Ronamanager customer service

Al Oct 02, 2019 BC

I was at this store tonight wanting to purchase vinyl sheet for outdoor deck. There are grey and burgundy colour. We told the manager we want 20 ft of the grey one, but the grey one has wrinkles at the edge, we asked if they can cut the wrinkle part off first, he said no. So we switched to the burgundy colour, there are two rolls of burgundy, one on top and one at bottom. We asked if we can get the bottom one, he said the bottom one is for reserve. But I pointed out that the bottom one is cut previously. Can I have from the bottom one? He said, are you kidding? I said no, I want to buy it. Then he said no I can't. I was so angry by that point, and I told my mom (who went with me) "let's go to Home Depot". As soon as he heard that, he pushed the roll rack back to the wall and said "apparently you don't want to buy from here, let me put this back". I can't believe his attitude! What is this kind of customer service?

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