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I received a call from Blue Sky on Thursday evening requesting if I was interested in renting or selling my timeshare. I said I was and that I currently have it listed with another timeshare reseller. The lady indicated they could recover any monies paid to the reseller for listing my timeshare once they sell. I'm not sure how legit this company is and I cannot find any information on the internet. If anyone can offer any advice about this company, please advise.


  • Ja
    James24 Jul 31, 2009

    I have used them, and they did provide a good service accept they took longer than anticipated in the rental of my timeshare. I hope I am not just a lucky one and others will have the same success I had.

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  • Je
    jes212 Jul 31, 2009

    I am in the process of working with them. I was reffered by my sister, currently they have brought me three offers. I haven't accepted yet because I am looking for top dollar. I am pretty confident that I will get an offer shortly that I will like because the previous three were pretty close. My representitive has been in contact with me during this whole process. Good luck with anybody who chooses them I believe I made the right decision.

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  • La
    ladyinred Aug 03, 2009

    I sold 1 property with them and I'm currently working with them on another. My representative is Claire and she has been a joy to work with. No matter who they are I will always recommend them to this company. I tried selling through another company and was unsuccesful and it was difficult for them to even respond to me. When I signed up with this I felt like a fool for trying again. I am so glad that it has paid off and will not discuss any business about my timeshare with anyone else.

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  • Ha
    Happy Seller 2006 Aug 04, 2009

    Yes, I have done business with Sky Blue Solutions. I own several timeshare in Branson, one of which they helped and they helped me to sell. At first, I was extremely hesitant with the marketing fee. Once making the decision to market with Sky Blye, it took about four or five weeks before offers began to roll in, and about three months to actually sell. We were more than satisfied with the services sky blue was able to provide and would recommend this company to any timeshare owner!

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  • Eb
    E Barthalomew Aug 06, 2009

    Hi Guys...Sky Blue Solutions contacted me last week wanting to know if I was interested in renting my timeshares in Hawaii and Singer Island, Florida. i had been desperately seeking a good reputable company to put my property with. It was a blessing for them to have called me and answered my prayers! I put my property with them and 5 days later I started receiving offers. My representative was right it can work quickly for you and sometimes it might take a little bit before the offers begin to come in. there are corporations offering me on my properties already. I am flabbergasted! to say the least. I am going to hold out until I see how high my offers will go. I am very impressed and very, very pleased. You know it's not everyday that you can find a reputable company that does what they say and deliver on the money. I would advise anyone they contact to "DO IT TODAY" before the good goes bad.

    Very, Very Happy in Seattle Washington. E Barthalomew

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  • No
    Not just a hillbilly Aug 07, 2009

    Sky Blue Solutions called me yesterday as well. In checking them out I find that they have no business location or business phone in Orange City, Florida - only the toll free numbers on their website. I don't even know if they are in Orange City. Their supposed neighbors at the shopping mall at 2578 Enterprise Road told me that "Suite 216" was a mail drop at the UPS store there. I am going to wait to see if a real business develops.

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  • Ju
    junedrk Aug 11, 2009

    I have dealt with skyblue, they rented my murtle beach property twice, I was a bit sceptical about the upfront money but they did come through if you are going to use any company go with them. Also sky blue is in orange city fl on enterprise rd I have seen it, my sister lives in orange city.

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  • Mc
    mc2 Aug 12, 2009

    I just talked with someone at Sky Blue Solutions while I had the address up on Google Maps. There is no Sky Blue Solutions business listed. When I asked what businesses were nearby, he could not name one while I was looking at the "street view" of the address. I asked if they just used the UPS store for a po box and he would not reply. I am staying away!

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  • Ma
    M&J Aug 12, 2009

    They were suppose to email me their contract immediately - that was 4 hrs ago. I asked if they were with the better business and they said yes, nothing comes up with the better business bureau with their name. I will probably kick myself if it is true, but right not I am not touching them with a ten foot pole!

