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Broward County Warning Robert Scott Hannan, Joyce Julian
AVOID THESE ATTORNEYS these are my opinions backed with online research i found through the courts and media.

I also had personal experience with this mentioned law office...

These attorneys and judges appear to be connected and no one may have a fair trial with these people and their antics.
5 attorneys in fort Lauderdale were disbarred in November.
I wish to remain anonymous, I do not wish to give up my hard copy of what I call threats or letters of the attorneys in question, however if you want hard copy evidence, you can request Robert Hannans as well as Joyce Julians cases, you can even verify their Facebook information too along with the Judges in the links below. I included links to back up my observations however I am in a legal battle and do not want these attorneys or ex judges or their apparent connections to ruin things for me.

FACT: “Joyce Julian” operates out of Robert Hannans office, according to google maps.
She was a judge that was kicked off the bench for being drunk and naked in public, she also claims she was sexually assaulted. She also had another call against her for drinking and domestic at her residence. So the police were contacted twice on her. This woman operates out of Robert Hannan’s office, and because Joyce Julian claims she was sexually assaulted, wouldn't this show her biased toward men and domestic violence cases, according to at least one online review, claiming a woman filed domestic violence when Joyce Julian represented her.(courtesy of google reviews)Is this firm or has this firm told ANY of their clients to possibly file a report for leverage?Did You know that according to Robert Hannan's PUBLIC Facebook page shows him connected to the Kaplans and did you know that Judge Kaplan oversees domestic violence? Interesting isn't it? I wonder how Roebrt Hannans domestic cases turned out for him especially related to the male gender?

Joyce Julian may still have connections to judges and remember Robert Hannan is friends on Facebook too. Why is Joyce Julian an ex judge able to practice law in the same courts, let alone an office with Robert Hannan involving domestic and divorce??? See Below for their PUBLIC Facebook Evidence and connections to these observations.

Robert Hannan
Joyce Julian

Here Are Robert Hannans Facebook connections to Judges and their family thereof:
Facebook Has Robert Hannan connected to the Kaplan family, Michael Kaplan is a judge here in Broward County. Robert Hannan is also friends With Carlos Rebollo, a Broward Court Judge as well. Robert Hannan’s friend and partner Joyce Julian, are friends with judges according to Facebook and as she was an ex judge, Facebook shows Joyce friends with “Janine Rice” who works for the district attorneys office as well, this goes all the way to the top.

Now if they are friends on Facebook, does that mean that they are friends in the court room, or better yet favored, since they are FRIENDS?

According to complaints online I am not the only one but I am reporting it. With Robert and Joyce's connections, its safe to say they may only have their best interest in these cases, as it may seem wouldn't you agree? motive? could it be money? Why else would a divorce be continued for 1-2 years? read on for evidence...

Robert Hannan is apparently friends with Judge Hurley on Facebook or at least writes to him publicly, as evidenced, even writing on his election page. Remember Judge Hurley was accused of “injecting his personal and religious views” into a case as reported in the Sun Sentinel See Evidence Here:

Hurley also took criticism in 2009 when he got upset over a comment on the JAABlog that revealed the location of the judge's wedding. The judge called the blog to try to learn the identity of the commenter. When that didn't work, Hurley phoned the Broward Sheriff's Office to see if there was a way for him to learn the commenter's identity. Is there some connection with the Sheriff?

It looks as if Judge Hurley is using his power as a Judge to tray and find out online identity of an anonymous blogger seen here:

Robert Hannan currently owes and in a civil suit against him for 250, 000.00 in Marina Garcia Woods court, THE same Judge that presided over several of his divorce cases, now presides over his debt, isn't that interesting? I wonder If Robert Hannan's divorce cases were favored? Does he know this judge? Is he friends with this judge?

Robert Hannan has obtained multiple tickets and fighting them with Judges, He also appears for a Tyler Hannan? for evaded toll. Is Tyler a relative? This further proves he has more connections doesn't it?

Recently Robert Hannan and Joyce Julian have been making negative headway's with clients posting about them online since 2007. Further people are researching these attorneys with clients claiming, “he basically told me to shut up” to filing paperwork late, to not returning phone calls etc. People claim He has dragged divorce over a year, possibly to recoup his 250, 000. It appears people are afraid to report them to the Florida Bar in fear of retaliation with the apparent friendship and connections.This is frightening

Joyce Julian and Robert Hannan operate out of, 404 Southeast 14th Court, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316. Joyce Julian if you remember in the early 2000’s was a sitting Judge in Fort Lauderdale Florida, the same city where 5 attorneys were disbarred from in November 2011. The Sun Sentinel reports Joyce Julian in December 08, 2001, Broward Circuit Judge Joyce Julian's run-in with police at a North Florida resort a week ago was the second time in 15 months she had been involved in an alcohol-related police call. Security personnel found the judge, disoriented and naked from the waist down, in a third-floor hallway of the resort, where she was attending a meeting of the Florida Conference of Circuit Judges.

