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I did NOT enjoy spending my time or money for my "photoshoot" with Sarah Cabrera-Hernandez. She claims that she has been doing makeup and photos for "years" and that she is "self-taught" but after my actual experience with her, I see that she has a lot of learning to do. She piled on heavy layers of makeup on my face (WHICH LATER CAUSED ME TO BREAK OUT INTO A RASH) and when I got home, my husband was really upset and disappointed becuase my face looked like it was MELTING off. During the shoot, she would pose me like she has many of the other, MUCH THINNER, clients in various uncomfortable and "whore-like" poses claiming each time that they were going to be "great". It was obvious to me that she does not know what she is doing and even worse, she is claiming to be both a photographer and a makeup artist who can "make anyone beautiful" when instead she should advertise that she can ONLY make anyone look like a WHORE. You can also tell that she does not edit all of her clients the same, and is selective about who she actually wants to do a good job for. But my biggest complaint is that she did not take the time to actually consider what I wanted and CONSULT me, her client. Her "studio" is actually a revamped attic and the girl who did my hair even complained about her work. Sarah does what SHE wants and the CLIENT has to pay for her "vision".





  • Ra
    RachelShweiky Mar 24, 2010

    My eighteen year old daughter had her make up and pictures done with Sarah and she certainly did NOT make her look like a whore. Sarah has great talent and vision. Of course, everybody will have different opinions but mine is definately a positive one on Sarah's work.
    Team Sarah!!!

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  • Pi
    Pin up model Mar 24, 2010

    I am a pin up model & have worked with Sarah. She is amazing at what she does & KNOWS what she is doing! She made me feel very comfortable which made my experience with her a great one! My photo's came out extremely well & would love to work with her again. I have NO COMPLAINTS at all. She did my make up very classy & was just an all around joy to be around! TEAM SARAHHHHHH!!! :)

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  • Sc
    SCH Makeup Artist Mar 24, 2010

    It's unfortuante that I'm able to defend myself appropriately to this supposed former client, so I'll just respond on this site.

    I have in fact been a freelance makeup artist for the past 13 years, meaning I work for myself. And I've recently shifted my efforts to photography which I've been doing for nearly 3 years now. I am seft taught in both and I don't attempt to hide this from anyone. This means that I have not had formal training or schooling for either. I make this clear to all and if they still wish to work with me, great!

    I you have ever booked an appointment with me you know that I may not schedule and actual appointment/consultation with you to discuss the details of your shoot, which I don't mind doing if you feel the need. But I do ask several questions prior to our appointment and at the beginning of our appointment to assess what we will be doing. The questions are something along the lines of "what are these pictures for? Who are they for? What style were you going for? Did you want a more natural look or more dramatic? Did you want to shoot in the studio (or revamped attic) or on loction?"

    As consumers, we base what we choose to spend our money on by what we see and/or what we've read about the product. If you have made an appointment with me, you've obviously seen my work. I don't see how it's necessary to use the word "whore" repeatedly. All you're doing is offending countless people who have booked with me in the past and were very happy with their photos.

    If there are any photographs in my portfolio that are with lingerie or implied nudity, it's because my client asked for that particular look. I can do many different styles of photography, but the boudior style seems to be be what I'm best know for. I put 100% effort into every set of photographs, but the results will vary obviosly because we all look different. I also explain in the information that I send in a reply to all inquiries, that the type of makeup application required for capturing photographs will be HEAVY. It's not meant to wear everyday and isn't meant to last for hours. I can assure you that I sanitize all of my brushes and tools after EVERY application.

    I never use anyone's images unless they have in fact given me written and/or verbal consent. I used to, but no longer save anyones images, once you recieve your disc, I delete them from my computer. If you don't want them on the internet, I will not use them.

    If this unknown former client was so unsatisfied with my performance and service, all they needed to do was express this to me and I would've been more than happy to give them a refund.

    I welcome anyone that questions my versatility to go to to check out some more of my work. Thank you.

    Sarah Cabrera-Hernandez

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  • Sc
    SCH Makeup Artist Mar 24, 2010

    Sorry! Lots of typos...I know some of you are sticklers ;)

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  • Ea
    Easy 2 be beautiful Mar 24, 2010

    So sorry she could not make you beautiful and thin but maybe Jenny Craig can!

