Shannon Hagler Better Homes & Garden Realtyrealty co.

G Oct 03, 2019

Taking money under false pretense.

Now I understand after three months of being treated in a manner, I have touched on a standard practice. knowing I would never get my commission-security deposits back. Holding on to this check so tightly tells me everything. Any responsible tenant would pay to the end of the lease and then wait and wait to get a deposit returned. Then playing Miss Hagler Better Homes & Garden Reality infamous phone games with no contact in site.

Giving two security deposits in the beginning of a lease agreement, with one deposit going to Shannon Hagler from Better Homes & Garden Realty (assuming property owner) two months prior of moving in. Then finding out she has nothing to do with this lease agreement and only to show in a check as paid to Better Homes & Garden Reality. By telling the tenant (Glenn White) just don't pay the last month's lease agreement to ease the pain. How many times has this been done by Brokers injecting themself as a third party broker, showing no paperwork on landlord-tenant lease agreements? Which is wrong in any context.

Cheryl Kern 401-741 -8987 from Lang Realty which instructed Glenn White (tenant) to make the first check out to Better Homes & Garden Reality. Prior to moving in, explaining to me how this check is broken up and passed around as being a commission check then having to turn this check into a security deposit. Three days before moving in Ivone godI (Landlord) handled the second process in this unit. I Glenn White (tenant) made out one check for $2000 with one months rent and one month security deposit. This is when I recognized the problem and started the process of getting back the first check from Shannon Haggler that was written out two months prior to Better Homes & Gardens Reality.

Cheryl Kern handled the lease agreement for Glenn White (tenant)and Ivone godoI (landlord). Shannon Hagler Better Homes & Garden Reality (holding one security deposit). Telling the tenant not to pay the last month rent in the lease agreement, with Ivone godoI (Landlord) having no knowledge of this action. I Glenn White (tenant) questioned Miss godoI (landlord) on this action and found her to have no knowledge of this procedure. Miss godoI wrote to me on her behalf, to tell me that her primary language was not english, and to contact Century Village for any repairs needed on this unit. Conclude Shannon Hangar took action in appropriating funds on Miss godoI's behalf for Better Homes & Garden Reality's Fund.
This procedure shows intent of taking money under false pretense, as this procedure can only accommodate Miss Shannon Hagler Better Homes & Garden Reality fund.

Tenants are forgetting NOT TO PAY the last months rent, after 12 months or after many years because they are responsible renters. Who's going to remember NOT TO PAY the last months rent knowing this is wrong in any circumstance? For Miss Hagler the old or forgetful this action would work in Miss Hagler's favor. Miss Hagler only having a deposit check from Glenn White, made out to Better Homes & Garden Reality using a responsible renter's she would be able to take advantage on this act. So Miss Hagler keeps the last month's payments showing only as a check payed out to Better Homes & Garden Reality with no connection to Century Village or Miss Hagler. Only that Cheryl Kern 401-741-8987 from Lang Realty ask me to write out this check to Better Homes & Garden Reality assuming this was the property owner.

The copy of the check belonging to Better Homes & Garden Realty and the Lang Realty paperwork has disappeared from Glenn White's (tenant) unit. So trying to start this investigation or continue by slowing down this process would help Miss Hagler's case. Contact Better Business Bureau (561-842-1918) case# [protected] for all information containing to this case. Also trying to contact Better Homes & Garden Reality with no contact in site, while the infamous phone games would also help Miss Hagler case, In shaking down seniors.

To live in this Village for nine years with ONE security deposit and not one late payment.
Then to go for an upgraded same size unit just cleaner with TWO security deposits. Which the tenant payed out to two different organizations at two different times, months apart each other. If all this money was on one check, in the appropriate manner, this would have never played out.
This was well played and well executed.

Glenn White ([protected]

I also made contact:
BBB Palm Beach Office
Federal Trade Commission
Consumer Services
Consumer action .org
BHGR Complaint Board (Better Homes & Garden)
Sherry Chris CEO Better Homes & Garden
FLA. Attorney General Ashley Moody
Department of Business & Professional Regulation (DBPR)

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