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San Lameer Hotel review: Unacceptable behavior from spa staff

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My son and I are saying in a deluxe suite at San lameer hotel our first time at the resort. We have been looking forward to our trip and were excited about the facilities especially gym and golf course.

Naturally our 1st morning we wanted to get to the gym before breakfast . As we arrived at the gym the lights were on and we saw two ladies sitting at the front desk we smiled and as we pushed the door to the spa we noticed it was locked. The ladies sat behind the desk didn't moved just watched us struggling to open the door. Clearly we were confused 😕 the ladies then indicated that they only opened at 8am using hand gestures and not coming to us.

It was 7:40am when we arrived. I was then told by front desk that they usually open if they are there for guests who want to go earlier to gym.

The ladies then sat and watched us sit outside until 8am. When we finally got in we were rudely ask if we are staying at the resort and that if so we need a vouchers.

We then went back to front desk who were very helpful and were informed that they had run out of the vouchers and they had told the ladies at the front desk of the spa.

I am deeply saddened that our 1st day started so badly 😢. I was looking forward to spa treatments but now the attitude and rudely behavior of the staff i have decided not to go to the spa for treatments.

I don't even want to go to gym as I have to confront the rude disrespectful ladies at the front desk of spa.

Thank you for your attention.

Warm regards

Dr Frickel

Desired outcome: Notice that we were treated badly and that this will not happen again to paying guests

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