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  • Me
    megduff Mar 24, 2010

    Sarah is AMAZING! She did my daughter's pics totally tasteful. She is 13 and I thought it would be a fun birthday present and experience.Nothing even remotely "whorish". I asked for tasteful photos and I got a gorgeous picture of my daughter, just like I asked. Sarah's makeup is flawless. I heart Sarah!

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  • Si
    silverrose1119 Mar 24, 2010

    Sarah is by far one of the most down to earth people I have ever met, her photography and makeup are amazing, I went to have photos done by her to have a confidence boost and boy did it work. Sarah made me feel better about myself and the way I look my photos came out amazing and VERY CLASSY! and I plan on going back to her again.. nothing I have seen makes any of her clients look like whores.. she does everything tastefully and to the comfort of what her clients are comfortable with!! She also asked for my permission to use my photo on her site.. I would recommend Sarah to anyone one of my friends NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

    Sarah you are amazing keep up your fantastic work!

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  • Gi
    g.i.s. Mar 24, 2010

    I have also worked with Sarah in the past and absolutely loved the photos! I'm also a business owner who understands that there will always be that client that will never be satisfied with anything, no matter how much effort is put into the service. I've seen Sarah's online portfolio (many times) and in no way would consider any of the models to look like "whores". Her clients are shot in the same location because THAT IS HER STUDIO. When you book with a certain photographer it's usually because you like THEIR vision and THEIR work. Some people have a natural talent and a good eye for the arts and because she is not formally trained does not mean that she isn't a good photographer. I don't think the negative review will have any effect on her business or success and in fact, think it's just a bunch of catty jabs for no reason other than someone is extemely bored!

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  • Yo
    Your20'sGirl Mar 24, 2010

    Sarah is AMAZING...

    She has always been honest about who she is, what she does and where she works. She is a self-made business woman! I think her "revamped attic" is an awesome Studio located on the second floor of a Salon and in the heart of Napa.
    I have personally shot with Sarah 5 times and I work in an industry where I often refer her to my clients. These clients have been all shapes and sizes, and have all felt beautiful and condifent after their photo shoots. Her work speaks for itself.
    It sounds like the person who made this complaint has way bigger issues than a makeover and photo shoot by Sarah could ever fix.
    My advice to this complainer is to stop punishing Sarah for the way they look and comes within. If you don't have that- then you don't have a foundation for someone like Sarah to work with.

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  • Ap
    APR Mar 24, 2010

    I personally have not been to Ms. Sarahs studio, but I am definitely going to book an appointment with her. She makes her models look beautiful and not look like "whores". I think her work is very nice and unique. Like I said I have never had the expirience to meet her but I love her work!!!

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  • Cw
    cws Mar 24, 2010

    Wow...The only thing this review did for me, was made me realize how insecure this reviewer is. Using words like "whore" and "much thinner models". If you didn't like your photos, why not speak to the photographer and get your money back? or re-shoot? Also, didn't the reviewer realize that make-up for photo shoots are different than make-up you wear everyday? If your husband was so upset, why not take the make-up off so that he wouldn't be so "upset" anymore?

    Anyway, this seems like more of a personal attack on the photographer and less of a constructive review since it seems that the reviewer didn't even contact the photographer to work something out. Looks like the reviewer went out of their way to try to damage Sarah's reputation, rather than place a complaint.

    Too bad you had to use this public spot, in a really unproductive and attacking way, to try and ruin someone's reputation.

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  • Jg
    Jgirly42 Mar 24, 2010

    I have worked with Sarah and definitely plan on working with her in the future. As soon as you contact her, she will e-mail you all the information you need and she will also ask you additional questions regarding your ideas, needs, etc for your shoot. She is VERY friendly so if you have any questions, feel free to ask her and she will respond very promptly. The photo shoot itself is a very wonderful experience (that is why I am going back to her again). She really makes you feel comfortable and confident in a way that will bring out the model in you, but most importantly she'll make you look and feel gorgeous inside and out. The pictures she edits for the disc turn out AMAZING. There's no words to describe looking at pictures of yourself that looks like they came out of a magazine or something. Bottom line: Sarah has a unique style and she is very passionate about what she does. Client satisfaction guaranteed :)

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  • Mi
    MissShanksALot Mar 24, 2010

    This is the most ludicrous nonsense I have ever read.

