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Bo Jun 12, 2019 Review updated:

Me and my daughter went to Ruby Tuesday during our lunch break from work. We have always loved the salad bar. Today it was awful!! The food tasted like it was open in the refrigerator and absorbed all of the old smells. Nothing was really fresh. The floor at the salad bar was so sticky that your feet stuck to the floor. I told the waitress and she said she would talk to the manager. she said that they would put some fresh stuff out. It was to late for us. We did'nt even eat it. They should have reimbursed us.

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  •   Jun 12, 2019

    Salad bar food is generally sitting there a while. People put their hands in the dishes and touch the food.

    You tasted it and it wasn’t good. You chose to pay after not eating any more.

    If it was that bad, you’d have not paid. I’d have insisted that the manager taste the food and then left without paying.

    Unless they didn’t find it bad and your scheme for a free meal didn’t work.

    Busted indeed!

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