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I have never worked at a place with so much drama and issues with the females. This is very unprofessional. I feel like I am in high school with how much lies, drama, and attitudes there are.I am a employee there and a couple of females speak very rude to me there, snatch stuff out of my hands, and feel like its okay to speak to me like I am stupid. I exchanged words with Ayla letting her know its not okay to speak to me like I am stupid. Then had to pull the manager, browyn aside to tell her the situation. I worked with her from 12-3 and then 5-7. I had to leave early due to the issue and having my family member in the hospital. This isn't the first time I have had issues with her she speaks badly about me under her breath and makes comments. Then the new manager Maree told my manger Chris that I had just decided to take food and sit down with a friend while on shift. While the other manger on shift Avalon gave me permission to take a break and told me not to worry about clocking out due to it being quite busy. I am unsure as to why people act this way at a job but I feel as though that is very very unprofessional when I come in to work I leave my problems at the door and speak to people the way I wish to be spoken to.

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    I am a new employee and after two weeks I am already wanting to quit this job. Im not the only one who is over the drama and this work environment other people who have been here for the same length of time as me are already wanting to quit and are looking for other jobs. This goes to show you that no one wants to be here. I like my job but not the coworkers.


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    Everywhere Oct 21, 2019

    You are always going to work with people you don't like. Part of maturity is learning to get along with others or at least fake it. But if you are miserable, no point in staying. Just look for another job.

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