    First of all, you're an adult. If you had a problem with her work, or how she did it, you should have taken it up with her first. Not acting like a juvenile and slandering her on the internet. You should have been mature enough to speak with her directly. You have no respect, or class for that matter (You can put lipstick on a pig and it's still a pig). You're a coward.

    If you did not like how she applied the makeup, you should have said something. If you werent comfortable with the poses you should have told her. She can't read minds, so speak up.

    The "Girl" (and that is exactly what she is) is highly unprofessional, and should be thankful for the opportunity to have work considering she's still pretty green. You can pay for school, but you can't buy class. Obviously paying more for schooling didn't help much, not enough knowledge, or business etiquette. Beware the green eyed monster.

    Another thing, it's sad to see that your vocabulary is very limited. Don't overuse the word whore. It makes you sound ignorant. Next time you feel you need to rant, go look in a mirror, and look who you're pointing the finger at. Get over yourself, you child.

    Sarah Cabrera-Hernandez is very talented, and highly professional. She has done my makeup and she will continue to do so. I also will be getting photos done, I have seen nothing like her work, it is exquisite, and breathe taking. I would trust no one else other than Sarah Cabrera-Hernandez!!! She may be self taught but she has natural talent. Just because someone pays for schooling or lessons doesn't mean they have the eye for it.

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  • La
    Laicee dellagana Mar 24, 2010

    Sarah is the only one who i trust putting make up on my face. She is EXTREMELY expierenced and she %100 knows what she is doing. She does not make anyone do any poses. She suggests how to tilt your head or where to rest your hand but she doesn't make anyone do any whore pictures. The girls that want more of an adult images get exactly what they want. You don't have to take those type of pictures. You can do ANY pose you may wish. Sarah is so friendly and nice and expierenced I can't believe someone would complain about her. She has worked hard for years and I know this for a fact because she wouldn't be able to just throw make ip on like it's nothing. She has a very kind heart and she would never make anyone look like a whore. Sarah is my inspiration and I've had 2 photoshoot done by her and I plan on having MANY more. She has made me want to pursue my career in photography and the make up industry. Thanks Sarah!

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  • Kl
    K.L. Mar 24, 2010

    SERIOUSLY! You must be crazy! Sara worked with my child and they were amazing! If you wanted a fully clothed nun shoot all you would of had to do was tell her! And confidence is the key for these kind of shoots apparently you don't have much so therefore you shouldn't have done these pictures! i have seen lingerie implied, wedding, and mother to be pictures and they are two totally different kinds of pictures, its called DIVERSITY, she shoots what you want. If you want to look like what you call a "whore" then she can make it happen, if you want to look like a HOT piece of ### for your husband/boyfriend/significant other she can make it happen, if you want to look like a glowing mother to be she can make that happen, if you want her to take the best creative photos ever of your children she can make that happen and so on and so on! Your husband was probably just angry because you came home looking so hot that he wanted to keep the 'whore" look on you but yet it was melting off in front of him.

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  • Cu
    cutebugg22 Mar 24, 2010


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  • Cu
    cutebugg22 Mar 24, 2010

    I like the work she does with other models, but I was very dissapointed with my pictures.They were a special gift for my hubby, but she wasn't very pleased. It seemed as if she was over booked and didn't spend the time needed to on my pictures, They were over airbrushed and edited and at the end It didn't even look like me. I'm not a bad looking gal and all that make up and editing wasn't necessary. I wasn't able to see a preview or choose any poses, it wasn't worth the money I paid to have and emailed pictures.

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  • Ka
    kadagirl Mar 24, 2010

    I have known Sarah for a long time, and I can definately say that TALENT she has, both in her make-up application and her photography! She has a passion for what she does and she brings that enthusiasm, passion, and professionalism to her clients. I have had Sarah apply my make-up and never once did I feel that she was using her own vision. She gave me the look that I asked for, and I did not look like a whore. In fact I had many people complimenting my face and make-up! I would recommend Sarah to anyone. I felt very beautiful and I am proud to show off her work anytime!

