SCAM - Protocal Training - protocaltraining - ProtocalTR - Chris JaitehHe gave me FAKE certificates and NO JOB


Hi guys CHRIS JAITEH is a scam artist, he has 2 companies in his name:

jcmr . co . uk - JCM Resourcing- Marketing and Recruitment Company - JCM Resourcing - [protected] or [protected]
protocaltraining . com - Protocal Training - [protected] or [protected]

I have uploaded a picture of his FAKE certificate for everyone to see - you will find the certificate can not be varied on his site has he has stated (there is no section to do this). It also states that the director is Bryan Rigland, but the owner of this fraudulent company is actually Chris Jaiteh. The company does not even exist any more if you check on the companies house site you will not find it. He has also not provided you with any company registration number

only a couple of days ago you would have seen about 5 or 6 different accreditations on his site, but after being reported to a number of people he has had to remove them.

You will notice the number on both sites are the same but neither of them have a full address. He is scamming people with fake training and no jobs. Before you consider getting a CRB from him please contact CRB and ask them can anyone reassure me that i will have it back in 5 days as he claims he can.

He can actually be found in Waterfront Studios, Docklands, E16 1AH. He works in one of the units that starts with F, i think if i correct it is F59 but if you ask reception for Chris Jaiteh they will point you in the right direction. Dont let this man get away with this crap no more. Report him to trading standards as they are already investigating him the contact details are below:

This man will burn in hell one day

He gave me FAKE certificates and NO JOB


  • guys please have a look at how this guy Chris (Amadou) Jaiteh only registered Protocal TR or Protocal Training on 15th August 2012 after he had already been providing his fake certificates to a number of people.

    he is actually based at Waterfront Studios, F59, 1 Dock Road, E16 2AA

    or his home address that he got his companies registered to is PROTOCAL TR LIMITED
    IG11 9XE

    Dont get scammed by this man he call's himself Alan now days and im sure he will change that name after seeing this, but easy way to tell if its him is, if he sounds African its him.

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  • Bl
    bluemarine Sep 19, 2012

    This is true text and deserve all attention. The certificates they issue are SCAM! They sent me one for Manual Handling Training and for First aid Training which are only recycling papers! Few days after I received one more copy of same certificate which prove enough that is just sheet of paper without approval and any value. Hi charge for sheet of paper £190! Good earning for him! The guy who is stated above as Chris Jaiteh is owner of company who issue SCAM CERTIFICATES! SO GUYS BE CAREFUL!!! And do not forget to report him so he DOES NOT GET AWAY WITH WHAT IS HE DOING!!!

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  • He
    hellooa Jul 17, 2013

    I am abit confused, I went to downloaded a course info pack and I see all over it. the site is extremely similar and the contact numbers are the same. Seems very odd!!!

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  • Hc
    HCA Professionals SCAM Sep 12, 2013

    these people are a scam they are now called - ProtocalTR or HCA Professionals - be careful they are the same people and company. and are a SCAM

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