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My husband ordered 100 roses from The roses did not come on the day specified. They arrived in bad condition. Of the 100 roses 15 arrived ruined, 25 were in good shape (if I removed the outer, brown petals) and the rest were somewhere in between. They were meant as a surprise for me, so it was a horrible disappointment. I called the company and got rehydrating directions (not included in my shipment), but the roses did not recover. I sent digital photos per the request of Carla at of the roses and their sorry state and after two days and several emails from me got a note back saying their "Director of Logistics" said the roses were in the range of normal (email copied below). They looked (and do still three days after their delivery) like a bunch of wilted, bruised, old roses you might see in the grocery store. I think they messed up on my order as no one could stay in business delivering roses like that, but their complete lack of interest customer service has made me resolve to never be excited about their prices again. Buyer beware!


My chief of logistics and well as Chief Production at the Field have checked and revised each picture you sent us and they both have agreed that the guard petals are the only problem with the flowers...

The general condition that is clearly shown at the pictures is a good shape rose that needs hydration and caring...

So I am afraid to complaint applies.


Carla Alexandra Morillo P.
Sales Manager
RoseSource LLC
USA Toll Free: [protected] Ext. 104
Canada Toll Free: [protected] Ext. 104
Direct: [protected]
cmorillo AT

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Dear Carla:

Have you received my emails and photographs of the roses? Can you please update me on what is being done and how my complaint will be resolved?

Thank You.

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Jan 14, 2012 4:58 am EST
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I have ordered several thousand roses from RoseSource over the past few years and the only time I had a problem was when the roses were delayed due to a tropical storm. I cannot hold RoseSource responsible for the weather, so I do not consider this a problem that they caused.

The roses do arrive looking less than stellar, but they need to be rehydrated and some of the outer petals will need to be removed. This is no different than what a florist does after they receive roses and prepare them for sale.

I have learned that it is best to have the roses delivered one day before you plan to present them. Give them proper care upon arrival and they should look fabulous the following day. I will be ordering again in the near future. The order will probably be for 3, 200 -- 4, 000 roses.

Sep 22, 2011 3:59 pm EDT
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I’ll be happy and surprised to hear if anyone has ever loved their flowers from RoseSource. This site is not worth the headache or heartache it has caused many brides. It shouldn’t be rare that they actually come through with the promised/advertised product. I will never recommend them to anyone because they are likely to be disappointed.

Sep 22, 2011 3:55 pm EDT
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I’m very happy and surprised to hear that you loved the flowers from RoseSource. This site is not worth the headache or heartache it has caused many brides. It shouldn’t be rare that they actually come through with the promised/advertised product. I will never recommend them to anyone because they are likely to be disappointed.

Sep 22, 2011 3:27 pm EDT

My wedding was on September 10, 2011. I read these complaints after I ordered my roses from Rosesource and was petrified. I didn't know what to expect. I waited with baited breath to see what our roses would look like and didn't know whether to cry or faint. Well I wanted to let everyone know that my roses were absolutely BEAUTIFUL. They came on time and just as I ordered. Please do not let these complaints steer you from ordering from I will place future orders from them as they were very Beautiful and arrived in a timely manner. I'm sure there are some valid complaints, however, no company is perfect and there will be errors and mistakes with any company. Just keep in mind, you should place your orders well enough in advance to allow time for them to complete your order as you request.

Jan 28, 2011 12:29 pm EST

I ordered 250 black baccara roses for my halloween wedding - firstly, rosesource was the only online resource i could find where I could buy black baccara in bulk. secondly - the only problem i had with my order was that it came early.. like a week early lol.

the roses were in excellent health, and only some of them needed the outer petals to be trimmed.

I wrapped the roots in wet towels, and had to empty my fridge to fit everything, so they would still be fresh for the wedding.

Aside from these relatively small issues - the actual roses were amazing, and the price was unbeatable, and literally 1/5th of what i was quoted by local florists (just roses - the florists wouldn't have been arranging them or anything)

here's a pic... no one got any shots of the main bouquets (made me mad - they turned out awesome lol) but here is one of the smaller, last minute throw-togethers we made with the left overs.

I'm giving them another try for this year's valentine's day... hopefully this experience is as good as my first.

