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This contractor is a FRAUD. He knows absolutely NOTHING about repairs or building construction. He takes your money at an inflated price, then hires other contractors to do everything for him. He carries "Dummy" how to build books in his truck. A friend wanted to hire him to do one of their finish-outs in Austin and had the same trouble. After some research we found he has run under other company names such as PFC Construction, Scott Eastty Construction, and Pine Forest Construction. After getting some huge contracts for big construction projects in the Austin area (including Small businesses, Movie Theaters, Parking lots and Walmart's) He filed bankruptcy - taking the money he was paid for the contracts and running. He is a FRAUD. Don't do business with this man.


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    Samw6730 Jul 16, 2012

    I also had trouble with this man. Paid him for half of our construction project and he never produced. He talks a great story but it is all lies. He made several new companies and then began a Blog about his house burning down and rebuilding it himself. My brother works for the fire dept as an investigator and he claims he burned it down himself a week after his divorce from his first wife for the insurance claim. It is a well known fact in and around Bastrop that he is a snake and liar. Don't do business with him. I never got my money back and he never even started my build. He claimed the material he bought was stolen along with his equipment. ???? Who knows? He ran off with my money and I'm still fighting to get it back.

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    scotteastty May 02, 2017

    My name is Scott Eastty, and i am a general contractor in the Bastrop Texas area. My daughter found this complaint about me and brought it to my attention even though it is nearly 5 years old I feel it needs to be addressed. Yes I did have Pine Forest Construction (PFC for short) that I shut down when the construction market crashed in 2007. I did file for bankruptcy, but it was personal and did not affect the one client I had a project going for at the time. I did set up that client with my subcontractors and made sure that project was completed. My house did burn down just after I got it back from my ex-wife. It was not arson, but was determined to be wiring fault (after my ex stripped the house bare I missed something that was messed with). I was in a panic for a few days because I didn't even know if I had insurance as my ex was $10k behind in the mortgage. I didn't even know who or what insurance company I was with, if at all. I do have some manuals and some code books that I keep in my truck because I do not know everything, and if a client has a specific question on a code I can show them in black and white. I do not have a "contracting for dummies" book, but I might look for one. We can all learn something new from others. I still have the same phone number listed above but my website has changed. came available and I grabbed that up. If I was such a liar and snake oil salesman I would have changed that number a dozen times, but I still have the same number I have had for over 10 years. And I answer all calls (or try to, leave a message if I miss you). I am pretty sure this complaint and the comment were written by my ex-wife as this was at the same time I was attempting to gain full custody of my son. Both the original commentor and the reply are from no name accounts started the day of the comment and nothing since. I am not afraid to put my name on any post online. Call me or email if you have any specific questions. And to commentor still fighting to get back the money he/she says I stole, please call me and we will work out whatever grievance you have.

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