well. Yeah I sound like someone that abuses animals. I also told them that I was planning on putting my 16 1/2 year old down because he has more concerns then an ear infection if they were qualified to even say that which they should have been able to see if they were qualified. So I tell them that I just started another job because I have been out of work and I was planning on doing this when I got paid but was willing to accept help from them. All they said is that they do not euthanize animals and that was my responsibility but it could not wait until I got some money. So I ask what will u come and take my animals if I do not do this right now and they say no but you will be charged with cruelty to animals under some act which will prevent you from owning any other animals. I said you do what you have to do then and hung up. It is in my opinion that the only ones who should be charged with cruelty to animals is the SPCA and the vets that do not care enough about animals to take payment plans when they can very clearly see an animal is in distress. My cat of 16 years was taken to the vet as well because she seemed to have a problem with her balance. I was told that she had an infection that they would be able to clear up. He showed me her x-rays and she hardly any arthritis at her age either. So he said with medication and a stay at the vet for a few days she would be fine. I called everyday to see how she was doing and on the 3rd day they tell me her condition has worsened and did not look good. This was after I had to take out a loan and pay them the $600 to do tests and whatever else because I was not there to supervise her visit for the 3 days. So my son and I take a cab to the vet to see her and she looked even worse then when I first brought her in and really looked like she was in distress. So my son and I decided to have her put to sleep. Now her urn sits on my mantle piece and that is what I have to show for the $600 I handed over to that vet but once again was asked for it upfront and if I did not pay it then then the vet would have said tough but that is not abusive. My cat Lucky is the black and white with my now 16 1/2 year old dog that is the cause of this action. The other picture is of my 2 dogs and the cat I got after Lucky passed away and is the one in question. However if u look on the SPCA website u will see that they actually charge more money then most vets and do they take a payment plans. The SPCA offered me no solutions or payment options either except to charge me with cruelty to animals and prevent me from having any other animals. How dare they and if they think this is the last they have heard of me then they are wrong because I am about to charge them with cruelty to animals and any vet that would rather let an animal die then take payments or low cost payments. I have many witnesses that will atest to my love for animals and children and have never been accused of this act. I walk my dogs on leashes, I clean up after them, I do not leave them outside to bark all day like others. They have there own beds. They eat before I do and are all chubby but not to much. My animals are looked after better than some people. I camped out for a month because I could not find a place that would allow pets. I love my animals and these people who do not even care about the facts and talking to people who actually know me do not give a damn about them. So I could care less with what they say. Do your worse because I will fight back for my animals and no piece of paper will tell me differently. Here is some pictures of my abused animals.


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    Cocabana May 18, 2015

    I totally agree they are out for the buck and Dont give a flying pig a## about the animals they claim to serve I had two bad experiences with them and I think the way they talk and conduct business should be changed I just wanted to know if my dog was still alive and was talked down to Ughhhhh... what the hell people

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