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I cooperated with a very lengthy phone survey with Scarborough Research. I specifically requested that the company NOT send me a follow-up paper survey, and declined to give my name and address when asked. I stated that I wanted to protect my privacy and also not do another survey. The result: a few days later, the paper survey arrived in the mail.

This company does not respect privacy.


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      Mar 15, 2013

    exactly what happened to me. I was nice enough to take their very lengthy survey, they asked could they send me a short follow up survey and they already had my address so I said yes. They sent me $2.00 for my time with a 7 day TV viewing diary. I am not spending 7 days, writing down all the shows I watch for $2.00 They have called me up to 5 times a week since. Tonight they called after 9p.m. When I told the girl the time, she said they are not telemarketers so they are not bound by the 9 p.m. laws. Okay smart lady, then never call me again. I try to help with telephone surveys but a company like Scarborough would turn anyone off from survey takers. They are getting paid by companies to get this info yet they send me $2.00 to take up 7 days of my time. what a laugh. they claim to be under the Nielsen family umbrella, but I doubt it, as Nielsen is nothing like Scarborough.. AVOID Scarborough from the star, wish I had of

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  •   Dec 21, 2013

    That's what the b****** did to me but I went off on them and told them if the contact me again im gonna sue for harassment. Them ###s lied and try to say they sent me $10 for the 7day survey but didn't, since I cuss their ### out and sad I will sue.Now their change their story what a ###ting ### company avoid those clowns.DON'T TAKE THEIR SURVEYS CROOKS AT THEIR BEST.

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