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She's back! Heads up y'all! After Missoula Animal Control cleaned her out her kennel in 2011, Deanna Doyra is back in Frenchtown Montana milling clumber spaniel, english springer spaniels and clumber spaniel/springer spaniel mixes. This is a highly disturbed, severely bi-polar woman who is unfit to own dogs, let alone breed them and sell them to people. Frenchtown is near Missoula, Montana. Many, many complaints have been filed over her unethical and dishonest breeding and selling practices. She has sold dogs as english springer spaniel purebred, and mixed breed hybrids but in reality they are so mixed you have no idea what you will really end up with.


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    JustineB Dec 14, 2012

    FYI: Her website says she is still in Cascade, but that is where she went after she fled Frenchtown. Now she is back in Frenchtown and continues to breed clumber spaniels and english springer spaniels, selling them as mixed breed hybrids - mutts.

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  • Dear dog breeder. If u would like to sue the posters. While this cannot be removed, you can supeona for their ip address n sue personally. I did on here and won. for instance they posted about mental illness. If not true ... Sue.

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    Bad MT Springer breeder Mar 15, 2013 is still selling puppies out of Cascade, Montana according to - which is the address of her boyfriend James "Jimmy" Chinadle, a convicted druggy. He is posting on complaints board as FOUROSIX.

    We did email Animal Control in Missoula and let them know she is still breeding. I think you are right M Rifkin and she is still married and using Deanna Lamphier. We'll be contacting the Cascade County Animal Control soon.

    These dogs are springer spaniel/clumber spaniel mixes. It's the mix you need to be worried about. She is probably breeding offspring to parents at this point as she claims to only have 4 dogs and based on the number of litters she keeps cranking out, that's just a complete lie. She breeds her ### on every heat cycle, litter after litter, until they are dead. It is very sad and it should be animal abuse and against the law!

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  • Co
    courtney guyette Dec 15, 2013

    Please advise...I obviously did not do do my research very well, so I placed a deposit for a puppy with this terrible woman. I have talked with her on the phone a number of times, she answered a lot of my questions, and I was SO excited. What should I do? It says it is a non refundable deposit..I am more worried about supporting this than my money. Should I be in touch with her or call animal control in Missoula? How can Puppyfinder list her as a breeder?

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  • Mo
    Monkeydawg Dec 19, 2013

    Do call Animal Control in Missoula! They are very aware of her past dog abuse and irresponsible dog breeding. She needs a kennel license so they can regulate her and if she doesn't have one make sure you push them on why they won't enforce it. If they won't help you, call the Country Attorney in Missoula and make sure they know Animal Control won't do their jobs and ask about how to get your money back. Nobody who does research would ever think buying a hybrid (or any puppy from puppyfind) is a smart choice. You can also email with a complaint.

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  • Cl
    clumberlover Mar 15, 2014

    Deanna Lamphier has beautiful Clumber Spaniels!! I bought one from her and a friend bought one also.. SOOOOO LOVE THEM! Deanna has a beautiful place that anyone is welcome to come see! She has 4 dogs with excellant blood lines. They have one of the best set ups fo
    r dogs that I ever seen.. Lots of love go into their place! :) Dont believe these lies and see for yourself.

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  • Ji
    jim chinadle May 16, 2014

    This is Jimmy Chinadle you lying snake Angela monohag, I have never posted on here until now. Neither has Deanna. If anyone has a puppy mill its you! We have four dogs. And we don't bred them twice a year.. You justify your slander and lies because of your "concern" for the Springer Breed but yet you attack her in every personal way? I see you talked to her snake Ex husband jim lamphier, who is just as big of a liar and coward as you. Deanna has loving kids. Not the lies you spread from jim lamphiers mouth. As far as animal control and the rescue goes, , Jim lamphier said he was keeping half the dogs because he was entitled, then when she left his lazy ### he called those places and said she abandoned them... sounds like a snake move you'd do too.

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  • Sp
    Spaniel Hybrids Mar 01, 2015

