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I recently bought a PSU from NewEgg, which carried the brand name of Rosewill, a company that is owned by NewEgg. They have been in business now a little over 5 years and claim to be the manufacturer of the products they sell. They have provided products to reviewers touting this claim and when people have complained about DOA or PSUs dying after a short period in reviews on NewEgg's site, Rosewill was quick to post a response that they engineer and/or design their products to the highest level so failures won't occur. I considered these good things so I bought one of their PSUs. The first time it was powered on it failed completely with a loud pop, which resulted in not only frying the PSU but also my mobo, CPU and video cards. I put in for an RMA from NewEgg and wrote a review to let others know about the PSU. Rosewill responded and offered that they could replace the PSU and possibly the components that got fried, they need only a little more information. I canceled the RMA and e-mailed Rosewill per their request, no answer. I went through their site with a request, no answer. I called, got recording, left message, no response. Finally got a response through e-mail after repeated attempts that they had a problem with an e-mail address (right!). Then they ask me to tear down the system and send the fried components to an address I couldn't verify and addressed simply to the attention of an Arthur Chou at the address (no mention of Rosewill in the address). I ask to send them to the address listed in the BBB, they respond to send it to the address they gave, that this Mr Chou would pick up the package and test the components to see if the PSU was the cause of the components frying. I respond by asking how he is going to test them to determine this, i.e. what methodology they will use, since I have been doing computers for 28 years and I have never heard of anything being done in this manner, you need the entire system intact. No response. I ask about this guy Chou, the errand guy and the one who is going to do the testing, who I also have found out is Rosewill's manager and the guy that writes these responses, no answer. And it has continued like this. I have been doing research and found that as near as I can find, they don't manufacture anything, though they advertise they make all their products, claiming to design, engineer and write drivers. As near as I can find all they do is buy products from a number of OEMs, slap their label on them and say they manufacture them, when questioned about this, again no response. I filed a complaint with the BBB, which Rosewill received on the 5th of Aug, and were given a 20 day suspense, being a member of the BBB I figured to get an answer around the first of Sep at the latest they have ignored the BBB also, and according to the BBB they have been contacted once again. After the BBB complaint they offered to pay current value for the products based on a number of conditions a couple of which I can't agree to 1) They want me to retract the BBB complaint, so it won't be on file any more (and they won't have to answer these questions about false advertising and their customer service and 2) they want me to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, which would be a legally binding document, and they have false data in it and refuse to change it. I would also note that they, as this has gone on have dropped some of their deceptive/false adverting that was an everyday thing, they are revamping their web site to get rid of a lot of the advertising and NewEgg (who owns Rosewill, which is what they use as a house brand) has been purging some of Rosewill's review responses where they claim to design, manufacture and engineer their products.

It is my belief that their original offer was nothing but fluff, and they fully expected me to drop the matter since most people can't go for a long period of time without their system. Luckily for me, since I build and work on systems I always have 3 or more around and sometimes as many as 6 or 7 at any given time. I have all kinds of documentation on this matter from all the e-mails, to numerous of pages of background on/about/from them from the net.


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    KC Dec 02, 2008
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    I read the complaint against Rosewill and frankly I just don't agree. I too have been building and working on computers for a number of years and have used many Rosewill branded products and am satisfied they do a reasonable job on all fronts- fans, power supplies, cases, and various controller's and usb hubs I have had occasion to buy/sell over the years. As a matter of fact I would say the Rosewill r103 case and power supply is the best value in the entire industry fora basic case and power supply. While the 20 pin power supply is outdated for today's computers the case alone is comparable in quality to cases fully double the money. I don't doubt you got a bad power supply it happens and since you apparently unaware there actually are very few power supply makers and the rating system is poorly understood and I doubt any of the makers have completely accurate information. I test every power supply before I put a system together just to make sure its not going to blow right off and I give them a shake just in case something got knocked loose or something extra has gotten in to them (found a sheet metal screw in one loose once and no wasn't a Rosewill). If your looking for more assurances try getting one with pfc (power failure control). As far as the support goes if you really worked on computers and ever needed support from Asus then you would have done a dance of joy just for the fact they answered the phone.

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  • Ga
    garaber Dec 01, 2010

    Thanks Angela for the posting... I don't know who KC is but your experience is true, and I have no reason to believe other wise, it's wrong pure and simple. KC I've had good luck with Rosewill as well but that does not change this experience. KC have you ever been asked to sign a nondisclosure agreement when you were clearly in the right? I have. Angela my hat comes off to you for sticking to your principles. Now I'm going to exercise mine. I choose not to buy Rosewill. Not because of a mistake, we all have those, and we all need a little grace. I'm not buying Rosewill be cause in this instance they acted the bully. When they make a public apology I return to purchasing from them again. Gregg

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  • Po
    po25 Jan 03, 2017

    I agree with the original poster. My brand new Rosewill power supply went out with 5 loud pops in 2 seconds and fried my mobo, my RAM, my processor and my video card. $760 worth of components destroyed and they say they are not liable for anything because they didn't install it...however they did "build" the PSU. Do they only stand by the product when it works and run when it fails and causes serious damage?

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