Satnam Sidhu RE/MAX Crest Realtyrealtor beware of scammer

Satnam Sidhu is a real estate agent with RE/MAX Crest Realty in North Vancouver, BC
Canada V7N 4M2

This man is a liar, a thief and a scammer.

DO NOT trust your real estate services with Satnam Sidhu RE/MAX Crest Realty of

He has cheated a lot of people out of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We were recommended to this man through a friend, and he misrepresented the sale and purchase of our home.

When we finally moved in after spending our life savings, we noticed there were a lot of things wrong with the home.

First and foremost he did not tell us it was grow op and after due diligence we found out he was well aware of the grow op and intentionally failed to disclose this information.

When we confronted this man he blatantly denied it saying read your contract it says errors and omissions not his fault and he did not know about it.

That was a funny story, because we later found out that this clown was the owners cousin, and going to court was not an option for us because myself and my husband are seniors and limited with mobility, and of course lawyers cost too much.

We wrote to some consumer complaints associations and he said he does not know us and has never done business with us.

What a liar, This man is the man that we dealt with and he is the one that scammed us.

Well, lesson learned, a big lesson of course.

Don't trust Satnam Sidhu of
Satnam Sidhu RE/MAX Crest Realty,
101-2609 Westview Drive, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4M2

Satnam Sidhu RE/MAX Crest Realty

Oct 06, 2019

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