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I would like to take this opportunity to warn you about Babs (Barbara) Fry at the El Cajon office of Rock Solid Real Estate Co. . On the weekend of 9-26-08 she strategically closed the deal on a home here in Spring Valley, and in the process, unlawfully evicted a year tenant of the home by changing the locks, throwing household items into the dumpster, and cutting power without permission. She also pulled the wool over the eyes of the unsuspecting buyer, BY USING THE TENANT AS A DIVERSION, to con the buyer into signing closing docs on a house in NEED of repair. If you would like to sell a home fast, that stinks to high hell, give her a call; she's your man. re:10301 San Carlos Ct., Spring Valley, California, 91978. Thank You!


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    Babs Jun 08, 2009

    I'm Babs and this comment is in response to the disparaging and inflamatory remarks of the gentleman above. This individual has no knowledge of me or my professional business. His experience with me was at a distance and all issues regarding his tenancy and subsequent eviction were handled directly by the previous owner and listing agent. This comment is strictly in retaliation for those events and I have been mentioned only because I brought a buyer to purchase a house for sale.

    I represented the buyer in this transaction and the author of the original comment was a tenant living in the house while it was being sold as a short sale. The author had to leave as a result of the sale. The author was granted an extenstion to vacate thanks to my buyer's willingness to accomodate his circumstances. After the property closed escrow the author returned to the home and I was called by my client concerned about the his safety and that of his family as a result of the author's loitering and repeated attempts to return to the home. He indicated the author had asked my client to please let him stay in the home and the author had still not removed the belongings my client had graciously set aside for him to pick up rather than disposing of them weeks after closing.

    Should anyone have questions regarding this matter or more importantly want to place credence in this gentlemans statements please feel free to contact myself or my broker. I maintain a commendable reputation and pride myself on an honest approach to a nasty business and am happy to provide anyone testimonials to that effect.

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