See Here

And See Here :

On Sept. 23, 2000, Plantation Police responded to a late-night domestic disturbance call at the judge's home in the south part of the city, according to the officer's report on the incident. "At the scene, I met with Joyce Julian [mother] and Elyse Julian [daughter], " Officer John Velez wrote in his report. "Both subjects advised that they were involved in a verbal argument that escalated into a minor altercation. While interviewing both parties, it was apparent to me that Joyce Julian had been drinking and was somewhat intoxicated."

Now Lets look at Robert Scott Hannan, Broward County Public Search has Robert Scott Hannan ticketed with no license, as well as hunting/fishing/trapping without a license, and appears Robert Hannan took these to court to fight them, Isn’t that costing the tax payers money?
I wonder why people claim Robert Hannan writes to Judge Hurley on Facebook? The same judge that was reported by the Sun Sentinel as being accused of injecting his "personal, political and religious views" into a case.

One must wonder what kind of connection this Robert Hannan may have? When you research Robert Hannan on Broward county, you will see he has a pending issue with apparently a mortgage company in the amount of 250, 000.00 in Marina Garcia Woods court……………The Same Judge that presided over many of Robert Hannans divorce cases, what is going on?

Robert Hannan is affiliated with Women In distress, according to,
One person on Yelp alleges Robert Hannan preys on women, and another alleges Robert Hannan told them to"basically Shut up"

People allege that Robert Hannan and Joyce Julian write their own positive reviews to try and remove negative behavoir, but I managed to recover some negative posts below.

Here are recovered negative reviews online about Robert Hannan (taken from

“Terrible attitude and quality. He didnt file a financial doc until after it was due and almost got me in hot water. He also basicly told me to shut up everytime I needed to discuss my case. He didnt even know his assistant had already collected key information. Almost seemed to be sabotaging my custody case. His who scene is very shady and he wants to be paid up front because he knows you wouldnt pay him after he screws up your case and tells you how hes gonna win.”

“This Robert Hannan really sounds like a crap hole and should be reported for SCAMMING people and taking advantage of their emotions. I know this guy and have seen the way he operates, he sucks big time and is in it all for the cash. I certainly wouldn't recommend him to anyone because he's a opportunist from what I've heard who prays on woman.”

This person accuses him of preying on women, keep in mind has Robert Hannan affiliated with Women In Distress...connecting the dots? moving his website and you will see what kind of guy he is...

Interesting, now lets take a look at online reviews for Joyce Julian (the judge that was kicked off the bench, who now practices with Robert Hannan (courtesy google reviews) Seen Here:, Miami&cid=[protected]&ei=UlsAT5aDLImbgwe_rYSnAg&sa=X&oi=local_result&ct=placepage-link&resnum=4&ved=0CEMQ4gkwAw

“Beware: Read this and do your homework first Panel Drops Complaint Facing Judge January 13, 2003| By Ardy Friedberg, Florida Correspondent The commission that disciplines Florida judges has dropped a complaint against Joyce Julian, who lost her bid for re-election to the Broward Circuit Court in November.Allegations of drunken behavior and lying to law enforcement officers stemmed from an incident in December 2001. Julian, 45, was arrested after being found drunk and partially undressed at a judicial conference at the Amelia Island Plantation Resort near Jacksonville, according to police.The incident was compounded when she said she had been drugged and sexually assaulted.The Nassau County Sheriff's Office declared the drug and assault accusations "unfounded" later that same month. Disorderly intoxication charges against the judge were dropped because she enrolled in a 30-day alcohol-rehabilitation program.The Judicial Qualifications Commission on Tuesday issued a one-sentence notice of dismissal, which said, "The Investigative Panel . . . hereby dismisses the Notice of Formal Charges without prejudice." Without prejudice means they could be filed again, though the commission loses its jurisdiction over judges once they leave the bench.Julian is still a licensed attorney and The Florida Bar could proceed against her, but Julian's attorney, Michael Dutko, said on Friday that he knows of no further action pending against her. "We have had no notification from the state Bar or any reason to think that will occur, " he said. Julian is currently "exploring various career options in the private sector, " Dutko said. Julian could not be reached for comment. As a Judge... she put my 5 year old child and myself out on the street after "landing" her as my judge in 2003. I filed a domestic abuse case, with law enforcement backing me and photos of the investigation. My ex was law enforcement... she took care of him. She put my home up for sale since I was a stay home mother and couldn't make the payment. She was voted off the bench. Local law enforcement negotiated that issue for her. Her last case was mine... Dec 2003. She showed up 20 minutes late, drunk and under the influence of some other kind of drugs as well... it was overwhelmingly obvious to everyone in the room. She had been out all night partying. Be very careful... I would NEVER want what my child and I have been through to happen to ANY other family no matter what the case is. Signed, Someone who cares”

