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This woman is an idiot. She wants you to do cold calling to set up phone appointments, but does not supply you with leads. You are expected to look up the leads on your time off. Then she expects you to set appointments 1 for every 30 minutes. This would be easy to do if you actually were given more information on the company. She gives a short script which does not work. The script says we would like Susan to call you back in a week or so when convenient for them. Then she give you the order to stop calling because she is not getting enough appointments. Well I only worked the project for 4 days and had 7 appts set. It was her job to close. Of course she could not close. Told me to submit my hours and then got angry when I questioned whether she had received them. Friday being the payday, was told I would not receive pay until the following friday when she had time to check phone records and such.. She had 4 days to do this already and the law states once relieved of your duties you are to be paid in full within' 48 hours. DO NOT WORK FOR HER, SHE IS NOT ALL THERE

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    Business should be professional Feb 19, 2013
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    We had a very bad experience hiring Susan Wachowich to oversee the Social Media campaign for our Direct to Consumer brands. She lack understanding of how to build a long-term strategy that would produce results for our brand. Instead, she built Facebook campaigns with a 'like me and I'll like you' strategy -- which meant that the followers she created didn't really have a true buy-in or connection with our brands. The content she developed was not aligned with our core messages, and sometimes border-line offensive with the use of unclassy material. Whenever we asked for indicators or clarification of her strategy, she talked her way out of it by using social media jargon and confusing us. She only gave us updates when we specifically asked for the, -- otherwise, we would only hear from her when she sent her monthly bill.

    Most disheartening is that once we announced we no longer wanted to use her services, she got highly emotional. She 'hijacked' our Facebook pages, taking away our Manager rights and demanding that we pay her fees that were not previously discussed before returning our pages to us. In my book this makes her a thief and scammer. She is also unethical and does not have good judgement on how to create relevant social media content for a business or brand.

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  • Sj
    sjdressage Sep 29, 2013
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    I have had a very similar experience as the complaint above. Susan Wachowich approached me with her idea to do free online horse training, via video. I was quite excited to give back some of my experiences with horses to people who did not have access to nearby trainers. As my Facebook page developed, she would post some very inappropriate content. When I would address my discomfort with the subject matter, or the delivery, I was met with an angry, emotional rebuttal . When she started using my page for her advertisements, without my permission, I began to question the integrity of this person. She bragged about the products she received, but never discussed the fact that she was using my website to legitimize and get compensated by sponsors for her social media "skills". She was using my name and reputation to via my email and webpage to further her own self promotion.
    When I finally realized we had to part ways, she high jacked my Gmail and Youtube sites. She had already changed the recovery password and subsequently, changed the passwords to my sites and locked me out When confronted with this, she got vindictive and and nasty. She then presented me with a bogus invoice and stated that when my social media "bill" was paid, she would return my sites. Is this extortion? Or identity theft? I suggest anyone who is looking to do business with Susan Wachowich, or any of her businesses, to be very aware of who you are dealing with.

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    GoFullThrottle Oct 17, 2013
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    Verified customer

    Below is a complete review and Analysis of the social media campaign from the Complaint Filed in Feb.2013 by IMG Citrus This company was trying to launch a new branch and failed to make the launch date. The analysis below was emailed to them upon completion of the campaign. After 7 full weeks they had almost 1300 followers and were set to launch a national campaign when they decided to stop.

    I did not get moody when the decided to stop the campaign I merely took control of all pages until the project was paid in full. All platforms were returned upon completion of payment.

    Furthermore: The engagement and analysis were much higher when I was working on the campaign than when the marketing company they hired took over. The problem with the above company is a lack of understanding of list building, and engagement and how it relates to a social media strategy.

    Analysis of Pages to date.

    Pages were officially launched traffic being driven to them on December 11/2012,  these

    are the statistic that cover the past 7 weeks of the campaign. Combined total of new

    followers is 790 and growing daily..

    Total new fans on Facebook is 1238 with all pages combined.

