Shaw'sunethical behaviour

H Jul 18, 2019

I went to your store (Deli/Meat department) around 9.10 am on 7/17/19.
The employee had his headphone so he couldn't hear me. I had to raise my voice, not really louder, saying "Hello" a few times and he finally heard me but seemed to be mad.
First, he stated his station wasn't open yet then he asked what I needed? I said that I'd like to purchase 2 pcs of "fish cake" which was $3.99/lbs. He gave me the different item which was $5.99/lbs. I told him I just wanted to have the fish cake only. Then he said the fish cake wasn't $3.99/lbs. I told him the price label was written $3.99 right there, very clearly. He disagreed, stating it would be more than $3.99/lbs
I'm disappointed that I wasted my time in your store. Instead, I'd better go to Trader Joe, Stop & Shop or Wholefoods. The staff was
very aggressive with his grouchy voice

Thanks for your time,

Hung P
77 Marion St
Brookline, MA 02446

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