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  • Su
    SunCitian Aug 19, 2009

    I was contacted today concerning renting or selling my timeshare. Someone mentioned a marketing fee. How much is it, and is it paid up front?

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  • Sc
    Scotter99 Aug 21, 2009

    Great rule of thumb to think of: a. why and how do they contact your for your timeshare upfront, how did they get that info? b. are they upfront on their fees, process and managment, and contacts, escalation process etc. if they are "private about it" warning sign. c. Better business (BBB) if they are registered and you can find it, a plus. If not, I would question. Anyone who asks for money upfront should be red flag, a good firm would have an escrow or holding account with a third party. Hard to get your money back if things go wrong. D. how do you kow you are getting top dollar, best to alwas research others if you really want to sell or go back to the company that sold it to you to do that. Everything is negotiable.
    Bottom line, if it seems too good a deal, it is... do your homework, google them and ask questions or seller beware...
    As for these guys, hard to get info, hard to answer questions and I feel I am dealing with "cold sale marketing folks". They called me for a reason for my property, why, they didn't say. "red flag". But it's your money.

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  • Mm
    MM101113 Aug 29, 2009

    Hello, I was contacted by sky blue about selling my timeshare. I am very suspicious about the upfront fees and them telling what I never heard before from any other marketer, real estate agent or online advertisement - that they will get me all the money I spent on the time share.
    What are others experiences? Please comment. Are they for real? and will this happen within a couple months as they purport?
    thanks the feedback you could provide.
    MM - Roseburg Oregon

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  • Do
    Down Town Kathy Brown Aug 31, 2009

    I was also contacted by Sky Blue solutions about seven months ago. About six months ago I started reciving offers. About five months ago I closed on the unit. I understand not felling100% percent easy with the whole process, I fealt the same way. But I took a chance and the chance paid off for me greatly. Recently, my family went through some very hard times we had a death in the family, my husband became ill was let go from his job. I had honestly decicded to stop paying on my unit and letting the bank take it back. Because other bills were more important. But then I was contacted by this company. I took A chance which was not a very easy decision to make. But i did it. I understand all of you skeptics.. but there is not one person that has said anything bad that is an actual client of the company... I would be happy to speak with anyone who would like to say this company is not a good company. They did exactly what they said they were going to do!!! which rarely happens ... So anyone who would like to talk to me and hear how well they did respond back to this message with your email address and I will will email you my number

    Best Wishes,
    Down Town Kathy Brown

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  • Th
    the rich guy Aug 31, 2009

    I was contacted by sky blue solutions today by some guy that consisted me to give up hundreds of dollars for a service, I dont even know about. They sound like this marketing company that ripe me off before, Vacation Depot. I still haven't heard nothing from them about any offers that sounded so sure of getting and it's been going 7 months now. I would watch out, guys! I can smell a scam in the workings.

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  • Mo
    mommydearest Oct 19, 2009

    I got a call about 6 months ago in regards to several of my properties:Hawaii, Mexico, Utah and Orlando.I was extreamely scared to pay the fees they wanted!I recently became a single mother of four and didn't know if this was the right thing to do.I put my trust in a very nice young lady who was always willing to answer any questions I had in regards to my properties and how the sale was coming along.About 2 weeks ago I recieved my check and please believe when I say It was a BLESSING!I was so happy to see that I made the right decision for my family.In fact I am so pleased with the outcome I am now selling off 3 more of my properties.My advise to you is to take a chance I know it is hard cause there are so many people out there who are scaming people like me and you but Sky Blue is not one of those companies.I am so thankful to you guys!

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  • Cj
    cjpe Oct 29, 2009

    After being approached by Sky Blue Solutions (phone call) and travel exclusive LLC (postcard mailer) I did due diligence on the web. I am convinced they are both scams. Check them out and then run for your life. Think about it... what legitimate company can guarantee you 100% of your purchase price in just a few days for only $799. In just a few days you can have a check for $20, 000!!! Sound too good to be true? Then guess what? (you can finish the sentence) Even the positive comments about these companies are often employees setting you up. Some of the better web sites even edit their comments out because they are done to endorse web sites!!! Below is a good summary of time shares and the resale market that I came across (from someone who used to work in these scams). You WANT to believe them. You have a FINANCIAL interest to believe them. They sound SINCERE, FRIENDLY and HELPFUL. Never ever, ever, ever give out your credit card for services not yet performed.