    Total Twitter Followers: 560

    Pinterest has 6 boards created. Recently Pinterest enabled business accounts. Moving

    forward I think we should have one Pinterest account with boards that correlate to each of

    our streams rather than keeping them as separate accounts.

    Facebook Epicitrus for Sport and Wellness

    I know there was some concerns about this page earlier in the week,  I want to address that

    it is normal for the numbers to have to rebalance after running a contest. We ran a Disney

    contest recently on this page in partnership with 5 other pages. This exposure was great for

    the page as you will not see this type of influx on the other fan pages,  however once the

    contest ended the page will readjust back to normal. The important line to look at in the

    graph below is the dark blue one,  as you can see there is a steady and gradual increase of

    organic exposure for the page. This is what we are working for in this project. You can also

    see that as it dips down to readjust the numbers are already starting to trend back

    upwards. This is normal after contests or any high levels of excitement created on a page.

    The good news here was the effectiveness of a our contest that we partnered with other

    pages,  in doing so we reached a new fan base of almost 500 people each day. The

    downside of this contest was the short timeline on the expiry dates of the tickets and the

    need for most people to travel to use them. Just some things to keep in mind as we run

    more contests in the future.

    This page has also been featured on “What Women want’s” Facebook page without me

    asking them to promote it. In the world of social media this is a huge success in that we are

    producing content that appeals to other markets. The Sharing of our page is what is going

    to help us go viral with our campaigns.

    Epicitrus Kids and Family

    This page has the same influx as seen on the Sport and Wellness page,  around the same

    time,  I ran an exposure campaign for this page on Linked In,  it involved posting in some

    Mommy Groups and Family groups to increase the exposure for the page. As you can see

    the campaign was also successful in that it drove traffic and likes to the page,  increasing

    the overall growth and exposure of the page. The same situation as above shows the page

    blowing up as a result of the campaign and then settling back down after the exposure from

    the campaign starts to reside. If we look at the blue line in this graph which is organic

    exposure we see a slow and steady increase which is ultimately the long term goal for this


    The I love Grapefruits page has some challenges because it is so niche,  today alone I

    added it to several pages for exposure and have only managed to pull one or two likes and

    it has been exposed to several thousand people in the last 24 hours. The content on this

    page will need to be more broad in order to be successful with the page title as it is. As you

    can see we are in a steady growth pattern because we have recently reached the 30 fans

    mark in which statistics are provided.

    The majority of my time on this project has been working to secure quality speakers to run

    live webinars on our Facebook pages. I have successfully lined up 5 VERY successful

    speakers to work with us during National Eating Disorders Awareness week. Each of

    these speakers will expose us to their database of customers and refer to us as a reliable

    resource of information and quality products,  this is the basis for building a brand online.

    During the webinars people will have to go to our page to log on,  and will be asked to Like

    our pages during the webinar.

    Additionally we will benefit from the exposure to the NEDA mailing list and social media

    which is currently listed as a reach of 6 million people. NEDA awareness week is Feb 24

    to March 2. I do think that cutting this campaign off at this point sells it short of its potential

    and throws away a lot of what you have paid for up to this point.

    Here are the qualified speakers bios and their social media and websites:

    Shari Friedman

    My most popular site is my Fit Talk News site which has been around the longest and is the

    most active site.

    Jason Founder and Author of Cook Train Eat Race[protected]

    Andrea Calle ­ Radio Show Host/Fitness model with almost 20 thousand fans

    Andrea Calle was born in Medellin,  Colombia and moved to the US in 1998. In 2003,  she

    graduated from the University of Miami with a B.A. in International Finance and Marketing.

    Andrea has been featured in Telemundo,  Univision's “Escandalo TV”,  BET Spring Bling,

    ABC “The T.O Show” and has worked as a model for various designers,  music videos,

    entertainment based magazines,  as well as red carpet host for multiple entertainment

    based events.

    She is one of the most downloaded figures in sports and entertainment with over one

    million downloads,  and is currently the lead reporter for El Octagono; the leading

    broadcasting company in Mixed Martial Arts in Spanish. As one of the most recognizable

    figures in South Florida,  Andrea is expanding into acting (both film and tv),  while continuing

    to host sports and entertainment events,  and on air radio and television broadcasting.