Jul 15, 2010 8:04 am EDT
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Wedding nightmare! I used in order to save money and they ended up costing me twice as much. I was married in southern Florida last year and I ordered bulk flowers, bouquets and boutonnieres. The flowers arrived a day before my wedding and most of them were dead. They stated that I just needed to put them in a dark room and put ice in the water. It didn't work. I ended up having to send someone to get flowers from the closest store on my wedding day. It was a stressful and an unnecessary nightmare. refused to return any of my money even though I sent them pictures.

Mar 19, 2010 10:29 pm EDT
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Never did get any refund, company never did call me back relative to my complaint; just run around; they sent inferior flowers and wouldn't ever do business with the rosesource company again. Brides beware for the most important day of your life- you may be running around looking to replace flowers if you use this company.

Feb 01, 2010 4:13 pm EST
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buyer beware

Jan 28, 2010 6:08 pm EST
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Jan 2010 Wedding Flowers not as represented. They sd they had to switch Casablanca lillies out just before shipping saying la hybrid same and sales rep a also failed to dissclose they were different altogether and didn't disclose additional cost. Another person then calls wants more money to ship any flowers that I needed to buy bigger bunch at more cost, this is at very eve of shipping; Not only flowers different than ordered not "same" as represented, sales rep a represented the date she chose to ship would guarantee blooming of lillies for wedding date. All I got was a bucketful of green buds and of over 180 grn buds, only 2 flowers for the wedding day. The hydrangeas, over 1/2 were wilted before the wedding day. All smiles and joy til they get your dollar, then its the runaround and "too busy to look at your complaint because selling Valentines flowers""out of office""in a meeting""out of country" the put offs the excuses; Visa won't do anything unless you send flowers back to them in Ecuador, but can't get straight answer out of this co. one minute say shipping from Equador and next Costa Rica; bottom line was bride running around snow in remote mountains hours before ceremony trying to get replacement flowers whereas this co. sent a buckful of flowers that pooped out before wedding and others 99 percent of lillies [2 flowers frm over 180 buds] missed the Wedding altogether by even start to bloom AFTER everyone flew home and gone from destination wedding. Company Never expressed any care whatsoever to almost ruining my daughters most important wedding day and did nothing but try and blame taking no responsibility for not performing as they represented. Fat chance with this co to get your money back or any credit -won't even return my calls, just excuses "Valentines now and too busy" when I finally catch up w anybody. Million excuses, bottom line told "tough luck' although while selling the flowers guaranteed they would be bloomed by Wedding; Did A Switch also by saying Casablanca same as what sent- that is not "the same" even if they had bloomed. A grocery store would have been better
record conversations and photodocument, but probably have no recourse, don't even see their address.
I would get my flowers at the grocery store first. I got ripped off.

Nov 21, 2009 11:48 am EST

In the 7 years since our inception, we, at, have proudly served over 53, 000 satisfied customers. We encourage all customers to contact us immediately upon receiving their orders if there is any problem whatsoever. We stand by our Satisfaction Guarantee 100%. The success of our company is a direct function of the loyalty of our extensive customer base. We invented Farm-Direct Flowers and continuously strive to exceed all customer expectations. Our associates can be reached directly toll-free [protected].
- The Team

Sep 01, 2009 10:00 am EDT

To everyone who shared their comments, Thank you! I had planned to order my wedding flowers from however after reading the many complaints about the quality of the flowers and their customer service or lack of customer service; I have decided NOT to trust with providing my Roses for one of the happiest days of my life.
It's very unfortunate that in this day and time companies aren’t providing quality and excellent service to their consumers and their employees aren’t humble or professional enough to give excellent service to the customer!

Aug 26, 2009 11:40 pm EDT

I considered using Rose Source for my daughter's wedding. I ordered their $69.00 package. It allows you to pick 8 different rose species and they send three roses of each so that you can decide which to order for the wedding. They arrived on the appropriate day. They sent 6 stems of each type rather than three. The flowers were re-hydrated on their arrival as per the instructions. These flowers were not rotten. However they were well past their prime. Most grocery store flowers look better than these. It would look like I was reusing some one's flowers from a wedding 5 days ago. If I had paid $1, 000.00-$2, 000.00 for flowers in this condition I would have been furious. These flowers either had a very rough trip here or they were cut a long time ago. That is the best $69.00 that I have ever spent.