    Currently American consumers own 1.5 million timeshares. Approximately 870, 000 of these are presently available for resale, with 845, 000 for sale far below the original purchase price. In truth, over the past 20 years, only 3 percent of owners who have wanted to sell their timeshares have been successful, and the vast majority of those have had to sell below their original purchase price. So, it is highly unlikely that a company can sell the timeshare at all, let alone for the original purchase price.

    There are some precautions to consider if you decide that you want to resell your timeshare and are approached by a resale company. (1) Do not agree to anything over the telephone. (2) Ask the salesperson to send you written materials to study. (3) Ask for company references of customers who have used their services. (4) Ask where the company is located and in what states it does business. (5) Ask if the company’s salespeople are licensed to sell real estate by the state where your timeshare is located, and check with the state licensing board to verify the information. (6) Be cautious of any company charging an advance “listing” fee for its service.

    A timeshare is not an investment product and is not intended as a way of making money. It is, though, a financial commitment to your leisure enjoyment. So, how much is leisure and preplanned vacation time worth to you? This is the question that must be asked before you decide to buy a timeshare.

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  • Al
    allin Nov 12, 2009

    I have been with the company for 75 days and they succsefully just sold 2 of my Orlando properties as well as my Branson property. I am very please with the way I was treated through out the whole process. I would definetly use them again but dont think i am going to be purchasing anymore timeshare. I am just happy I got rid of them.

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  • Ch
    Chuck Blackmer Dec 18, 2009

    After paying our fees we have not heard from them. Yes, it is a slow market BUT. Will the 90 day guarantee work? I don't like some of the comments above.

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  • Am
    amor22 Dec 23, 2009

    I used to work for sky blue solutions...which at one time they were vacation depot, as well as united marketing inc. Which both got cloesed down.I worked for them for 7months and they never once sold any propers.THEIR JUST A SCAM!! if i was you dont send any money to them cause you wont get anything in return. Yea they'll call you every week but trust me its all a lie what they tell you. PLEASE BEWARE OF THE SCAM ARTIST!!!

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  • De
    Debb G Dec 29, 2009

    My Husband and I came aboard with Sky Blue Solutions roughly 92 days ago to get our timeshare in Branson sold. Sky Blue was able to not only sell my timeshare but they assisted me through the whole process. Top of the line customer service and good turn over ratio. Thanks Sky Blue for getting rid of our nightmare. GO BLUE!!!

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  • Js
    J Simms Dec 29, 2009

    I would have to say that this marketing company Sky Blue Solutions is #1 in what they do. They are very informative and helpful through out the whole simple/easy process. They rented out my timeshare under the 90 day contract agreement. I believe it was 74 days to be exact. I was skeptical about the money up front but I ensure you that it was the best 798 i have ever spent.

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  • Ri
    Richard Howard Dec 30, 2009

    Sky Blue sold my Wyndham Vacation Property and my wife and I recieved all of the asking price. I am happy with the way the treated us and will refer them to friends. Thanks again Sky Blue employee's. God Bless

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  • Wi
    william sloss Dec 30, 2009

    not sure what to do> Skyblue solutions wants $1537 for multi. timeshares to sell. Where they also really called vacation depot & united marketing, inc.? I have been scamed before by comps. in fl. Will they put my money in escrow until sold? Please help Anyone check with BBB & auth gen & Dept of Agriculture of Fl.or chamber of commerce Bill Sloss please call me [protected] work

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  • Am
    amor22 Jan 04, 2010

    Yes they really use to be called Vacation Depot as well as United Marketing inc. Its really sad to see how they would beable to scam people out of money and not even care about the ones who cant afford it...Dont pay or give anything to this Scam of Sky Blue Solutions/Vacation Depot.

