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Ryan Mcfarland was a director of US Invest which he ran with professional con man and career criminal James Bradley.
Ryan McFarland is very well aware of what James Bradley is but still started his new company with Bradley.
Bradley has been exposed so he now just puts up the money and his patsies like Ryan Mcfarland and Dan Montano front the companies Bradley has set up.
If US Invest was such a great company why has Bradley gone into hiding and McFarland has tried to remove all trace of his directorship of US Invest.
There will be court cases over the behaviour of the Directors of US Invest and insolvency or bankruptcy of the company will not protect the registered directors from FRAUD charges.
All people scammed by US Invest whether it was James Bradley, Ryan McFarland or Dan Montano or any other US Invest employee is encouraged to make an official complaint of fraud.
James Bradley lied on most of his promotional videos - this is easily proved.
Ryan McFarland openly repeated known fraudulent statements.
Dan Montano was made aware of the past criminal behaviour of James Bradley but still started a company with him as the silent director.
See attached information.
Do not deal with these people - James Bradley has a record of deceit and fraud going back a decade - we are completely unaware of any legitimate company he has ever been involved in.

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Mar 02, 2016 7:35 pm
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To set the record straight, yes I was one of the 4 owners of the company mentioned above (a minority shareholder). I had no idea who James was when started the company as I was not from where he was from…I was from the US and he was in Australia so I had no way of knowing what he had done in previous businesses.

Nonetheless, we were in business for several years and a vast majority of our clients did very well on the properties they purchased, however due to the RE market correction, price increases, compressing cap rates, and currency fluctuations, the business model did not work anymore so we had no choice but to wind down the company. This started happening in late 2014 – early 2015 so the statement that we just closed and disappeared is a blatant lie. That did not happen.

We sold off the assets, used a lot of that money to help clients and handle what issues we had the ability to handle but eventually we could not hang on anymore with the slim operation we had scaled down to so we were forced to close. We did not intentionally and deliberately mislead clients…in fact a vast majority of our clients did very well. Unfortunately RE investing has risks and not every investment is a peachy walk in the park…tenants move out, break leases, damage the property, mechanical issues occur that are beyond our control. This is just a few of the issues that can occur and if you’ve ever owned a rental property you will know what I’m talking about.

That being said we worked through these as they occurred and paid a great deal of money to clients who had such issues but at the end of the day we could not be responsible for all of these issues that are beyond our control. In addition as we were winding down the company the money just simply was not there to fix issues that occurred on houses we sold months or even years prior.

Nonetheless myself and the other 2 owners are still working with clients to this day to resolve issues. Unfortunately James has left the US and is not present. This has obviously left a bad taste in my mouth as the wind up of the company has been solely left on my shoulders, so the next false statement is the one that I have gone on to open a new company with him. I did not open a new company with him and based on how the closure of this company occurred I would never open a company again with him. I did open a new company in the RE space as that is the business I have been in since 2002 so that is the business I know. I am not involved with Dan nor am I involved with James. I run my company by myself without any other partners so again, false statements about being partners or having involvement with any other companies.

I have been dragged into this online attack against James for what he did at previous companies that I had nothing to do with, knew nothing about, and I currently have no involvement with him. My new company and my name have been defamed from false accusations that have no truth whatsoever to them.

If you want James go after him…leave me out of it!

And if anyone wants to check the online attackers profile’s he/she is a master at setting up new profiles on proxy servers so it appears he/she is in multiple locations, on multiple forums however he/she has only posted 1-2 times so majority of the messages are from 1 person posing as multiple people with fake profiles with no history of ever posting anywhere else on anything else. That should address the validity of the false claims again me and my company.

If anyone reading this wants more information you can email me personally at [email protected] and I’ll happily communicate with you about any issues you may have, questions and/or concerns.

Ryan M

Feb 24, 2016 9:29 pm

And to add some proof to the above -
A few of Bradley's previous scams mentioned as well as proof of both new companies running from the same office.

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