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  • Cu
    cutebugg22 Mar 24, 2010

    OmG! Saraj is great she did my Guy friends picture "the only man on her site" and it was AMAZING!!! Sara you are great this lady needs a hug.
    TEAM SARA!!!

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  • Be
    Benzoo Mar 24, 2010

    I have worked with Sarah on many photo shoots. She is an amazingly professional person, and I learn something new every time I work with her. It is unfortunate that one bad experience had to be made public. I suggest in future if you are unsatisfied as a client you should be more tactful in your approach. The word "whore" in every other sentence makes you look childish and ghetto. Sarah... You are an amazing talent, and I hope that the huge outpouring you have received shows you that...

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  • Br
    brooksie211 Mar 25, 2010

    Wow, it's too bad that this person didn't contact Sarah to settle this first. I'm sure she would have been more than happy to give this person a refund or do another shoot.

    Why do people feel the need to bash someone online without giving them the opportunity to make it right? Next time grow a pair and talk to the business owner about what you're unhappy with prior to going out and trying to ruin their business.

    Sarah's pictures are beautiful and part of what you're paying for is her vision and creativity. I'll bet 99% of people are extremely pleased with the end result.

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  • Li
    LifeIsBetterBlonde Mar 25, 2010

    I have worked with Sarah three times and was blown away all three times. I had one shoot done long before everyone else had theirs down (like almost 2 years ago) and thought it was great then but she has only gotten even better!

    If you are doing a shoot and you don't feel comfortable with something or you don't like something- SPEAK UP! Your a paying customer and she is doing this for YOU! If you were getting a massage and the therapist was beating the holy hell out of you, and you didn't speak up but then was ridiculously sore after you really only have yourself to blame!

    As to the "not licensed" and all that- if you are truly worried about that then doesn't that seem like something you should address BEFORE the shoot? No one put a gun to your head and forced you to use Sarah for the pictures for your man.

    And if he was "disappointed" in how you looked and all that it sounds like your husband needs to loosen up- obviously he is a little controlling and emotionally abusive in telling you what he did. When doing photos (or even being an actor on screen or in a play on stage) you HAVE to apply the make up heavier than in real life because otherwise it will not show up on camera.

    Sarah also did my make up for weddings and it was no where near as heavy as when I did my photos because real life is different than film!

    The fact that you are the only unsatisfied customer must say something because every other person that had photos done with her loves them! Maybe "modeling" and having your picture taken isn't for you! It sounds like your your husband knows what he's doing- why don't you have him do them next time??

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  • Li
    LifeIsBetterBlonde Mar 25, 2010

    Also- just for the record- I've done a few shoots and not only am i not a whore, I don't look like one either...

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  • Cr
    Crazy DiDi Mar 25, 2010

    I really think THIS IS A PERSONAL ATTACK IN DISGUISE OF A PROFESSIONAL ISSUE. I have worked with Sarah and so have a few of my friends... she does awesome work. She's down-to-earth, very professional, and open to feedback. If this person had an issue, she should have told Sarah during the make-up application process or photo shoot. I'm positive Sarah would have made some adjustments to make the client happy. She isn't a mind reader and can't possibly know someone is unhappy unless they tell her duirng the process, so she can fix it. She made adjustments on my make-up to suit what I was looking for and it turned out wonderful. Sarah is extremely approachable and this person didn't have any guts to open their mouth and let Sarah know their preferences and what Sarah could do to help make their experience better. Anyone that has worked with Sarah knows that she welcomes their opinion and will go the length to make her customers happy. Sarah is extremely talented and I disagree with anyone that says she isn't. I had a consultation with her at ther place of business (which was perfectly fine!) and later she came to my house to do my make-up for my wedding. She also did a few other girls' make-up. In no way did anyone look like a "whore" and everyone voiced how pleased they were with the make-up. One of the girls asked to have an adjustment after the make-up was done and Sarah fixed it to her liking. Her work is amazing!!!

    Shame on this person for trying to attack Sarah and being gutless enough to remain anonymous! Learn how to address your personal issues like an adult and stay off the internet.

