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Southpaws Playschool review: My dog was seriously injuried here

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4:22 pm EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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My dog was seriously injuried at this dog daycare center in Austin. He was bit 12 times on his back lower and middle, by another dog, with deep puncture wounds by a pit mix owned by the owners Sonia and Tim. My dog got a serious infection in the puncture wounds and was in the kept on 24/7 watch at the vet's office for 2 months, and it took over one year for him to heal. He had 7 surgeries, and it cost me over 5, 000 dollars. Please be careful bringing your pup here, I have spoke with several other people that have had their dog harmed here. There is not enough staff to watch the over crowded space, 2 people watching over 50 dogs is not safe.

Update by JRT924
Apr 26, 2011 5:49 pm EDT

Good point, maybe I will look into a lawsuit. Let me know if you have an affordable recommedation as I spent my savings on his surgeries and comfort food :) Thanks for the comments.

Update by JRT924
Apr 25, 2011 6:13 pm EDT

I totally agree, but it's still an unsafe place... and a small bit mark is fine... dogs are dogs, but multiple deep puncture wounds are unacceptable... if your kid got one cut or bruise fine... but several broken bones and a month's stay in the hospital, I am sure you would remove your child from that daycare and warn other parents. I'm not suing them, not sure why you went down that path... I'm just letting people know so this doesn't happen again.

Update by JRT924
Apr 19, 2011 3:15 pm EDT

The dogs owners run Southpaws, Sonia and Tim own this dog and the doggie daycare, so yes they are responsible for the entire incident... they own the dog that attacked my dog... my dog is not the only one that has been hurt by this dog. And... even if they didn't own the dangerous dog, they were suppose to be watching all the dogs, my dog was bit 12 times with deep puncture wounds to his back... the vet thinks the attack lasted over a minute... without supervision. Unless Sonia and Tim were coaxing their dog to attack mine, not sure, but they were in charge, and they need to break up attacks quickly. I have photos of his wounds if you'd like to see the damage caused and the location... it proves my dog was not fighting back and was trying to get away, as the wounds are on his middle and lower back. THey are very graphic and hard to look at, otherwise I would have posted them already.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 21, 2013 10:30 pm EDT

Joie has reviewed our business on Yelp four times for the same incident (from 2009). Three of those reviews have been removed for violating Yelp's review policies. The reviews have become less factual and more out of touch with reality through the years. However, Yelp says that this latest review "contains new information", so I have updated my response.

1. Joie let Murphy suffer for over eight hours before seeking medical attention for him. By that time, infection certainly had time to set in and Murphy was likely in shock. The complications, surgeries and lengthy hospital stay that Joie mentions in her review can be directly attributed to that neglect.

2. Murphy attacked the other dog from behind. The second dog whipped around and gave Murphy TWO defensive bites, each of which left four marks (from the dog's canine teeth). The other dog was called off, and Murphy attacked the dog a second time before I could get Murphy removed from the area. The entire incident lasted LESS THAN 15 SECONDS.

3. The veterinarian that fed Joie information about how long the "fight" lasted and how many times Murphy had actually been bitten was speculating: he was not present and did not see what happened. He spoke with authority about canine behavior, a subject in which he was not especially knowledgeable.

Please see my response from a previous review below:
Murphy Lee attended daycare 90 times from 8/30/07 to 4/2/09--translating into almost 900 hours of daycare.

We always feel terrible when a dog is injured while in our care. We do a lot of things to prevent injury at Southpaws. In fact, I was moving toward Murphy to remove him from the play area just before the fight happened.

Please remember that there are two sides to every story. There was no innocent victim in this situation--the other dog was injured also.