    Paul Sen ­My Personal Fitness Chef

    Hi I’m Paul Sen,  Certified Personal Fitness chef and Personal Trainer (ACSM  Health &

    Fitness Specialist) and certified Lifestyle Coach.

    With a passion for good food and exercise I couldn’t have found a more suitable career.

    My catering background started as a teenager when I trained as a chef in the family hotel

    on the west coast of Scotland.

    My progression to a Fitness Chef started when I was working as a Personal Trainer. One

    of my clients said it would be great if I could live­in,  cook her meals and make sure she

    didn’t deviate from her program and that gave me the idea to open a retreat.

    In 2006 I co­founded Renaissance Retreat in Spain. Clients enlisted in residential fitness

    and wellbeing programmes ranging from 1­8 weeks. My role encompassed providing

    Personal Training,  designing the healthy menu plan,  creating satisfying recipes and

    cooking nutritious meals.

    I’ve been fortunate to work with clients from all over the world. The common issue they had

    to address was how they fuelled their bodies. To restore balance and maintain good

    health,  lifestyle changes,  including using the right fuel,  had to be introduced.

    I´m passionate about helping people attain a healthy lifestyle and achieve their health and

    fitness goals.

    Jon Fryett Bio/website:

    Mr. Jon Fryett has been in the fitness world for over 35 years. As a teenager,  he competed

    in track and enrolled in Martial Arts. Eventually,  he instructed in Martial Arts,  training young

    children as young as 8 years old,  up to the age of 75 years old. Mr. Fryett taught for 17

    years as a second degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon­Do. He has taught well over 500

    students during the lifetime of his instructing years. Training people in health and fitness

    has been a big passion for him. It is one area he feels he can enjoy helping others achieve

    their goals. Don't get him started talking about fitness or exercise,  unless you have over 30

    minutes to spare listening to his educational speeches. Recently,  he was awarded the

    Master Fitness Trainer title from the International Sports and Science Association (ISSA).

    He is a proud graduate of the Master Trainer program holding the highest Grade Point

    Average (GPA) of any Master Trainer in the 25 years history within the ISSA (98%).

    Mr. Fryett is also part of the military; serving in the GA National Guard as an Instructor in his

    primary job and also as a Certified Physical Trainer Leader (PTL) helping military

    members achieve passing fitness assessment tests.

    Down the road when it is time for his military retirement,  Mr. Fryett plans to open up a local

    outdoor bootcamp for children,  as well as adults,  plus do one­on­one training for those with

    special needs.

    Mr. Fryett has a caring heart and when he sees the elderly or overweight people exercising,

    he will approach them,  and give them praise for being active and offer a little bit of

    emotional support while they train.

    Moving Forward

    I do think that close to 800 followers in 7 weeks is a very successful social media campaign.

    With that said the biggest influx is all set up and ready to go with the final details in the works

    over the next couple of weeks. As I mentioned before I would like to see this campaign through to

    completion so you can achieve the results that you are looking for. The cost difference between

    stopping the campaign now and running it through to the end of the month is $1500 but the

    impact on your social media platforms is significant. To walk away from this now you will walk

    away from everything that I have been working on for you up to this point.

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    GoFullThrottle Oct 22, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is a response to sj Dressage.

    Apparently this is where my clients who don't want to pay their bills come to complain thinking they won't have to pay. As with the above client IMG citrus susan jaccoma has had her privileges revoked due to non payment. She owes go full throttle $7500 in social, media services.

    Her youtube channel has 63 videos and over 50 thousand views in only 10 months thanks to go full throttle. Her Facebook page has almost 2 thousand fans and another 1000 subscribers on YouTube. This campaign was hugely a successful.

    She also was a featured segment in saddle and stirrups magazine and horse junkies united.

