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I happen to help my mom with a call from an attorney today. That says my mom was supenone by a company called American Natural. This company has advertised beauty products on Sabado Gigante. My mom watches this show faithfully. I am appalled that this famous tv show, allows companies like this to scam people. This attorney i spoke to today says my mom owed them $4, 000 from products she ordered in 2010. She says this happens a lot, and people get taken advantage off. She told me to advise my mom, to hang up on phone calls she receives from people trying to sell her things.
According to her they have recordings of my mom accepting the terms and receipts of the mailings. My mom refused receiving them and didn't pay. My mom is 74 yrs old, her mental health is not 100% and forgets a lot. She doesn't even understand if they are speaking to her in Spanish.
Wouldn't you think if you owe a company money, they would be mailing you collection notifications? Also if you didn't actually receive the product, wouldn't that mean you didn't accept it and you should be re-imbursed? If you order a product on line 99% of the time you pay for it with a credit card. So why do they state, they didn't get payment?

I believe its all a scam, the $4, 000 went down to $349 settlement and they would drop the claim, she doesn't have to appear in court, nor would it affect her record. The attorney says she only had 30 minutes to get back to the prosecuting attorney to settle of they would issue her another notice to appear in court.

Have you experienced this before. ? Only when Hispanics are trying to take advantage of their on kind. Its horrible.! Every product you order in an infra-mercial has a money back guarantee. How are these people all of a sudden from 2010 have an interest in getting paid.

This whole thing sounds fishy to me, including the attorney i spoke to today. She spoke just as if she was reading from a script. I will be calling the state attorney generals office and doing more digging, in order to get to the bottom of these scammers, so they don't do it to anyone else. This has to stop!
Make money the legit way, not by scamming poor innocent folks.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Dec 07, 2014 11:42 am EST

This happened to my mom, I'm a human rights lawyer let's connect and stop this!

Nov 14, 2014 11:33 pm EST

This just happened to my dad today. He said he orded the poduct in 2010 and now all of the sudden they have been calling him telling him that he is obligated to a contract in which he has to pay for. However, no where did he sign a contract nor did he use a credit or debit card. He sent them a money order. Also, my dad spoke to the so called "attorney" however they never gave him a name and they called him private. Did you get anymore information about this so called company? I am trying to research information about this place to see if it is even legit.