They offered a 99 cent trial and trick people into putting there credit cards in for this trial and then hope you forgot and they hit you the next month with a 100 charge..


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  • Ma
    mascotty Jul 15, 2012

    Hi, Sadly I have experienced the same and although I have tried to cancel this the first month, the cancellation box was just a blank, I had to go onto another PC and cancellation was completed on that one, I have now incurred charges as a result to this as I thought my 1 Euro was a one off payment, have I earned anything?? NO this is a ploy to get money from you and this is their success as you cannot stop these payments at your bank, I have spent 45 minutes this morning talking to my bank and they have advised me of the procedures I need to take, I will be following these and also contacting a legal advisor in Germany to contact this so called bargain money saving company... advice to anyone who looks onto this website, do not try it, you will get no help from them, I have emailed and tried to contact with me hitting my head against a brick wall, costing me in bank charges. any other feedback would be good to.

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  • Re
    reportscammers Oct 28, 2012

    we noticed Seo profiler when our web site was searched

    they deliberately gave us only 1 star.
    in order to "improve" this, we asked them to help us improve this rating
    they took the money and when we stopped, they never deleted the only one star ranking
    they bounce off all e mail, they want you to subscribe "free" even if one needs to communicate with them, so the whole thing is a scan

    if anyone knows where they are located, so we can make an official consumer complaint against their illegal business practices, this info will be appreciated

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  • Ma
    mascotty Oct 28, 2012

    Hi Reportscammers
    I didnt even get that far so well done for one star, I have an address for you although they did pay me 1 month back I am still waiting from a response from them from the letter of complaint I had sent them, sadly, from the uk you dont really have a leg to stand on as this company is in Germany and you would need to get hold of a german legal adviser, I am currently trying to locate one as I have not finished with these people yet, in the UK it is called 'Miss selling' Even though I still have not had a response yet the address I wrote to was:-
    Director André Voget
    Axandra GmbH
    Nordring 21
    D-56424 Staudt
    I hope you get somewhere as I will be taking them to court through a German solicitor from here who knows the laws over in Germany, he has already advised me there are quite a number of complaints received and happy to take my case

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  • Jo
    Johannes Selbach Axandra Dec 07, 2012


    Regarding the reviews above: SEOprofiler is a subscription product. The reviewers above received a trial month for $1.

    The trial month can be canceled at any time without shortening the trial period. It is not necessary to contact the SEOprofiler support to cancel. There is a cancellation link in the "Manage your account" section on SEOprofiler.

    Before the first real charge occurs, we send a reminder message (including cancellation instructions). In addition, everything is explained up-front during the order process, it is explained in the FAQ and in the terms and conditions.

    We're a reputable company and we're interested in long-term relationships with our customers. All charges are announced in advance and make sure that nothing comes a surpirse. The SEOprofiler membership can be canceled at any time.

    Regarding the start rating: the star rating on is not about the quality of the websites. It is about the influence of links from a website to other sites. For further information, see "". Even some of our own websites get a one star rating.

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  • Rr
    rrodica6 May 31, 2013

    I don't know about the scam, I use about 1 year, last year I was trying to learn SEO to can optimize my web page with them, I was not really familiarized with SEO so I canceled the monthly payment for $ 20, and they stop charging me, after couples of months I reopened their services, and they never charged me more then $ 20 every month, and in my opinion I don't see why they are SCAM ?? You have to learn to work with their product by yourself and I think I id some good job with their help

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  • Ap
    A Passion for Clean Feb 01, 2014

    I paid for this and it keeps telling my cookies aren't enabled and they ARE! Then its says my password is wrong and I just now set the password so I know damn well what my password is. Then I went and in to reset the password and it won't send me the email to reset this! I can't even f'ing CANCEL this because THERE IS NO WAY TO CONTACT THEM AND I CAN'T GET INTO THE SITE TO CANCEL IT!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!

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  • Ma
    mascotty Feb 09, 2014

    Although I have received 1 month money back, they still owe me 3 months, I will never see this again and have sadly written this off, it has cost me more than £6 to send them a recorded letter as I cannot email or call them, it is certainly a company that I will never recommend to anyone now, its nearly two years now since my complaint and they have not had the audacity to write back or apologise to me for inconveniences caused to me or offer any compensation or even a gesture of goodwill. I would strongly suggest, stay well clear of this company, I am still waiting since 2012

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  • Sj
    Sjanne de Haan May 03, 2017

    I only wanted to try their keyword tool and now without knowing (email was in my spam inbox), I lost 120 euros. This is a terrible way of getting money. I will not rest until I got my money back.

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