    I have never used her social media to get free products. I have my own equestrian youtube channel, 10 equestrian Facebook pages and a blog for both ps dressage and horse junkies united. Two of the top ten media outlets in the equestrian industry. I work with equestrians in 12 different countries in both English and Spanish. Susan Jaccoma is hardly know and was certainly not the reason companies were connecting with me.

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  • Su
    Susanne Hamilton Oct 23, 2013

    Susan Jaccoma is very well known in the dressage community!! She has never been known not to pay her bills ! Anyone, who knows Susan Jaccoma and Susan Wachowich personally knows that SJ is and has been for a long time a much loved and much respected member in our otherwise often very competitive world. The latter is a pushy, dishonest and disrespected individual who has given herself a bad reputation and a trail of unhappy people in the short time she's been in South FL.

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    GoFullThrottle Oct 29, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Susanne Hamilton has never done business with me and has only ever met me once. For her to be posting on this thread is highly inappropriate and reflective a unprofessional behavior. Susan Jaccoma is well known in a community of a couple thousand riders. That is hardly well known. Which is why she required a social media campaign.

    Susan Jaccoma not only owes money to me but also owes money to a second individual that was contracted to do videos. Saying she is not known for paying her bills is hardly applicable.

    Given that there is 63 videos on her YouTube channel and she owes the contracted editor over $100 per video would indicate that Susan Jaccoma clearly understands that there is considerable value and expense in relation to running a successful social media channel. As of May she had paid me $2400 in riding lessons. After that my horse was injured, and when he came back to work she was often to busy to provide the lessons she had agreed to give me in exchange for running her social media. When I showed her the outstanding balance she tried to lock me out of all her social media. I am by law the owner of all of the accounts and the copyrights on the channels, so I switched back the channels in the my possession and asked her to come to a resolution.

    Several times I reached out to her to come to an amicable resolution about her social media and her only response was to go on the internet blasting my company in hopes that she could bully me into giving her social media back.

    The outstanding amount owed to date by Susan Jaccoma is $7500. She and her harem are running around on social media saying I was paid $3500 in lessons, this would indicate once again that she has agreed and understands I deserve to be paid for my work. Telling me what you owe me and that you have paid me what you feel like paying me is a pretty unconventional business practice especially since my rates are very clear. The above number is also incorrect.

    The fact that Susan Jaccoma's social media successful was not merely based on her name. It came from hours of hard work and very effective and proven social media strategy on my part.

    When you dont pay for your car and the bank takes it bank. The bank has not stolen your car, they have repossessed it.

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  • Su
    Susanne Hamilton Oct 29, 2013

    response to GoFullThrottle
    Susan Wachowich keeps getting caught up in lies. We obviously have met more then once, since we boarded at the same facility for four month and went to several events together !
    I have never done inernet business with SW, but to get my money returned for a dinner SW attended and for a product I provided for her was like pulling teeth.
    SW owes money in a barn she boarded previously and she owes money in the barn she currently boards her horse, so accusing Susan Jaccoma of not paying her bills is hypocritical !
    The name Susan Jaccoma is know to all who would watch the videos... any more media is useless to SJ, since non dressage riders won't watch the videos anyway. (in the words of non dressage people... "this is like watching grass grow")
    Also by SW's own post, you can see here that she stated that the work she did for SJ was volunteer only

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  • Cr
    crystalspringfarm Oct 29, 2013

    SW is once again caught in lies. She states that we only met once, when indeed we boarded at the same facility for four and a half month, and went to several events together.
    I have never done Internet business with SW, but getting my money back from a dinner event when she forgot her wallet, and from a product I sold her, was like pulling teeth.
    SW owes money to the barn she previously boarded, and she owes money in the barn she boards at this time. So accusing SJ of not paying her bills is highly hypocritical !
    SJ is known to anyone, who would be interested in watching the dressage videos. Any other media would be useless to SJ since non dressage riders would not be watching these videos (as stated by non dressage riders "this is like watching grass grow")
    Last but not least, in this link anyone can see that in SW's own words, the service she provided was volunteer.
    This post is not to be vindictive. It is merely to explain that SW is untruthful.

