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This "free to play game" is run by an owner who is clueless about running a text based game and then let staff sit and give out staff only confidential information to other players with no punishment except for the player when they call out the bull crap. :)
Brennivin continues to do the same thing and her cronies have references to he BS on their players tags xD And still only those who complain are punished. Cooruption and friendship free pass at its finest :)

Sinful Temptations
Sinful Temptations

  • Updated by Karen M Jarvis, Apr 15, 2019

    Update as I found a letter from the owner bragging how much more info than the legally allowed IP information they collect :D interesting twist dont you think?

    corrupt game...
Mar 23, 2019
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  • Je
      24th of Mar, 2019

    Then when you call them out yet again they pull you in as a multi for a pre approved by the Butler IP share so they were all fully aware two player were residing at the same address!!

    Its all horse crap to cover the fact that they are the buddy buddy and the original site .net was pulled down because a few players were too damn good and the "friends" of the owner couldnt compete so they pulled a we were screwed over con and then relaunched with a "fresh start"

    yet the reason given for fedding is bringing drama from other games when THEY are the ones doing it!!

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  • Ka
      15th of Apr, 2019

    @JessieJ Well said Jessie!! Totally and utterly [censored]ed up part is she cannot keep a coder either! Yet other site have the same coders for years!! Says plenty in my honest opinion. Either she doesnt pay her bills or shes a nightmare to work for, lol

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