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I just baught a yorkie pup from this woman less than a week ago.The breeder assured us that the puppy had all needed vaccinations and wormings. She also stated that she gives all vaccinations, docks tails and ears on her own and the pups are not vet checked because she had been doing this for 19 years. This made me slightly spectible. I noticed it had a cough on the way home. Being excited and thinking the new pup is probably nervouse I took him to his new home. He acted ok for a day or two, then off to the vet he was coughing, gagging ans had no energy at all. I took him to the vet, the gave him fluids, antibiotics, and put him on a special diet. We were back at the vet the next day, and the puppy had to stay there. He was so sick, the vet said it was a bacterial infection that he contracted at birth or shortly after that could've easily been treated, but was left untreated . I got the puppy when he was 10 weeks old, and there was nothing myself, the vets, or all the money in the world that could've saved him. This lady has an out rageous amount of dogs and puppies at her home. Most looked clean, but obviously looks can be deceiving. I've contacted her several times and she has not returned my responses about the whole 1 year health gaurantee. I can't even get a 1 week gaurentee. Please-please-please don't buy any puppies from this woman unless you are ready for heartbreak. I don't know if my family will ever recover from being so excited about a new member of our family just to loose him so soon. If she ever does make right about this I wil correct this complaint to state that at least she did the right thing, but I wouldn't hold my breath. If you take any advice from this at all it is please be careful about where you get your puppy from. Sometimes we go to places like this we save a couple bucks, but whats really in it for the long run? I'd rather spend a litle bit more and have a life long companion.

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  • Ve
    Vet4life Apr 09, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Witch hunt aimed at unhappy customers that don't understand what their vet told them, though I wonder if the first woman even went to the vet after the breeder offered to help her and the woman just said she was going to deal with it rather than produce a vet record. Sounds suspicious.

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  • Bs
    BSheids Nov 10, 2013

    JaspersMom- What you "should" have done was call the breeder and tell her this. That way those parents would not be bred again. How is she supposed to know if you don't call and let her know. They are not humans who have genetic testing. Things happen, just as human dogs can become sick. It is NOT always the breeders fault.

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  • Hm
    hmarks76 Oct 22, 2013

    I have to say that Jackie does not run a puppy mill!!! My parents have bought two dogs from her. I have been there both times and been to see all the dogs she has. We have had no problems with the dogs. The first one was 10 years old when she died and only weighed 5pounds. My mom has a toy/min poodle now who is 3 years old and he has his own personality and is very healthy. All I can say is all you who have bad comments on Jackie Are full of it and I'm sorry you had problems but I can say this any place you buy a dog from that dog can have problems too. Jackie I have to say you are a good person and you care very deeply for your dogs.

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  • Ja
    JaspersMom Sep 05, 2013

    Okay just an FYI, I purchased a toy poodle from Jackie almost three years ago. My pup was cheaper than the rest because he was a little bigger than his litter mates. Okay he is probably 3 times the size of the ones from his litter. Making him a miniature poodle- I don't care. He has a fantastic personality and a very loving loyal puppy. Which brings me to the problem. He is now 2 years and 5 months old. My puppy was just diagnosed as having EPILEPSY. Yep, do your research. It is hereditary. So now I have a puppy from Jackie Simon that is my best friend and I love him very much... to find he has a genetic disorder. Wow! So much for being able to prove her puppies bloodlines. Also when my daughter and I picked him up, Jackie insisted on walking us thru her barn where the dogs were kept. Um NO. We did not go. First of all her basement where she had the puppies for sale was dirty and very odor-rific. My daughter cried on the way home because of the puppies we couldn't purchase to take with us. Check out the definition of what a puppy miller is... and then tell me she isn't one.
    The way we look at it is; we don't suggest her puppies to anyone and we saved at least one dog from being re-bred over and over and blood lines crossed to cause many more genetic issues. Good luck with those who purchase puppies from a woman who is very bossy and not very considerate of her dogs. Having came from a family with dogs my whole life, raised poodles and boxers both; Jackie also talked to me like I was some ### who had never been out of the house. I don't understand. I made sure she knew I was capable of taking care of a dog. So I sat and listened to Jackie's rantings and ravings and complete stupidity complaining about the couple before us with my daughter looking at me like I was insane. All we wanted was to pay her the money and take home our puppy. I think she knew that there was a possibility for health issues with her puppy just by the way she talked and dismissed some questions that were asked. Think Twice!!! before purchasing a puppy from Jackie Simon of Simons Poodles. I would not give up my pup for the world but I would have thought twice before purchasing a puppy from her had I known epilepsy ran in the blood lines she has. It is a frightening experience for me and a totally terrifying experience for my little dog as well. Thank God for a great vet clinic and caring people there!
    Info. found on Pet MD
    Seizures (Epileptic) in Dogs
    Epilepsy, Idiopathic or Genetic, in Dogs
    Epilepsy is a brain disorder that causes the dog to have sudden, uncontrolled, recurring physical attacks, with or without loss of consciousness. This may sometimes occur for unknown reasons (idiopathic) or due to genetic abnormalities. However, idiopathic epilepsy is often characterized by structural brain lesions and is more likely seen in male dogs. If left untreated, the seizures may become more severe and frequent.

