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Soft Touch Dental, Gresham OR review: Wrong filling

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I had an appointment (8/23/22 @ 1:15 pm) with Soft Touch Dental for a check-up and exrays, where I was told I had one cavity that needed repair. When I made the appointment to have that cavity repaired, I specifically requested my cavity be repaired with a composite filling because I am sensitive/allergic to amalgam fillings. They let me know only one dentist in the office does composite fillings and she only works on specific days, so I scheduled my tooth repair specifically with her to ensure I would receive a composite filling (9 am on Thursday, Oct. 6th), as per my request and arrangement with the office staff. When I got home after the procedure on October 6th my husband looked at the filling, which was in an upper right molar (so I couldn't see it properly, even with a mirror) and he told me that I had not received a composite filling as requested. He then took a picture of the tooth so I could see myself, and sure enough, I was given an amalgam silver filling, not the composite as I had requested. I contacted Soft Tough Dental to let them know of the mistake and was greeted with a harsh tone, and rudeness and was made to feel like they could not be bothered with me. I requested an appointment to have the filling redone with the composite filling. I was scheduled for an appointment on October 27th at 9 AM, but just received a phone call today (Monday, October 24th) letting me know the dentist at soft touch is not willing to redo my filling with the composite, they canceled my appointment to have it repaired and told me that if I needed it to be composite to go elsewhere. I issued a complaint, but they were not willing to redress my grievances. The office staff at Soft Touch Dental in Gresham, OR were so dehumanizing with the way they treated me. Their demeanor and choice of words were so disrespectful, unkind, and disgusting. Their lack of care and compassion was unbelievable.

Desired outcome: To have the amalgam filling replaced with composite free of charge, and to be treated with kindness and respect.

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