Shaws Supermarketsservice

On 10/7/2019 at shaw's store#1429 . I was bagging my own groceries when I noticed the cashier was tossing my food . At first I seen her toss a package of meat, not upset until she started tossing boxes of crackers, cookies and bread . I asked her if she was having a bad and that I would appreciate her not throwing my food, that I was paying for . At that point another employee stated that the cashier wasn't throwing my food . I've shopped at this shaw s for many years and was surprised at the aggression that this employee showed . Maybe i should have chosen my words differently and said toss instead of throwing . I thought she should have apologized and just said she didn't realize she was tossing the groceries. I believe the young lady should be retrained . The experience from the other employee aggression was unwarranted, that I will no longer be shopping at shaw s. On the receipt the cashier name was Gina Miller . Please if anything I believe she should be retrained.
. Carolyn Smith

Oct 08, 2019

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