[Resolved] Shrinkabulls Bulldogs, Shrinkabull Bulldog, Shrink-A-Bull Bulldogsshrinkabull puppy, died overheating

S Jul 21, 2019

So my family & I bought a girl & boy from Shrinkbaulls. Both beautiful rare blue tri color english bulldog puppies from Shrinkabulls for $12, 000 both. We named our girl Molly. She was beyond beautiful, stunning! She was so funny. Her dad was Shrinkbaulls Earthquake. Sadly she died of over heating at 2 years old. We are still heartbroken. We feel it was because her airways were small. It was an 85 temp day but she was only outside alone for only a couple of hrs. She had a very flat face& big wrinkles which I feel added to her over heating so fast. Molly was the best we loved her more than anyone can ever understand. We miss her every day.
Our boy Dunkin also from Shrinkbaulls has been awesome! He is so funny. Even with all of his wrinkles he is a good breather. He has had interdigits in his toes a couple times but I know that is common so I have nothing to complain about him. Actually my vet raves about how beautiful & healthy Dunkin is. We are very carful not to leave him out in the heat. We miss Molly every day . Dunkin still looks for her. I'm not her if our breeder Shrinkabulls could have done anything better breeding Molly, or if it was just a simple hot day. Dunkin is doing great & so loved!

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    I just got my 3rd Bulldog from Shrinakbulls. I love him! He is amazing. I am very happy. All 3 of them have been the best!

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