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  • Ve
    Vet4life Apr 09, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @JaspersMom I know this is an old post but I have to comment in case someone is currently reading this. Idiopathic means that there is no known cause (as provided in your own description). The way it is determined is if you look at the dog's history and see if anyone else has had the problem. If so, then it is likely genetic in origin. If not, then it is considered idiopathic. If the breeder told you there weren't any other in the line with epilepsy then why do you assume she is lying? To me that aligns with idiopathic causes. It sort of sounds like sour grapes bc you are upset that your dog had a lifetime disorder, and I don't blame you for that. But you shouldn't put this woman and her whole practice under fire over something they very well has no genetic cause. I'm sorry for the difficult diagnosis but luckily most dogs with epilepsy go on to leave wonderful normal full lives!

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  • Pe
    pegjk58 May 17, 2013

    I just want to say that I have two dogs (standard poodles) that I purchased from Jackie one in 2007 and the other in 2010. Both dogs are healthy, happy and everything I could have hoped for. I find it very odd that a puppy goes from having a "cough" to being dead in the space of a few days. Jackie was wonderful in helping me pick out exactly the right dogs for my household. Both dogs were healthy when I brought them home (and beautifully groomed!) and remain so to this day. I did not tour her facility when I went to pick up my first dog (yes I probably should have but I was too excited at the time!), but my puppy was very happy and healthy and that's what mattered to me. Here they are today:

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  • Sh
    ShayShay57 Feb 08, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I think the bigger problem here is the fact that she has so many dogs! Hello! Isn't that the definition of a PUPPY MILL! As consumers we have a responsibility not to buy from these people. They MIGHT not be being abused but there is no way she can give that many dogs the love, care and attention a pet needs. I found this lady's website on puppy find and I really love poodles but I will not be buying one from her or anyone with that many animals. This has helped me in my search

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  • Lu
    luvtigger1229 Mar 23, 2011

    I am very disappointed to read something like this. I too, bought a dog from Jackie in July 2010. I will say, she does have a lot of dogs, but ALL of them were in good shape when I was there. She had no problems taking myself, my husband and our children around her property to show us all of the dogs. It was in the summertime when we picked up our puppy and she DID have swimming pools for them to get cooled off in if they got warm. If Jackie did not care about her animals why would she spend so much money to feed them each Science Diet?! That is not a cheep food! She is not a neglectful breeder, I contacted Jackie several times before and after we brought our guy home and she responded to all of my phone calls and emails. The next time I get another dog I will most definitely buy him from Jackie. It is a shame that this happened but she sells a lot of dogs, it"s not uncommon for a couple of people to have somethiing negative to say. If you are looking for a dog, please don't be put off by what you read, there are a lot of good stories out there as well. Each of her dogs are named and were very happy to see her. Not one looked afraid or neglected. As for our puppy, he is alive and well. In fact, my mother just put a deposit on one of Jackie's dogs and as soon as I'm able I'm going to get another one from her. My dogs are not my "pets", they are a part of my family, I would never buy a dog from a breeder that I thought was neglectful.

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  • Mk
    mk6773 Nov 12, 2009

    What is the deal with this buyer, how could she be so neglectful to leave a tiny puppie unattended with small children that it could get out and be killed. Now a second puppie has died.
    If this puppie was truly sick from the breeder she needed to know, I would have called until I get in touch with someone. If I had not got any response from the breeder I would have taken legal action like small claims court. Thats what a contract is for.
    This whole thing doesn't sound right to me.

