Sonam Choden Retty is Miss Bhutan 2010Miss Bhutan 2010 Scam

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Sonam Choden Retty is the new Miss Bhutan. And, her winning the title of Miss Bhutan has exposed one of the biggest scams in the little country of Bhutan.

The Indian trainer hired to train the Miss Bhutan 2010 contestants has revealed that the beauty pageant has been fixed by Karma Tshering.

Karma Tshering is the organizer of the Miss Bhutan 2010 pageant.

The Indian trainer was treated unfairly and discriminated against because he tried hard to prove that the winners of the pageant were already decided weeks in advance.

The Indian trainer was well aware that Sonam Choden Retty was already fixed as the winner of Miss Bhutan and did not like it at all.

"She does not deserve it. She does not even know who Magic Johnson is, nor can she answer simple knowledge questions on pop culture. I had to do something. So, I openly stated 5 other contestants who I felt had the best chance at the title."

But, doing this made the poor Indian trainer run into a laundry list of problems. He was discriminated against, treated unfairly and wrongly blamed for few other things which are a complete joke.

"The pageant finals are slated for September 25th but 5 contestants out of the 18 have already been selected as the winners of the pageant" says the Indian trainer in an exclusive interview to us.

He added "I tried to inform the remaining contestants about this cheating but Karma Thsering, Sonam Choden Retty, Pema Choden, the coordinators and these 4 contestants started to realize what I was doing so I had to play it safe."

We asked the Indian trainer to reveal the names of the 5 contestants already selected as likely winners of the Miss Bhutan pageant in 2010.

He told us that the 5 names are Sonam Choden Retty, Dechen Tshomo, Karma Loday Lhamo, Tenzin Norden and Sangay Dema.

There is a complaint letter posted to us on August 30th and a complaint filed online on this website on September 19th of 2010. We delayed in posting the complaint till last week since we had to go down to Bhutan and get some of these facts right.

The Indian trainer had specifically mentioned these names as winners to us in a complaint letter written by him on August 30th, 2010.

Preliminary round winners had already been decided by Karma Tshering and the general public in Bhutan has no access to either the tickets or the information on the judges for the pageant.

Karma Tshering had earlier lied that Shilpa Shetty and Priyanka Chopra (Bollywood Divas) were to judge the finals.

But, our local resources revealed that both of them had made no such commitment to Karma Tshering and were busy at that time.

The Indian trainer felt that there were other contestants more deserving but when he voiced his opinion during one of his lectures he was openly insulted and ridiculed by these 5 contestants.

The finals of the 2010 pageant were held earlier today and Sonam Choden Retty was given the title on a platter. On close study of her performance we discovered that the answers to her questions and statements made on stage were made by heart.

The Indian trainer feels sad for the remaining 15 contestants who were already sidelined, and just there to fill the numbers.

The organizers Karma Tshering and Pema Choden have been blacklisted on several websites already for insulting the Indian trainer and treating him extremely badly during his training sessions in Bhutan.

Mumbai, the city of residence of the Indian trainer has openly supported the trainer for revealing crucial facts about the scams and lies behind Miss Bhutan 2010.

It's indeed a shame to see that a national beauty pageant can be openly fixed.

The Prime Minister of Bhutan is being alerted on this serious matter as the image of Bhutan in Asia and the internet world is being tarnished by Karma Tshering, Sonam Choden Retty and Pema Choden.

Shame on you Miss Bhutan 2010 and Karma Tshering...


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    i love sonam choden retty... Sep 27, 2010
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    Hey!!! U BULL ###... how dare u write abt the miss bhutan 2010 like that.. do you have any prove that it is totally correct.. did u see it with your eyes... were you there to witness that she was already fixed by karma tshering???? i know you are jealous that she got the winner... if you thinks he is not deserving than whom do yo think is more deserving???? do u think that the girls with beautiful hair and fair face are more deserving than a girl with pure hear and claer mind lik sonam choden retty?? if you really think that bhutan people are corrupted why didnt u come to the pageant and become the judge for a FAIR selection huh???? and how dare to calll miss bhutan 2010 a cheater??? u are jus indeed not happy that she is the winner... you expected some one else and that person didnt get it so you are now jealous of it and are cooking up stories like that... u are the real LIAR not sonam choden...

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  • Pr
    Preeti Rao Sep 28, 2010
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    Can you give me the education and family background of Sonam Choden Retty.

    I am writing a news story on her and could really use the information you provide about her in it.

    And, since you love her so much I am quite sure you are related to her directly in some way, so please help me out.

    Also, all complaints about Sonam Choden Rett have been verified through reliable sources before putting it up here.

    Finally, your language and your aggressive tone itself proves that her character has severe flaws.

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  • Pr
    Preeti Rao Sep 28, 2010
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    Why is this complaint hurting you so much if you believe it is not true?

    We cannot understand why the organizer and the fixed winner are lashing out at the wrong person.

    We have a job to do here finding out the truth and that's exactly what we did.

    But, the way the organizers speak back on this forum under fake IDs (by the way all such IDs can be easily traced by members) is ridiculous.

    There are lies about you on various issues so this is not the only one.

    You keep putting India and the residents of India down which we find really sad considering you and some of your team members have completed vital parts of their education in India.

    You lied about Shilpa Shetty being the judge this year. There are 2 newspaper articles to prove you said that she would be hired as the judge for the 2010 pageant in 2 Bhutanese papers.

