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Schulenburg Attorneys in Centurion

Schulenburg Attorneys in Centurion review: Pathetic service, demands and threats

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4:14 am EST
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Called the attorneys today, spoke to 2 extremely rude ladies who does not even give a person a chance to talk or explain or even question anything. This amount must be paid today or else... like really? So in these COVID times, attorneys misuse the system to make demands on customer's falling short of a Doctor's bill mind you and threatening them yet the correct process was not followed? How then is it a person's fault that an email was sent to the attorneys and they did not respond? How is it then that you only contact a customer, sorry not customers to the attorneys but debtors as I was told, once and then list them on the credit bureau and demand more than double the amount that was originally owed for services the attorney did not even render? X amount of calls, but you only received 1, sms but you received none, emails, but you only received 1 and that was at your own request... I need urgent assistance to get this matter sorted out ASAP and for the rude Ladies to be reprimanded as they have no manners or patience whatsoever. People like that should not be working in places like these.

Desired outcome: An apology and for the matter to be sorted out ASAP and for the default to be removed immediately from the Bureau. Only Doctors fee to be paid not attorney charges

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