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C May 06, 2019 Review updated:

I visited this location on Sunday afternoon and placed a to go order in the bar area. The young lady that took my order was in a rush. I ordered a salad and broccoli and chicken pasta. I fixed my to go salad, paid and waited. 10 minutes later she bought me a bowl of soup. I explained that was not my order. She stomped off huffing and puffing. When she returned she slid my debit card 3 x's in an attempt to correct the issue. She was extremely rude, balling up receipts and throwing it into the trash (several feet away). Meanwhile a family member that is also an employee walked by. I mentioned to the lady that we were related. She glanced at the employee while speaking to her but continued her antics. She got the manager to void out the order. The manager not once apologized to me for what had happened. She went to other employees while I was sitting there and made comments to them about what happened and they kept staring at me. I later learned that she made the remark that she wanted to slap me because I should have looked at my ticket and realized what the order was. As a visitor of this location often, I am appalled at the behavior that was exhibited by this young lady and the way she treated me as a paying customer. Her name is Natasha and she works in the bar area.


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      May 06, 2019

    Your fault for not looking at the ticket.

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  •   May 07, 2019

    Your family member should not have said anything to the co-worker about being related to you and you should not go to that branch while your FM is looks like you are trying to get free food.

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