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Roger Mason review: People could be serioulsy hurt

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Roger Mason should be banned from every publishing another word. I am into homeopathic remedies and discovered that Roger mason is not a doctor at all. I am not saying you have to be a doctor to publish a book but at least be upfront about it. He deals with serious issues such as Cancer, Testosterone and Dieting. This guy is a quack. Why would you try to give hope to people in these fields if you are not certified to do so? One should not talk about themselves as an expert if you are only a “self proclaimed expert”.

People could be serioulsy hurt by listening to Roger Mason. I realize he is only out to try and make a buck but don’t hurt people in the process by providing false hope. If you try to contact him you will be met with a never ending wall of excuses and dodging. I just hope no other reader puts their faith into this man’s books and expect a positve outcome. Unless you are looking for a placebo effect.

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Mar 29, 2016 8:38 pm EDT
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This article is complete garbage. I have been using Roger's products for years and I feel great at 50.
If you are into homeopathy you should really reconsider such quack remedies. There is no science behind that. What has it fixed for you?
You don't have to be certified to write what he does and he certainly does not claim to be an expert or have qualifications. What he does write makes sense if you sit down and read it.
His products are also extremely good value for money compared to all the rip-off drug companies out there such as DHC and Fancl.
I would rather trust what Roger says than most doctors who just regurgitate from their drug company textbooks in order to make as much profit as possible.
Do yourself a favor and read his books. It's not just about taking a handful of supplements and expecting a cure.