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  • Mi
    MizzRachel333 Mar 25, 2010

    I am so blown away that anyone has anything bad to say about the experience with Sarah!!! She is the best in the business and I have seen tons of photographers and different shots...she stands out not only because of her talent and excecution, but because she is a joy to work with!!! I have booked with her twice and loved every second and every result!!! I will continue to book and she is absolutely amazing and I recomend her to everybody!! Whoever decided to complain about her services obviously hasnt looked at her work because first of all NONE of those girls look like a "whore" and it's up to the client if they'd like to do a shot like that! She is the only photographer I felt comfortable enought to sho that in front of and knew I would totally be taken care of!!! She's wonderful!!!


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  • Dk
    dkk Mar 25, 2010

    i like her pictures and i think she is talented, however i do think she spends more time on certain people that she's personally friends with. the editing always looks better on certain clients.

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  • Lo
    Love Sarah C's work! Mar 25, 2010

    I have not personally worked with Sarah YET. I plan to book a shoot for my husband and myself this summer. I have personally met Sarah and can speak for her integrity and professionalism as well as her fun loving nature. In all of the photos that I have seen of women of all sizes, every model has been portrayed in a tasteful and classy way. I am a HUGE fan of her work and I believe that it is extraordinary!
    In my opinion, this "client" has a HUGE insecurity and decided that she needed to take it out on someone else instead of looking at herself. Of course make-up for a photo shoot is going to be heavy, duh! It's for the photo shoot not to wear all day. Do you really think that when a celebrity does a photo shoot the make-up is natural and that is how they really look? Also, if you are uncomfortable with a pose, wouldn't you speak up?
    Anyhow, Sarah your work is AMAZING and I cannot wait to book our photo shoot! I believe in your talent whole heartedly and am so excited to work with you!!

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  • Sc
    sch fan Mar 26, 2010

    I have had the privilege of getting to know Sarah on both a personal and a professional level. She is extremely talented and passionate about what she does. As a client, I couldn't have been happier with my experience. I felt beautiful as a woman and my husband was in awe of the photographs. I am absolutely shocked and embarassed that you would have the nerve to slander her on an internet site. If you were unhappy during your shoot, either with the makeup or the poses, you should have spoken up. Sarah makes every effort to meet her clients' needs. Perhaps you should have done your research as the consumer and viewed her previous clients' pictures. This would have given you some indication of the type of work she does.

    All you have done with your complaint is shown your lack of maturity. This is Sarah's livelihood; she works incredibly hard to provide for her family. How dare you attempt to devalue her talent and work ethic.

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  • Vi
    vill126 Mar 29, 2010

    March 29 at 3:32pm

    I have been thinking about this since you stated you were unable to keep your appt for the wedding.
    As much as I adore your work and your talent is simply amazing, I feel as if my experiences with you have been less than professional. I understand that you’re a high demand item at the moment but at the same time, my appointments with you should be met since they were made in plenty of time.
    I see your work on FB and do know that you have been posting pictures and I am to only assume these are after or around the date of my first appointment with you. Not only were you unable to provide me with photos regardless of refunding the money, but the family dilemma that caused in my own house… That was to be a surprise for my husband’s bday and our anniversary which turned out to be nothing. Having to lie to him about where I was, coming home with make up on… things like that to keep this a secret to just tell him it was all for nothing. It was quite upsetting for all of us.

    So with that experience, I still decided to use your services because I enjoy your work. I thought I gave ample time in booking the wedding appt and thought that this would be a high benefit to you as well considering the amount of money you would be making from it. So again, you have canceled the appt and now I am left with a reference from you, for someone I don’t know and don’t particularly want since it was your services I was hiring.

    In light of the recent posting on your profile about the complaint, I thought this would be an opportunity to share with you my experiences and frustrations without doing it in an open forum. I hope we can work together in the future with an outcome of a great experience.

    Sarah Cabrera-Hernandez March 29 at 4:05pm

    I completely understand your frustrations and I appreciate your input. I explained to you why things turned out the way that they did, gave you a refund and apologized.

