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Recruiter/Staffing Agency: Source Mantra
Phone Number: [protected]

The recruiter called and simply based off of year of experience placed me into a rate/salary range that is considerably lower than average. In addition, they asked for my year of birth. After kindly declining and offering them with a graduation date for my BS & MS degree's, they later asked for my Drivers License. I sent over my Drivers License with sensitive information blurred out. They continued pressure tactics to force me into agreeing to a rate/salary range against any and all positions they want to send my candidacy to. The recruiter was calling my affectionate names "love, " "hun, " and "honey, " and was directly influenced by the fact that I have an Southeast Asian (Indian) name. My hunch is that they do in fact target foreign names in hopes that this demographic is "desperate" enough to sign agreements which aren't fairly competitive.

I gave them an analogy of why their request was not only unfair but not good business practice.

1) Sending my application to shovel snow vs. manage a software development project are two very different roles and compensation structures.
2) Sending my application to two different parts of the nation for a similar role means that the compensation could vary based on the cost of living, etc.

After giving those two examples, they agreed that my rate wouldn't be set in stone but rather on a case by case basis however, they sent me a contract to sign via docusign (See attached). Essentially stating that I would be locked into an agreement with SourceMantra for 12 months. They did not disclose the Client, Role or Job ID which essentially would have opened myself up to any and all opportunities.

My complaint is:
1) There should be an ethical standard that Recruiting/Staffing agencies must follow
2) There should be an ethical standard for compensation based on experience, skills, and merit as opposed to age or race
3) There needs to be strict rules around fair compensation for the type of position and location
4) There needs to be strict rules set for placement through 3rd party recruiters

I know, this is a tall order but this is submission is really intended to voice my concerns and make sure others know that these issues are very prevalent in the job market today! I have the benefit of being a US Citizen but others are not and are being forced into unhealthy, unsecured, and unfair business/compensation structures.

Personally, they are now on my blacklist!

Thanks for reading about my experience. Hope this prepares you not only for a conversation with SourceMantra but with any other recruiting agency.

Source Mantra
Source Mantra

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