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    GoFullThrottle Nov 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sure Suzanne Hamilton and I boarded at the same facility, In completely separate stables. Which means we were no where near each other.

    I do not owe Suzanne Hamilton money, I can assure you of that, She makes a crappy product called Chin Eze for horses, and when i did owe her for trying the poor quality product she was hounding me for money, it was paid immediately, This has nothing to do with my business.

    The quality of my videos is her opinion, Both of my YouTube Channels have over 60 thousand views in 10 months. With or without Susan Jaccoma.

    I do not owe the money that Suzanne hamilton claims I do to the barns that I have boarded at. since she lives in the NE clearly is aware of this, I owe the previous stable two pairs of riding breeches that are being custom made and currently on order from a company that I have been doing successful social media for and working with for over a year now without any problems listed above.. The other stable is paid in full, I could easily go on here and say Suzanne Hamilton randomly owes people money too but that would be unprofessional since we have never done business together and it would not be my place to do so,

    It is interesting here that when I supposedly owe money I am a criminal and when Susan Jaccoma owes money she is a saint.

    As per the Ultimate Dressage post, I do not divulge the details of every contract I am working on. Is it the business of the dressage world that Susan Jaccoma was supposed to provide lessons in exchange for social media?

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  • Na
    nancy b. solomon Nov 08, 2013

    i have never contributed a complaint to any website before, and i am doing this now, to inform - and warn - others about the professional conduct of susan wachowich. i hired susan last fall (2012) to help me develop social media marketing strategies for a contemporary art project i was curating in atlanta, ga. susan wachowich and i met at the barn in florida where we both boarded our horses. i was interested in learning more about her social media marketing business, and so we met one day for lunch. she arrived with a computer and a sales pitch, and i was impressed by her knowledge and energy. just what i needed and wanted for the promotion of my small - but important - art project! after going back and forth with susan over her tiered proposal, i decided to take a leap of faith and hire her for the smallest fee amount possible because i wasn't sure i completely understood what she could do in such a short period of time. what ensued was basically NOTHING; i could not figure out what she was doing? i was led to believe that she would make big things happen, even with the small fee. susan talked up a storm, and i was a believer. so much so that i recommended her services to a colleague who was launching her arts website at 2012 Art Basel Miami. my colleague had a lot of problems with susan's work: grammatical and spelling errors on important (facebook) posts, and then having trouble contacting her to correct the posts; important deadlines were missed; and general attitude issues. my friend had allocated precious money and got nothing but headaches. i felt responsible. meanwhile, my project's facebook page just languished, and we were not reaching the groups of new people that i was hoping for. so what did i pay her for? the only thing that i know for sure is that susan ran a contest on my facebook page, and the winner was one of my artists! i was so busy producing my art event, i didn't have time to be angry; i had to keep moving. i wrote off the money as a business loss and moved on. my friend did the same. needless to say, it was not a good experience. i learned an important lesson: going forward, always check references before entering into a contract with a "professional." this brings me to the sue jaccoma incident referenced in above posts: i am not surprised that this is happening, but i feel badly that i didn't say anything about my experience sooner. thankfully, these websites exist.

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    GoFullThrottle Dec 04, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Nancy Solomon of Solomon Projects had a complete lack of understanding about what was happening with her social media which is apparent in her comments above. She gave me less than a month to work on the project. Making thing viral often takes longer than that, she claimed she had a large following which I was not allowed to leverage once the project started. I connected with several restaurants, hotels, and events pages in the Atlanta area. Unfortunately her event was not interesting enough to create a high level of engagement or interest in the general public. So the campaign strategy she asked and hired me to do was unsuccessful based on the fact that her concept, following and artist had very little following, interest or leverage to draw people to the event. She is solely on this board to support Susan Jaccoma who once again things she doesnt have to pay me for the work that I have done. Susan Jaccoma and her mob of people have attacked my business and client list and are making up a lot of lies to encourage people who, like Nancy Solomon are buying into the drama.

    Note: Solomon Projects has not done another event since the one noted above. Suggesting that her lack of success was not based on my skills but rather based on her lack of success as a business in general.

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