    You lied that you are the assistant director of the Bollywood movie Badhai ho Badhai but your name is nowhere in the credits. The director Satish Kaushik is very angry that you are lying about this.

    You allowed your own employee Tenzin Norden into the pageant. Pageant laws state that employees of the organizers are not allowed to participate.

    You lied to the sponsors about the total expenses for the pageant. The rental building expenses and many other expenses have been forged by you.

    We have sufficient reasons to believe that you do not know how to speak to people in a higher position with respect. You have misused the names of respectable people in Bhutan for your sole benefit.

    Your upbringing and character along with the wrongful ethics you follow can be clearly seen in the way you treat people and by your comments on this post.

    There are countless number of people who live both in and outside Bhutan who have supported our reporters in this matter.

    So, instead of showing how cheap you can really be, take a break and redo the pageant all over again.

    It is quite clear that the winner was not deserving and the resource persons were right about it.

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  • Kp
    k.penjor Oct 04, 2010

    i m a bhutanese and i m very ashamed today... thanks to Karma Tshering.
    i hope the prime minister jails him... i alys thought the voting system was cause but its shocking to know what we know now.. i hope we dont cross path in the streets ... i ll show u the real bhutanese beauties and may be even turn u black n blue. u traitor.. u have no right to play with the nations pride. i hope the government ban u from making movies n hosting fake shows..

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  • Ts
    tsheringsonam Oct 20, 2010
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    it's a shame and insult to know that people like karma tshering, pema and sonam choden retty are allowed to go free after such things...

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  • Fo
    ForMISSBhutan Nov 02, 2010

    @Preeti Rao- who ever you are, you have well said. I'm in awe of your comments against Karma Tshering.
    And I cant believe he lied about being an Assistant Director to that movie just to bring himself up to the level of stardom which will never happen to him.

    @karma Tsheing-redo it all over again, all at your expense...that poor girls had to spend bucks on their journey to become Miss Bhutan.

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  • Da
    dadaram Feb 09, 2011
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    i am exiled Bhutanese citizen and feel like commenting about this news. this is the culture have been adapted by the rulers and high ranking officers of that country and first class people. whatever happens in that country is never transparent and unjustifiable. unless the political scenario of the country is drastically changed there is no way you can expect any good thing in the for of the poor, suppressed people. that has what some of Indian fellows came to know very lately. already the winner of miss bhutan is one and very small example of what is going all over the country. any way congratulation, so-called miss bhutan sonam or somebody else.

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  • Bh
    Bhutanese Feb 12, 2011

    I think it is really shocking news to many fellow Bhutanese. If it is really true, than Karma Tshering has to be punished. It is not at all acceptable in Bhutanese society or in the world infact. I think if it is true, we will surely support Preeti Rao for his complaint. Even i was also thinking or having doubt with the way of his directing films. The film directed by him actually doesnot comprising all intellect shows or directions that should be or have to be comprised of he being professional Film Director. I think we Bhutanese got cheated by these guys.

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  • At
    ata Ziggy Feb 12, 2011

    Dear I love Sonam Choden Retty,
    There are ways to respond to any complaints and you have be to rational when you comment upon such a issue in public forum.
    Well, apparently Preeti Rao is and will be respected for whatever he has been doing. Well, these attitude of things being taken for granted has tarnished the reputation of our entertainment industry and has dwindled in the storm of discredit, well what might be the backlash, no more pageantry and no more upscaling of such a new concept...
    Mind your language, it arrogantly sounds like a huge racist slur to Preeti, it is hugely uncharacteristically Bhutanese, please do not attempt to throw our reputation and hospitable nature into disrepute.

    Dear Preeti,
    I am immensely sorry for experiences in Bhutan and will make it a point never to support any endeavor of Karma Tshering. I hope you would come back and help Bhutanese entertainment Industry.

    Dear Karma,
    You are an EPIC FAILURE

    Dear Retty,
    Can you sleep properly and can you call yourself Miss Bhutan. If i were you I Would surrender my Crown.

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  • Gu
    guru dorji Feb 14, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    dear author,
    can you just explain me why didnt the trainer voice out the scam before the announcement of the result...
    now that everything is over i dont think there is a logic CRYING OVER A SPILLED instead of researching on a thing that had already happened, focus on researching on more sensible topic that would enhance the peace of the global community.

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  • Sr
    sring Feb 15, 2011

    dear author,
    guru dorji pointed it rite...u should have voiced it out when u knew such thing was sure to happen.wel tenzin was working under karma tshering before miss bhutan happened. she resigned from tourism co. to b d part of miss bhutan. m not in any ones favour but this is true n ya u should just research carefully before posting it...y harm others now wen u didnt do wen u had a grt opportunity...

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  • To
    Torsion Feb 16, 2011

    i am pretty sure the author is correct otherwise from where he will be able to make up the story. i respect his findings in Bhutan, coz it should have been our duities to find such loop holes and solve. when the author has pointed us that such problem is there, we have to appreciate him and need to tackle with the problem. we bhutanese need to have a body to handly such problem, whether it is over or not. It is so funny ppl keep on commenting and no one's there to find the truth. I am jus wandering a smalll country like bhutan with small population, the government has not be able to handly and resolve it. Government need not has to wait for the solid proof, government need to dig inch by inch. i am sure the result will be with those who were involve in the game. i think bhutan should walk ahead and face reality. i feel ashame nothing has been done till now after knowing lots of things about this cruel people...they need to be punished...

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