Safe Haven IbogaineScam. Criminal Threats


This ibogaine clinic is loacated in Rosarito . They threatened my friend after she exposed them on the internet. She did 94 hours of SEO and social media work for them and was not compensated. They are a rip off and scam. They have the worst reputation of all ibogaine clinics. Beware of sending your children to them
Charles Johnston made criminal threats

Scam. Criminal Threats


  • Lu
    lufampro Oct 11, 2013

    Charles Johnston runs Safe Haven Ibogaine they are scam and ripoff people. They threatened my friend Amber after she exposed them on the internet. They have a terrible reputation. Watch out for them.

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  • Te
    TerrahNova Feb 06, 2014

    A few months ago i was a patient at Safe Haven ibogaine clinic and had a horrendous experience. They told me lies to get me to send my money and the Dr was criminally negligent. His name is Dr. Carlos Silva and because of Safe Haven I suspended my sleep aids and antidepressants from one day to the next. This caused a medical condition which is called tardive diskenesia and I am now disabled .

    I keep in touch with some of the staff and they told me horror stories of drs neglecting patients. One of the staff at safe haven (Charles Johnston) was even accused of sexual misconduct!! Other issues I encountered;

    No fresh linen, dirty floors
    No food only chicken or tilapia with rice everyday
    No activities, no schedule Staff sleeps in while patients fend for themselves
    Website looks nothing like actual facility
    No communication with patients, no comunication allowed with families
    Nothing is ever on time r
    Too many staff disputes
    Dogs barking constantly keeps patients awake and is horrible to listen to during ibogaine
    Staff drinking in front of patients Doctors cannot write scripts - drs dont care about patients
    Very few staff speak English, nurse with me during iboga didn't speak any English

    Do not get treatment with Dr. Silva or Charles!!! They dont care about patients at all!!!

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  • Go
    Got Ibogaine Feb 14, 2014


    I ADVISE EVERYONE to STAY AWAY FROM the Ibogaine University in Rosarito Mexico!

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  • Ch
    CharlesJohnston Feb 18, 2014

    So this is Charles and I want to respond because this is negatively affecting people's opportunity to get help via Ibogaine Treatment. Amber, I apologize for you feeling like you were mistreated, obviously the story you have told makes it seem that I was in the wrong. the only thing I did wrong was attempt to work with you, I should've only made paying for treatment an option since eventually you paid more to go to another clinic despite telling me you had nothing, I was naive and trying to do whatever possible to help. Your 94 hrs of work amounted to a Facebook page and blog, not really 94 hrs worth of work. Oh well, I made a mistake and in the end you got help so that is what matters so I happy for you. Regarding me threatening or doing anything improper, it is simply not true and I am available for anyone to talk to personally or see my website or Facebook, Charles Derrick Johnston. Regarding the other comment, I left Safe Haven for personal reasons, but I can assure you those things are not true regarding poor care. I have not had any contact with Amber since now due to many harassing calls and emails which I will post because unfortunately you are defaming my character. I wish you best Amber and whoever the other person is, you can always call me to discuss what you are dealing with 8003519777.

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  • Go
    Got Ibogaine Feb 20, 2014

    Safe Haven has informed me Charles you were FIRED for unethical actions towards MANY patients.
    Exact words, Charles is a Con MAN and you don't even know the extent of the unethical things and actions he was fired for.
    I have already received a frantic message from a patient at your new clinic claiming mistreatment.

    Slander me all you wish you are not as manipulative or as charming as you think you are.

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  • Ju
    JulianW Feb 24, 2014

    I have been struggling with heroin addiction for years and years.

    Now, after treatment at Ibogaine University I feel like I can function. I am working towards a new life. I could not have done it without Charles Johnston.

    I am thankful for how nice and kind he was. He has basically become my new brother.

    I would recommend Charles to anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction. I am a completely changed person because of him and what he did to help me.