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  • Th
    ((--:--|The Insider|--:--)) Jan 08, 2010

    I agree with Charlie Brown... Anyone who pays upfront with NO GUARANTEE would be foolish. If you have paid money out to these people then you might never get it back. I would suggest to call your credit card company and report it. This man that owns the company is a big time scammer who is making millions a year off of consumers. And their reps are making almost just as much. So keep on with the "Go Blue" Bs, cause people like me know its not real. I think its so funny how all of their so called clients have all of this time on their hands to post on here. Do they work? lol I dont think that is the case. Only someone who is getting paid would post 5+ pages of rave reviews about a company. The are only 4 months old, they have barely even been in business for 90 days! It takes over a 2 months to get all of your licences for the business. So you do the math... unlicensed! Some raver please call my bluff.

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  • Th
    ((--:--|The Insider|--:--)) Jan 08, 2010

    I agree with armor22, the company sky blue solutions wasnt even in business when these people posted these comments!!! What scammers!!! You might as well just close down this business and start over again. And mabe next time you should be more smarter about covering up your nasty past. Like mabe dont intercept the same address with different businesses that do the same thing. Duh!!! Adam, mabe you need to invest your time into getting an education. You and your nephew and sister! Hey armor 22... How much were they paying you? like 25%+ of all of the money you get from people? Yep thats almost right. Its a good thing you left because these people will be getting shut down again. Yep these people are making tons off of you. Get it in writting what your recieveing and verify information. Dont be pressured! Do your bookwork, they teach you that in grade school. When you become a consumer that is when it comes in handy. There are many scams out there so beware and always check credentials. Call my Bluff!!! Adam... Rachel... and anyone else who is dumb enough to pay their employees to post these remarks (when you were not even incorporated with the state of fl).

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  • Th
    ((--:--|The Insider|--:--)) Jan 20, 2010

    Hey Will Sloss... I will call to see if I can do anything to help. I tried calling earlier but the lady said you were out of the office.

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  • Bi
    billyjean Jan 29, 2010

    someone got on here from skyblue and posted this crap its all a lie dont do it the feds need to raid them!!!

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  • Ts
    TsExchange Mar 12, 2010

    Allison from Sky Blue solutions callem me said they had a guarantee buyer / or renter for my time share. then they wanted to know whare and what time share it was. lolooloooo too much. they are a scam.

    the exchange companies are a rip off too although you indeed may get an exchange from them.

    In order to get around these exchange companies I am keeping my own Time Share Exchange database. It is not much yet but I jsut want to be able to rent or exchange my time share or rent someone elses FOR FREE and not paye the RCI or INTERNATIONAL exchange fee. So if you are interested in getting on this database to rent your, rent someoneelses, or exchange for FREE Emaile me at [email protected] and i will put you down. the purpose of this is to just people in touch with other people.

    please include the following: the resort and address, the unit number, the week number if a fixed week, if you are seeking to rent yours or rent someone elses, willing to exchange, contact name and email.

    That should do it, , ,

    Hope to hear from you thanks chris

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  • Ti
    timesharescomplants Jun 09, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    sky blue has been blowing us off for months... we actually bought into the "buyer in the wings" routine from them... they are probably the worst customer service and the worst scam ever... i have emailed, called, written, and (shock and awe) no response! take the 700$ they want up front and buy yourself something nice... at least that way you can enjoy it...

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  • Lp
    LPB1 Jul 31, 2010

    DON'T USE THIS COMPANY TO SELL YOUR TIMESHARE! We are trying to sell our timeshare in Orlando, FL and now can't even get a call or email back from our Sky Blue Solution agent. Unfortunately, we trusted that they were a trusted company and paid the fees but now know that it was a scam. No return calls or emails, the receptionist won't even provide a supervisor's name or contact information. We can't find any other contact information on the website except with what I suppose agent provided us.

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  • Do


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