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Signature Homes - Las Vegas review: Unfair Business Practice

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In May of 2007 I responded to an ad on The Internet advertising new condos with garages starting at $99,000.00. I live in Florida and flew to Las Vegas for the preview only to find that there was one condo for $99,000.00 and that was going to be offered in a lottery for those people who put a deposit on one of their condos. I liked what I saw and did put a deposit for one of the least expensive condos, $171,000.00. Needless to say I didn't "win" the lottery but that isn't the issue. I should have known by their deceptive and misleading advertising that Signature Homes wasn't a company I should be doing business with.
In July I received the contract and a letter stating that my $2,000.00, that they were holding on to since May, with no interest, would now be used as my deposit for the condo. The letter stated that if I mailed the contract back within a week, which I did, Federal Express, I would receive a $250.00 gift card. They would execute, sign the contract and mail it back to me. They confirmed that they got the contract within the required time frame. I never received the gift card and they held on to the contract, now almost 4 months later, claim they never signed it and therefore it is not valid.
Two weeks ago I got a call from their representative Tamara stating that because sales weren't going well the builder was going to turn the development into an apartment complex. I would be getting my original $2,000.00 back, the $250.00 gift card and a $1000.00 as per my contract for their cancellation.
After many phone calls and e-mails to Signature Homes I finally spoke with Jennifer and was informed that I will not be receiving the $1000.00 as per my contract because they never signed the contract.
When Tamara initially called me and said that Desert Shadows was going to be rentals instead of condos she specifically said I will be receiving the $1000.00 as per the contract.
Signature Homes had my deposit since May and never once mentioned the possibility that Desert Shadows would be rentals. There were many e-mails, phone calls and I even flew to Las Vegas in Sept. to look at the property. In fact, Joy, the real estate agent handling my sale, said that because sales weren't going well they were considering lowering the price by $20,000.00.
I sent in my signed contract in July and now from what Jennifer told me they held on to the contract and never signed it.
This is a deceptive, shady and misleading business practice with intent to commit fraud.
There was a verbal commitment from Tamara stating I will be receiving the $1000.00 as per my contract. Signature Homes holding on to the contract for almost 4 months and not executing it in a timely manner doesn't relinquish them of their obligation to honor their letter, contract and verbal statement.
I did get my original $2,000.00 deposit back. I would like them to honor the contract and give me the $1,000.00 and the $250.00 gift card.