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  • Wm
    Wm. Mar 10, 2014

    They ripped me off too, I've received threats from BB Pugliese from Safe Haven. They couldn't treat me due to liver complications and when I decided not to return and asked for a refund I was called out by BB, received nasty texts and a BS email from Jessica. The place is a scam, nothing was as it appeared on the web site and I felt very unsafe there. Staff drinks in front of clients, takes DMT and cocaine, rips off medication, and where do they get the OxyContin they give to everybody??? Off the street for $15.00 a piece as told to me by BB and Randy McCurdy! I WOULD LOVE TO START A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT AGAINST THESE CROOKS!

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  • Ch
    CharlesJohnston Mar 29, 2014

    Everyone is physiologically and mentally different, and thus will react to psychoactive chemicals differently. Do your research people! Know your body, know your mind, and KNOW YOUR SUBSTANCE!!! Psychoactive chemicals and plants often bring about mental issues in those who either already have them, or in people who have family history of mental issues. So as far as that goes, do your research on Ibogaine before you decide to take the treatment, especially since it is so expensive.

    As far as Charles and his program goes, I just got back and could not be more thankful for they're program and Ibogaine! I was addicted to Heroin, opiates, cocaine, amphetamines, and whatever I could get my hands on for ten years, found out about Ibogaine about three years ago, found out about Ibogaine University and decided to go for it. The treatment it self was a little painful, and definitely LONG...but it sure as hell beats heroin withdrawal, and if you disagree, then it is of my personal opinion that you probably haven't tried to quite for more than a day or two, because trust me, getting dope sick gets way worse after the first 24 hours of not using. Right after my treatment, I felt incredible! No cravings, no withdrawal. Like I said, everybody is different and it may take a couple days to feel like I did right away, but Ibogaine University is NOT a scam or a rip off. Charles is simply trying to help those who need it. His staff is made up of the nicest people who all have experience with the treatment, his clinic is clean and well kept everyday by maids, and his kitchen is well-staffed and they produce incredible food.

    So I repeat, Charles is NOT a scam!!! Do you research on Ibogaine before you come down here so you know what you're getting into. It is not a regulated treatment option in the USA, so of course it won't be a regular program. I am forever happy that I did this, considering the amount of money I have spent on drugs throughout my life and all the relationships ruined, this treatment was worth every penny!

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  • Qu
    Queen B NYC Apr 09, 2014

    Charles Johnston is a JOKE... GOD TAKES CARE OF STUPID... That is the only reason he still does what he does. I was a patient at SAFE HAVEN. The facility is extremely clean and well maintained! Staff members were are there 24/7... Dr Silva is amazing very straight forward and attentive! It is unfortunate to have read some of the things that I have read! Ibogaine can be extremely helpful to those that go in with the right state of mind! Regardless of what type of treatment rehab, ibogaine or what have you nothing will work if you don't really want it. My personal experience was extremely intense! Cocaine and alcohol was my breakfast lunch and dinner. I was on the verge of losing my kids and husband. It was a life changing experience for me !! It's not a scam, it's not a rip off!!! -Queen B...NY...

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  • Sa
    SafeHavenIbogaine Apr 15, 2014

    This is to clarify some misinformation that has been posted about Safe Haven Ibogaine Center:

    As of October 2013, we are under new management and no longer associated with Charles Johnston or Randy McCurdy, so any negative experiences tied to them have been dealt with and these problems resolved.

    As of October 2013, we changed locations and our new pictures are available on our website. We are no longer at the location with barking dogs (the neighbor was breeding dogs and we could not have them removed, so we moved locations so patients could have a more comfortable, peaceful experience).

    The original poster was the family of a young girl that got treated at our clinic. She brought illegal drugs into our facility, threatened and assaulted our staff and was of course asked to leave. After her family posted the report, we offered to retreat her at no charge as long as a family member accompanied her to our facility to see that what she told them was not true. Her father came to the clinic with her, but after treatment we had similar issues with her and her father watched them happen and even agreed with us that she should be asked to leave. He agreed to post a retraction to his previous post, but we have been unable to get in contact with him post-treatment.

