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S.A.C. Cliff van Rossum review: unqualified

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The subject website: is where a so called drug addiction Interventionist flogs his expertise as a drug addiction counselor. Considering recent complaints against Mr. van Rossum, and non-existence of any certified training; except for being a graduate of the scientology rehab facility called Narconon Trois-Rivieres in Quebec, the only expertise is being a drug addict and used car salesman. For $30, 000.00, plus intervention and travel costs, Mr. Cliff van Rossum promises a 100% success in intervention at a cult rehab that promises a 70% cure rate. Buyer beware of scams such as these, where Interventionists and drug treatment centers claim inflated success rates. They play on seriously ill people and their emotions. Used car salesman apply extreme high pressure tactics to sell cars. The disease of addiction requires professional and qualified interventionists, not used car salesman pretending to knw what they don't.

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