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Southeast Shipping LLC (SECPAC GLOBAL) review: Breach of contract & trust. Misrepresentation & deliberate scam

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To Whom It May Concern

My name is Mariam (French passport holder) and I had been a resident of UAE from April 2004 until August 2013. My family relocated to Malaysia on 6 August 2013 and used a UAE based shipping company to transport our entire house content including very critical documents.

Southeast Shipping LLC (a member of SECPAC Global has made several false representations to us which has resulted in my family being stuck for weeks at a hotel and our children being unable to attend school as several documents required by the school are still in the container.

SECPAC collected full payment in advance in July 2013 for door to door service including all customs clearance and documentation as well as delivery and re-positioning of the content at arrival. The scope of their service was "door to door" and hence any additional costs aside from duty taxes and customs inspection and storage/demurrage would not be justified.

We paid for and receive a receipt confirming this service. Despite being promised by SECPAC that the container would depart from Dubai on 30 July 2013 to reach Malaysia no later than 18 August 2013 and allowing for 5 days clearance maximum we were told to expect our container delivered and the content installed at our house no later than 23 August 2013. My family based on this promised booked a hotel stay which we have since had to extend and continue to pay in excess of AED 700 per day.

SECPAC it turns out had lied about the loading date which we found out was actually on 11 August causing a 2 weeks delay. Notwithstanding this delay we have also come to find out from the Malaysia based clearing agent that SECPAC has the habit of collecting full payment from unsuspecting customers in UAE and NOT paying the local agent at destination and hence customers such as myself would find themselves in a situation where they would have to pay twice or risk their shipment being held indefinitely and incurring additional charges.

SECPAC GLOBAL has been operating in this way for years and seemingly getting away with their behaviour as the customers they cheat are usually leaving the UAE for other places and just like myself paid a high cost to ship their goods and so SECPAC Global shamelessly blackmails them into paying twice to get their belonging.

Sadly I found out much too late their usual business practices which many others have experienced and my family is paying a high price for this company being allowed to operate freely in UAE in cheating people out of their hard earned money.

In the past few months they have done this to 4 families relocating from UAE to Malaysia and no doubt to countless other people.

Their UAE trade license allows them to freely and shamelessly cheat and blackmail law-abiding citizen and this is not acceptable.

My family has incurred so far AED 7, 000 due to having to extend our hotel stay and the local clearing agent will not budge as they already have so many uncleared invoices owed by SECPAC from other customers whose shipment they released at their own cost and will not make any additional exception.

I do have all necessary emails and documentation including correspondence from the Malaysia based clearing agent which seems to be a decent company just safe-guarding their interest against the crooks at SECPAC.

I have copied on this email every person at SECPAC Global who is aware of the situation as it appears it is a gang that operate as a company whereby every single one of their employees thrives to rob customers blind.

Despite several attempt to communicate with their representatives they have made it clear they will not honor their contract and will leave my family to pay twice for services they are bound to render. Their repeated lies to the local clearing agent in Malaysia has ensured this matter has no end in sight.

My main point of contact has been an employee by the name of Mohammed Rizmy (+[protected] OR +[protected]). It appears the company and its representatives understand how difficult it is to lodge a complaint in UAE from outside the country and believe that poor customers reviews will not affect their business much.

Please advise what course of action is required.

Kind regards

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Mar 15, 2016 12:18 pm EDT

I am in the process of trying to get receipt of my shipment. My employer in the UAE chose Southeast Shipping as they were the lowest bid...obviously not the best choice. My shipment was paid for door to door to the US in Dec 2015. I have since paid an additional $1400 out of pocket and Southeast Shipping has not paid the invoice of $1572 to the US partner. For the past two and a half months numerous emails were sent to Southeast Shipping with no response. My employer has also contacted them and their agreement to settle this matter also was not followed through. I am at my wits end! This company is unprofessional, lacks integrity and they continue to operate without any repercussions of their failure to complete their contracts. I have sent an email to my employer to never conduct business with Southeast Shipping again and I would advise any persons moving from the UAE to do the same. They have no morales or respect for their customers. Once they receive payment they stop all communication! Buyer BEWARE,

Mar 24, 2014 5:27 am EDT

I suffered a loss of around USD 8000 because of these bunch of thieves. I started the blog with Mariam has mentioned to aware people not to get involved with this company. I received so many comments and emails about it.

Dec 30, 2013 2:03 am EST
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Yes. I too experienced the same from South east secpac cargo. only difference is the destination is saudi arabia. Its my fortunate i did not leave my car with them to export. In the last moment i change my mind to sell the car in UAE itself. Other wise they would have grabbed more money for that also.

Sure they are Cargo mafias.

Is there any way to take legal action on them?

Please spread this message in the interest of public.