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Royal Puppy Kennel in Phoenix Arizona

Royal Puppy Kennel in Phoenix Arizona review: Puppy mill

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Long complaint: In short - I will never purchase from this breeder again & would advise others against as well! My French Bulldog only lived for 3 years, and suffered several health issues along the way - including chronic spinal issues.

I purchased a French Bulldog puppy on May 30, 2015. The large-scale shed that they had the puppies in was dark and uninviting. The parents of the puppies were not present. One of the puppies had bulging eyes and seemed to be in a poor state. Nonetheless, and against my better judgment, I purchased a male Frenchie for $2,875. He did not live long and had SEVERAL health issues along the way. Needed surgery to shorten his pallet as he could not breathe properly, continually had back issues with possible diagnosis of Cervical spinal pain with lower back pain: possible IVDD, spondylosis, or soft tissue injury. He contracted a bacterial infection - Bilateral middle ear effusion - myringotomy, which resulted in a Right sided facial nerve paralysis - which NEVER resolved. He unfortunately had another spinal issue which caused him to lose complete control of his back legs & bowels, and he had to be euthanized on December 23, 2018. He was visibly suffering and there was nothing else I nor the vet specialist could do. I am lucky I had the financial resources to care for him, but his 3 years of life were tough. Do not trust Royal Puppy Kennel.

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