Resolved SOUTHEAST WATER TESTING, INC.water treatment system


The system is recycling 3 times a day ( should be once a week), flooding perimeter of house & damaging concrete slab of home.

No response from company after numerous phone calls [protected] and [protected]). One representative reached by phone said they would send soneone out but never did.


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    floridagirl1 Jul 13, 2010

    Southeast Water Testing, Inc. has always provided wonderful service for myself and my family.

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    no need for this Feb 03, 2011

    SOUTHEAST WATER TESTING, INC. sent us a letter in the mail under "Resident" stating that we should have our water tested due to "quality of water changing in some areas".

    This is a scam, plain and simple, folks. We are on city water. Our State and Federal laws require local water departments to test the water they distribute on a regular (frequent) basis and immediately issue a public statement if any problems arise. They do NOT, and we repeat, NOT have a private company contact the general public on their behalf.

    These sorts of scam artists rely upon YOUR IGNORANCE and prey upon YOUR FEARS. Keeping yourself educated and informed about the quality of your water will give you the tools necessary to disassemble any argument put forth by a non-reputable water filter company.

    On June 2, 2003, Southeast Water Services Inc. entered into a consent judgment with the Attorney General’s office due to deceptive selling practices. Florida Water Works currently has an unsatisfactory record with the Better Business Bureau due to a pattern of complaints regarding high-pressure sales tactics and misleading selling practices. Call the state attorney general’s office at (813) 287-7900.

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    Renfl75 Jun 05, 2017

    I spoke to two people at Southwest Water Systems about the issue I was having with my Softener and they wouldn't even compromise a solution to my problem. The first lady I spoke with got rude with me immediately (Christine I think) The second lady in the service department, ran the conversation in circles and wouldn't even help. Here was my issue, In July of last year I had THEIR tech come our to move my 3 year old softener, That was a complete fiasco in the first place, I had to argue with him NOT to put my softener by my front door because he didn't want to dig along side my house, next he used the largest drill bit threw my wall for a small electric wire (I had to fix that later) a month later I noticed it was leaking resin, small amount at first then more and more. I thought maybe it would correct itself, maybe the resin needed to settle, after a few months it was still leaking. Another tech came out and looked at the softener. When I mentioned we moved it he suggested we might have damaged it in the move, I then told him Southeast Water moved it, he started to back peddle. I asked for a compromise on price, nothing.. I said I didn't think I should pay at all really but do SOMETHING... nothing. I guess they are a big enough company they don't have to worry about existing customers. MY ADVICE: Buy from someone else, because once you have a problem with Southwest Water they will not help you, and remember THEY are the only ones that can work on YOUR softener or it voids the warranty!!

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