May 16, 2009 5:06 pm EDT

Rose Source is terrible! I ordered 150 roses for my friend's wedding - they arrived a day late and were the wrong roses - the wrong color and wrong length. I contacted them immediately and they insisted that the yellow roses with pink tips would turn white if I rehydrated them - I have never seen roses completely change color - so I opened one up with a hair dryer - there was NO change. So I took pictures of the roses against a white background and the label of the roses which was the wrong kind of rose and emailed them the picture. I was given the run around for over 3 hours. I was transferred from voicemail to voicemail - they would never let me speak to a manager or supervisor - no one was ever available. They were rude and nonchalant and continued to try to tell me that the roses were mislabeled and they were the correct roses. At one point, a woman in accounting told me that she could not connect me to the logistics department at this time because logistics (the woman who sits next to her) was at the bubbler. Every person I spoke to needed to speak to the manager (with whom I still was unable to s peak) and the farm about this situation and call me back by a certain time - each time they never called me back. Finally, I gave up that they would replace the roses and I had to find a local florist to get the flowers - last minute for a wedding over the mothers day weekend. I would never order from this place again - they are horrible and have absolutely no customer service skills at all.

Apr 21, 2009 2:18 pm EDT

to all potential costomers of Rosesource.

They are crooks! I ordered 1, 000 dollars worth of flowers. Not only were they delivered 4 days too early. When They arrived at my home half of them were rotten and destroyed. When I spoke with Rosesource expecting them to make good on the destroyed half of the flowers. They refused! After many calls that were unreturned they finally desided they would give my 90 dollars for my loss.
They were very rude and unapologetic. I leave this comment in hopes that no one else get ripped-off by this company.

Feb 13, 2009 2:59 pm EST

On three different occasions I have ordered from (two of the times I unknowingly since I went to a different site). Two of the times they were not delivered on the date specified and the one time that they did, the flowers were in fair to poor condition. They customer service borders from terrible to nightmarish and the mannerism with which they take complains rivals that of a taco stand in Tijuana. Disappointed? ABSOLUTELY! The moral is never order online and whenever possible, avoid any TFD florist.

Nov 14, 2008 1:23 pm EST


I ordered a Bridal Bouquet 26 roses (Impulse, Milva) 8 Mango Calla Lilies, 6 Yellow Fressias, 5 Bridesmaid Bouquet 12 roses (Impulse, Milva) 4 Mango Calla Lilies, 6 Yellow Fressias, 1 Groom Mango Calla & Hypierum Boutineer, 8 Groomsmen Coral Rose & Hypierum Boutineer, 2 Women Coral Rose, Mango Calla & Hypierum Boutineer, 12 Wedding Centerpieces 20 roses (Impulse, Milva) 12 Orange Alstromelia, 8 Hypericum Berries, 3500 Rose Petals box: Coral, Orange, Yellow, 2 Wedding Tall Alter Arrangements 20 roses (Impulse, Milva) 12 Orange Alstromelia



Oct 16, 2008 3:24 pm EDT is a DISASTER. I ordered 100 roses from them for my wedding. Funny me, I thought they would be alive when they arrived but more than 50% were dying and all of them were dead two days later when my wedding took place. I agree with the original complaint that the customer service is lacking. When I called to tell them the roses were dead they were dismissive, rude and didn't bother to mention the policy about sending pictures within 24 hours. I'm from the Charlotte area as well Randy so perhaps I should have had you order my flowers so they would have come to me in good condition instead of dead. This company is a disgrace and I'm truly amazed that they continue to treat people so rudely and are still in business. What a shame!

Jun 23, 2007 4:40 pm EDT

Just wanted to voice my opinion. We've been working with RoseSource for 2 years and they've been a God-send. That's unfortunate you had a bad experience but for me, they've been the best floral suppliers I've ever worked with. I've been doing wedding and other event planning for many years and they've always been great with me. Only once we had a small problem, but they immediately resolved it. As far as a wholesale bulk flower supplier I can't say enough good things about them.

Randy Martin
Charlotte, NC