    We have gone above and beyond to maintain a reputation of providing quality ibogaine therapy in a safe, medical setting. We will continue to do so because it is work that we see value in, that we love to do, and that we truly believe in.

    If anyone has any questions about these reviews, or wants to speak with someone about our facility, please contact Jessica Bennett, at Safe Haven Center (1-800-245-7273) and she can provide you with the link to our forum where patients that have been through treatment have written about their experience here. Our doors are always open to anyone who wants to come tour the facility, go over our procedures and meet our medical staff. The important thing to us is that you get treated, and while we would love for you to come to our facility, we will happily recommend other reputable clinics for you to look into as well.

    Ibogaine is an amazing medicine. It deserves more credit than it is given, and posting to websites like this only scares people away from Ibogaine in general, when we should be encouraging each other and spreading the word of the healing properties this medicine holds.

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  • Af
    A former emplyee May 25, 2014

    safe haven changed the name to avoid all the complaints. Charles Johston and safe haven are the same.

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  • Af
    A former emplyee May 25, 2014

    safe haven ibogaine changed their name to avoid all the complaints, charles johnston is still safe have. yhey had so many people die there, no medical staff.

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  • Sa
    safehavenemployee May 28, 2014

    charles is at ibogaine university!
    no connection to safe haven ... i work at safe haven and he is a liar and a thief safe haven hasn't change names.

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  • Hi
    highlighter Nov 03, 2014


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  • Mi
    Mike269 Jan 23, 2015

    I just got back from ibogain university and it was an amazing experience. The facility was very nice and they had a maid there everyday so it was always clean. The food was good. The nursing staff were some of the nicest people iv ever met. After the ibogain they had activites for us everyday. And lastly the ibogain itself. For me it was amazing i had a terrible 10 year heroin habit going in and after taking the ibogain i was exhausted but had no withdrawals which to me is amazing. Iv been home for 2 week and havent had one craving. So in short going to ibogain university probably saved my life so reading all these lies on her is a joke there run a great facility. And charles was a awsome guy when i meet him and extremely helpful in helping me get down there.

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  • Ky
    kyle beickel Dec 17, 2015

    My name is Kyle Beickel i went to ibogaine university and was ripped off, illegally transported across the boarder and after receiving half the ibogaine treatment was left sick in bed for 4 days until a nurse came and checked on me, i was dehydrated my veins had collapse and it took me a week sick going through suboxon withdrawals trying to get back across the border before i finally succeeded. I have been home now for the past 3 weeeks and i am still going through the worst withdrawals ever if anyone does want to pursue legal actions against Randy Mccurrdy, Charles Johnston or Dr. silva please give me a call at 801-755-0544 and we can work together and get these guys sent to prison for what they did, i have no doubt some people might have had a good experience that's how all good scams work and let me tell you this is not the first or the last scam these people will do. Randy Mccurdy was involved with a bail Bonds scam in Texas before starting ibogaine university he is a drug addict/ alcoholic, he has no regard for his life or the lives of his patients everything negative about these places are 100% true Randy is trying to start a new facility right now, the only thing these people have going for them is no one has really went and put forth the effort to fight them in court, these guys are not covering there tracks as good as they think, all the evidence is available to destroy these guys and not to mention all the patients testimony's . Please do not make the mistake of going to one of these clinics it could very well cost your life.

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  • Ky
    kyle beickel Dec 17, 2015

    My name is Kyle Beickel Randy Mccurdy is a scam artist if you want more info on Ibogaine university, Charles Johnstone please give me a call at 801-755-0544 this is not the first scam they have pulled and it wont be the last if a lawsuit is not put in place immediately. These guys do not cover there tracks very well so i believe this will be an open and shut case.

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