Sonic Drive-Inservice and condition of this sonic

Ja Sep 15, 2019

I frequent this sonic quite often, or at least I did. The morning crew is very efficient and I have no complaints about them. The evening or night crew is a different story. Of the last 5 or 6 times I have gone there my orders have been wrong for at least 3 of them. The last of which I ordered a bacon double cheeseburger and a double hamburger. What I got was 2 single hamburgers, neither of which had bacon. Mayonnaise was slathered on so thick that it was literally oozing out. The receipt on the bag showed what I had ordered correctly. I took the receipt to the sonic the next morning and it was put into the box. (Whatever that is.) This sonic is dirty, several of the order boxes don't work when using a debit card to pay (one of which is taped together with duck tape for at least 6 monhs), the marquee has been broken for about a year now if not longer, the yellow and red lights around the outside of the building don't work, the American and Oklahoma flag they were flying was so tattered you could hardly tell they were flags at all. They eventually took them down but did not replace them. If Sonic is America's drive in you would think they would be proud to display our nation's and state's flags. The night manager at this sonic supposedly called "Mama" gives drugs to employees and tells them it's okay to come to work wasted or stoned. Food has been dropped on the floor but not discarded. Instead it's thrown into the fryer to kill whatever germs may be on it. If Sonic cares about their drive-ins you would think they would take more pride in their work ethics and the conditions of the drive-in. THIS SONIC IS DISGUSTING

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