    You're right, I have had a higher volume of clients that has been difficult for me to adjust to and accomodate considering I'm practically doing this all by myself. Aside from my sister logging on from time to time and booking appointments for me, I run this business by myself. I told you that the computer techs were able to retrieve the all the images from my drive when I offered to go ahead and complete your pictures and you chose to get your money back instead. So I don't see what me posting images of my clients that were before during or after your shoot has to do with anything? I don't appreciate you implying that I was being dishonest about something when I was sincerely sorry for what happened.

    About the wedding, I understand and appreciate that you were hoping to hire me, but I had already been booked by another party that paid a deposit so my hands are tied. And just so you know, I don't refer my clients to just ANYONE, Holly is extremely talented and trustworthy and that's why I recommended her.

    You hadn't paid a deposit yet for the wedding yet so the appointment was never officially set, I make that clear in the information I send about booking anything with me. I understand how you feel but if you feel so strongly that I have behaved unprofessinally, perhaps it's better that you don't seek my services in the future.

    Thank you for your response I would just like to clarify as where I’m going from to the unprofessional so you can be more business oriented as to the posting of other clients before and after my shoot.

    When I first talked to you about booking my shoot you explained “that there was one month turn around” I stated “that was great not a problem” but 42 days later I still didn’t have the pictures. I know for a fact that on around Jan 28th someone did a shoot with you and by Feb 4 her pictures where ready and posted on both pages. 7 days later those pictures were done that where I felt that you were unprofessional to a client that paid for your service. Thank you for your understanding in this matter

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  • Te
    TeamSCH Mar 30, 2010

    WOW...I completely agree with everyone (except for this reviewer, of course). This reviewer has obvious personal and mental problems. I've NEVER heard any of Sarah's clients complain about her work until I ran into this site. And after seeing majority of the comments here, Sarah has been doing an AMAZING job and is very very PROFESSIONAL. I've seen and know Sarah's work and it is AMAZING. Here's my question to the reviewer...have you done any modeling before? What do you know about makeup or photography? And not once have you mentioned anything about YOUR photos. If you weren't happy with her work or didn't agree with the poses she was making you do, why didn't you speak up then? I'd LOVE to see a picture of you on here, so we could all be the judge. Who are you to say that her clients all look like "WHORES" after she puts their makeup on? really don't know what great art or photography is huh? From my understanding...Sarah clearly states to her clients that all pictures she takes belongs to her. How can you say that she doesn't get permission from her clients to use the images? I know for a fact that all the client's photos that are up in her pages/website/etc. gave their permission. Hmmmm...makes me wonder too. Is YOUR picture up by any chance? Again, I would LOVE to see a picture of you. Please attach one on here!! Some quick advice too...if you're going to talk this much smack, you would need to show some proof (maybe before/after pics from your shoot, pics of your so-called breakout/rash on your face), then maybe you could get some people to be on your side. As far as I know, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Sarah Cabrera-Hernandez's work, the location of her jobsite, etc. Who are you to complain about how the location is just an attic? So, childish. This complaint obviously has more to it than just these little whine and cry words stated on here. It's only obvious Honey, that you weren't happy, probably something didn't go quite as right as you wanted, so your best defense is to say as much BS as you can to make Sarah go downhill. It's not going to work. Sarah has been and STILL is doing great before and after your experience with her. Here's a your OWN makeup, get your camera, have your husband take your pics and call it a day. I don't think you deserve working with ANY professional makeup artist or photographer. You obviously wouldn't understand how this all works. So if anything, BEWARE of THIS reviewer!!

    Keep up the AWESOME work Sarah! Don't let 1 little cry baby turn your down.

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  • Na
    NapaInkDot May 29, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Sarah is not a "professional" photographer but does do better with some clients over others. She agrees to more jobs than she can handle at one time so you don't get your pictures when she says and sometimes they come out a little rushed. I think she also does better on people she is friends with.

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  • Uw
    uwhoo Jul 24, 2010

    Regardless of weither this so-called make-up artist has notifed the customer that she is as she calls it a "freelance" make-up artist bottom line is that she has not had any formal training. I'm not sure how educated she is but it is completly ILLEGAL to practice cosmetology in california without a license especially when she is making a profit and isnt paying the proper taxes. My advice is to call the california state board and have her reported, and also sue to get back whatever money she took from u. I'm not sure what the big fuss about her is anyway all she pretty much does is photoshops her pictures... rookie...