    In reference to all the negative, misleading information floating around the web. I would personally like to set the record straight.
    In 1997 I purchased three totally unrelated Springer's locally through out Montana, two females and a male, whom lived to a ripe old age of 14, 15 & 16. They were as healthy and as sweet as can be :) no health problems ever ! At that time I contacted the local English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association requesting information & asking how to join, I was interested in enrolling my Springer's in AKC field events. I was quickly notified by "whom I believe" to be Angela Monaghan the owner of Hellfiregundogs. I was told I did not qualify to be part of their association because I was a puppy mill with dogs that were not worthy of competing. I believe it was Angela because of the instant unprofessional response. I had 3 dogs? And then the horror/stalking/slander began !
    From that point on she has tried to make it her life long mission to make my life basically a living hell with her lies, false complaints, and harassment. She has contacted AKC, Animal Control, the Montana State Attorney General, BBB, Springer Rescue, and anyone else that would listen to her lies. In 2007 she complained to AKC that we had as many as a 100 dogs on our property, and requested the do an unannounced visit. Obviously her efforts in contacting these other organizations got her no where as I did NOT have a puppy mill but rather a very well maintained and organized family run kennel. We had 26 adult dogs, five of which were spayed and neutered house pets and 2 litters of puppies.
    In the last 18 years of breeding I have run into genetic problems in some of our puppies (as most all breeders do) with some of the so called excellent champion show and champion field lines that I had purchased. I had nine complaints TOTAL (in eighteen years) ranging from Springer rage, blindness, epilepsy, allergies & parasites. I believe these genetic problems were due to the extensive line breeding that occurs in champion bred pedigrees. Parasites were brought into my kennel with dogs I had purchased from so called respectable breeders. That is why I no longer breed purebred Springer's. In the last 3 years I have only bred limited litters of Clumber/Springer cross puppies that have had no health issues or any kind of parasites.
    Last year we had 6 very adorable healthy, happy litters ~ two of which were co-owned. All of them went to very loving homes that have stayed in contact with us. :)
    Please see the attached response from Ed Franceschina (an AKC inspector) to Angela Monaghan, which is just one piece of paper out of many boxes that I have collected over the years showing her obsession & lies. She has used these officials as a form of harassment, with every one of them proving her accusations to be false.
    I own four females and two males that are our family pets. I am a hobby breeder now because of my deep love for the Springer and Clumber Spaniels and I cant imagine my life with out them! Angela is still referring to me as a puppy mill, but after recently looking at her website/blog it appears she has almost 30 dogs!... 15 females and 13 males. It appears he now has more dogs than I did three years ago when she was calling me a puppy mill. If you read through her blog you can see that she has had her share of health problems as well. In my opinion she is very narcissistic and is not a very nice person AT ALL ! Feel free to contact AKC representative Mr. Ed Franceschina with any questions you may have in regards to Angela Monaghans outrageous lies, I have always been in compliance with AKC`s rules and regulations. I am also in the process of legal action against Ms. Angela Monaghan.

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  • Du
    dualdynamics Mar 02, 2015

    I have unfortunately been around Angela Monaghan many times in field trials and the woman is a complete monster. Every time she shows up at the trials we all cringe. She is known as the "Queen B". A royal b*tch. Anything she has posted is most likely due to her competitive nature and her spoiled self righteousness attitude. Its very obvious Mrs Lamphier doesn't have a puppy mill. And knowing Angela its very likely she has created many fake user names that she posts on here with. She is very evil and underhanded in all of her dealings. I have known a couple people that have quit competing in field trials just because of Angela Monaghan. Don't believe everything you read on the internet. I would assume any intelligent person can see through Angela's evil games she plays with everyone that doesn't bow down to her. If you want the real truth, contact anyone who has the misfortune of being around her during a field trial event.

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  • Mr
    Mrs. Jessica Martinez Dec 03, 2017

    I bought two dogs from them and they are the best dogs. DeAnna and her husband where so nice and helpful. They checked on our dogs often and still do! They invited us to there place anytime to see there dogs and how they were kept so we felt comfortable about our dogs. Please don’t believe these lies, if you want the best dog you will ever own them ca them!

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  • La
    Lauren Vergona Gavioli Mar 22, 2018

    Purchased my Springer from D and Jim in 2006, and he is still strong, beautiful, healthy and a love in my life. While my Winston came first, I married in 2010. My husband and I prepared Win extensively for 6 months prior to the birth of our daughter in 2012; however, I always question if it was a waste of time. Winston wouldn’t hurt a flea!!!

    His coloring may not win him any legacies; but, when it’s all said and done, I thank God AND these accused breeders for blessing me with 11 years of joy (and counting).

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  • Ca
    Car Glo Nov 28, 2019

    I got my Onyx, a purebred tri color Springer, from Deanna in 2008. He is now 11 years old and still the nicest, gentlest, most loyal dog. Deanna was very responsive to any questions I had at the time we got him. I am so sorry to hear she has endured this harassment over the years. She has provided my family with a wonderful furry sibling for my 4 kids. Onyx's boy is now a Marine, deployed. Onyx misses him every day, but keeps me company faithfully. Thank you, Deanna, for your love of Springers.

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  • Js
    Js Mom Feb 16, 2020

    I recently lost my Springer purchased from Deanna in 2005 at age 14 years 3.5 months. He had few health issues and was an athletic, happy dog most of his life. I glad to see others share my experience and am sorry that Deanna had to endure this harassment over the years. Thank you for my boy, Josh (9/12/05 litter)

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