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  • Si
    Simonspoodles Oct 12, 2009

    First of all, I would like to say, what kind of complaint board is this that can not even contact the people involved so that people can hear both sides of the story?
    Jennifer failed to tell that she had just lost another Yorkie puppy that one of her young children left out and it got hit and killed. I believe that puppy was 14 weeks old. She also has 3 big dogs in her home along with her 3-4 small children. I tried to talk her into taking a bigger 5 month old Yorkie boy who would have been able to withstand the small kids and big dogs a little better. She contacted me by email after her puppy died. I responded as soon as I got her message, within hours. She also had my phone number which she could have contacted me immediately when something was "wrong". She never called. She does have a 1 year written health guarantee that I had signed. I simply told her to get me the statement from her vet as to what happened to this little guy and send it to me per the contract. The next email I recieved from her was that they would just "deal" with the loss. She did not try to contact me several times with no response. She did not contact me at all until her puppy was dead. I would strongly suggest to her to get a bigger breed of puppy in the household she runs..they would stand a better chance of surviving, all at the cost of yet another little Yorkie pups' life!

    Here is Jennifer's email..note the time at the bottom..
    Buyer Email Address: [email protected]
    I came to your place and baught this yorkie puppy and he has passed away. He started with a cough on the way home and progressivly got sicker and finally died at the vet $300 more later to try and save him. My children just went through loosing their dog, and now to loose another one so quickly is terrible. I just wanted to let you know because some of your other puppies might be sick.. Im begining to think I shouldve got scooter instead. I am very upset about loosing this dog so quickly after bringing him home, and unless there is something done to make this right I will report this, I am very sorry to do this because you seem to be a very nice person, but i dont want more families going through what we just did. Sincerly Jennifer A. Yoder [protected]

    Do not reply to this message as it will not be answered! Please use the email address above to contact the buyer directly. You received this message from a buyer who did not register on our site.
    Date Sent: 9/5/2009 8:03:24 PM

    Below is my email response to her was on 9-6...12:59 AM.. within 5 hours time!

    This is the first I know that anything is wrong. You have a copy with my signature on it of this health guarantee that follows this email. First of all, IF your pup was "coughing" on the way home, why did you not contact me immediately? He was fine when he left here. I would think if he stared coughing on the way home, he most likely would have been coughing here before he left and you would not have taken him? I know we tell everyone, if you have any problems or questions, call. My number is on the paperwork I gave you.
    Read over this contract I gave you. Send me proof of seeing your vet and what was wrong with this little guy. Along with dates on the papers from the vet. With his phone number.
    You mention I seem like a very nice person and I am. I have been raising my dogs since 1971 and I don't have the good reputation I have from doing people wrong. You say that this is the second dog now that you have just lost. I recall, the first one, a very young puppy if I am remembering right, was left out and got ran over and killed. Now, within a week, the next puppy you get dies also? I have questions as to what was wrong this time? If there would have been anything that we knew of wrong with this pup before you came here, he would not have gone home yet, or, we would have sent worm meds if needed if that were the case. Puppies don't usually just get a "cough" and then..die.. I have no idea how he was taken care of in your home after he left here.
    Again, read over your contract and send me what is needed.
    Have a good night,

    Guess you can be the judge of her complaint now? My health guarantee is on my
    As for the other person who commented? Our dogs have a heated building and blankets to snuggle up in, they are groomed, left out to play, have swimming pools in the summer time, and are taken care of. If that were not the case..why did you take a puppy? The puppies are in our home so we can socialize them for their new families. Duh.. a 4 lbs puppy should not have had any problems with hypo. Too bad we can't go with our pups so we can teach people how to care for them a little better.
    I certainly hope anyone who reads these "complaint boards" will know, there are always 2 sides to every story told..people will say what they want to say..too bad.

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  • Be
    belmere Sep 17, 2009

    First of all, I am so sorry to hear of your story. A nice family should not have to go through that. My heart goes out to you guys. We were almost in the same situation too.

    We had a similar experience. 5 days after bringing our puppy home we had to take him to the animal hospital; at this point he was lifeless. At first I was chalking it all off as stress from going to a new home. We were told that the puppy was flooded with parasites received in uterine by the mother and there was nothing we could have done. The puppy was only 4lbs so being so tiny it slipped into hypglycemia. Thank goodness the dog survived. Though we spent over $1500K for the emergency bill it is what we had to do. We just couldn't leave a dog to die. We have two young kids and we all went through an enormous amount of stress.

    Also, I agree she must have over 100 dogs there. The ones she kept on the inside were obviously the puppies she was pampering so she could sell them. I felt terrible seeing the other ones outside in the cold living in poor conditions. Isn't there a limit on how many dogs a breeder can own?

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