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  • Ag
    agraham Aug 04, 2010

    I agree! If she continues to make claims at being a professional at anything, she should have the appropriate licensing to back it up. I don't trust anyone who claims to have over half their lives worth of experience. I live in Napa and I would not go to her for either service after reading this complaint. Especially since the people defending her sound about as immature as she does in her response. telling your friends to call the person making the complaint names does not make you look so good.

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  • Pa
    paybacks Aug 05, 2010

    Please women u are beautiful naturally u dont need some fake wanna be make-up artist who cant even handle her own personal life to paint u up like bobo the clown and take pictures of u naked in order to get a mans attention. You are attractive by being all-natural and by your intelligence and how u carry yourself.

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  • Ca
    carefull Sep 07, 2010

    I agree. It's not worth the money. It's totally overcharged. She's great with make up but not great enough for the prices she charges. Time spent on make up, and photographs didn't feel professional.

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  • Ni
    Nikki L.S Sep 15, 2010

    I think that Sarah was very kind, very welcoming and I could tell that she enjoys her work. When we starting taking the photos she told me exactly how to pose and I trusted her as I assumed she would know what poses look good, and she was completely right, I love the poses! However my complaint would be the makeup as I thought it was far too heavy and she has mentioned that it is required for the photography however I felt that my pictures still made me look like I was wearing far too much makeup and it did nothing to benefit my beauty. I'd like to make it clear that I'm saying this as constructive criticism as I'm sure Sarah would like feedback even if it isn't 100% positive. She put the pictures up quite soon after and has edited them well, I do feel that they were a little bit over edited but I probably needed it to be honest!

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  • Jg
    JGH510 Sep 17, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    well if you look at her facebook page, you can see that she is NOT someone who can take constructive criticism since she likes to post random comments so that her "Team Sarah" friends all stroke her already BLOATED ego. Come on guys, its obvious that the only reason people think she culd be 26 is because she is acts like she is and just reading her responses to the "negative" comments shows how close to 32 she really is! Defensive much? as for her supporters, you really make her look good when you put down the people who have a right to have an OPINION!Grow up "team sarah" and keep kissing her butt because she gives you free pictures.

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  • Le
    letsbehonestgirl Sep 17, 2010

    WOW! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE PERSON WHO POSTED THE ABOVE COMMENT!!! SO UNPROFESSIONAL! I had to delete her from my FB page, because I was so annoyed at how immature she truely is. My advise to Sara, leave your personal problems (and there are many) off of FB! You look so desperate. The only reason you post such nonsense is because you need to feel validated. If you're so talented your work should speak for itself. You shouldn't have to speak for your work! Get a clue.

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  • Cm
    c.m. Sep 17, 2010

    I have had the pleasure of working with Miss Sarah twice now and loved both sessions! I hate to say it, BUT I agree with a couple of comments about her posts on face book. Come on girl, I love you, but PLEASE STOP! You are giving people reasons to complain about you and you are making yourself look really bad! You got to be smarter than that to make it in a SMALL town! That's what your personal page is for!

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  • Ov
    OVERRATED and EXPENSIVE Sep 17, 2010

    OMG! I was about to book something with her until I found out how much she charges! Her prices are outrageous, espeicially since she is not a licensed professional! She charges like she has her own studio when according to the person who complained, she (i am assuming) rents a space at a hair salon?? And when i saw her response to one of the comments to Maria " I understand how you feel but if you feel so strongly that I have behaved unprofessinally, perhaps it's better that you don't seek my services in the future." She sounds pretty rude and obviously isn't as professional as all of her friends think! If you say you are going to do a wedding, DO THE WEDDING! Brides are stressed out enough without having to worry about flakey makeup artists. And some of the comments must be from her friends since they all talk about "knowing her on a personal level." but it sounds like some of her friends think she does 2 much 2 looking at these comments. Sorry to say, but I am one less person that is willing to pay for these services, especially since she overedited her picture cus she wasnt good enough?? Lets put it this way folks, she charges more than Glamor shots for the same style of work!
    Thanks for saving me a lot of money guys.

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