“Avoid this law firm!! was referred to this lawyer for my divorce. turns out she was a judge kicked off the bench for unprofessional behavior. she handed the case to her junior associate who proceeded to bungle the whole case all the while running up bills of $20000. when she got in over her head, she withdrew from the case leaving me high and dry, without a lawyer, a mess of problems and now she wants to get paid for the rest of the work she supposedly did. watch these people like a hawk, they will rip you off. they are supposedly good mediators but if you need a lawyer that will be your advocate and defend and protect you against some other sleezebag attorney look elsewhere. broward county is disgusting. all the lawyers are buddies regardless of how they may appear in court, they are looking out for themselves only. to hell with their clients. i have been told of cases involving these guys on opposite sides of divorce cases teaming up to drag things out for months and months just to continue milking the client for more and more”

I noticed that people are accusing Robert Hannan and Joyce Julian for writing their own positive reviews online, it may appear so now wouldn’t it? I found that Yelp filtered reviews, they were flagged, I wonder WHO would flag negative reviews and keep a positive that looks as if it were written by an attorney?

Keep in mind in Novemebr 2011 5 attorneys were disbarred in fort Lauderdale, the same town that these attorneys practice in.

Natalie Kay also operates out of this address with Robert S Hannan and Joyce Julian, lets take a look at what Robert Hannan and Natalie Kay have in common, well According to Broward County Clerk, they both handle divorces and domestic issues with them, this is odd don’t you think? It appears that some of this firms clients file domestic violence, surely the attorneys are not telling their clients to do that right? That would be a false report, wouldn't it? How can these attorneys operate together in the same office or divorce cases, or even domestic cases, when Joyce Julian claims she was sexually attacked? Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest to opposing counsel, and SHOW a Biased toward men ???Especially since Robert Hannan is affiliated with Women in Distress according to Does Robert Hannans male clients see justice? Does Robert Hannans opposing husbands see justice, or are they in fact biased as it would appear? But hey that’s my opinion with information I gathered to present to you.

Robert Scott Hannan, Fort Lauderdale, Natalie Kay, Joyce Julian operate out of the same office/firm. Robert Scott Hananan was ticketed for hunting/fishing/trappingwithout a license
viewed here:

He also had ticket for no drivers license, apparently has no respect for the law in which he practices . these tickets can be verified on Broward County Clerk here:

Now Joyce Julian, she was a Broward Circuit Judge, KICKED OFF THE BENCH Joyce Julian's run-in with police at a North Florida here in the Sun Sentinel:

Then Natalie Kay and Robert Hannan are divorce attorneys, but why is it several of their divorce cases have a domestic violence attached and why did a lady write on google reviews that Joyce Julian was her attorney and she filed a domestic issue? It kinda seems like a pattern, Again it appears there may be some bias toward men at this firm.

Why are people claiming online reviews that Robert Hannan TOLD them to file a report?
I think we need to watch Robert Hannans cases and Joyce Julians cases VERY CAREFULLY in 2012, and how the Judges of Broward County TREAT them, because 5 ATTORENYS have been disbarred all in Fort Lauderdale, where Robert Hannan and Joyce Julian practice, along with Natalie Kay.

I still would like to think that our Judges aforementioned or any in Broward for that matter, got mixed up on Facebook without any knowledge of Robert Hannan or Joyce Julians reputations which apparently precede them.After all people can write what they want online according to the 1st amendment and have their privacy protected.

If you look here Robert Hannan is in court for a mortgage debt of 250, 000.00 and people claim he drags out divorces over a year, could it be to recoup money? Here is proof Seems like he tries to hold people responsible for things he avoids, see the hypocrisy?

Furthermore there is a connection with Joyce Julian, Robert Hannan petitioned to divorce his wife Laura M Hannan [protected] and retained...yup Joyce Julian, who later became a judge, interesting isn’t it? See evidence here:

Seems like an attorney who resorts to scare tactics, and remember the old saying, Birds of a feather flock together? You do the math, don’t take my word for it, make your own decision, do your research, I gave my opinion, with research online and you can give yours.I have suffered immensely from This Robert Hannan and his unethical antics, threats and harassment toward me.

Now going back to Robert Hannans Facebook he is friends with Carlos Rebollo, a Circuit Court Judge, group 22 wonder what that means?

Robert Hannan is also friends with Kenneth and Micahel Kaplan, Surely he is not friends with Judge Michael Kaplan?? WOW this seems to go deep. See Here:

Then divorce court is transferred to Marina Garcia Wood, the same judge that presides over many of Robert Hannan, And his firm's divorce cases, Remember Marina Garcia Wood transferred and now is currently presiding over Robert Hannans civil debt $250, 000.00 the same civil debt, which clients claim he drags out divorce over a year...possibly 2 years to help recoup his debt. that is weird isn't it???

Lets hope that Judge Marina Garcia Woods is firm and fair with Robert Hannan, and treats him like any other citizen of Broward County

So do the math, Robert Hannan and his firm have clients that file or possibly had clients domestic violence with a divorce which Judge Kaplan handles.

Why would this firm do this?? Is it because a domestic issue is one case and a divorce is another that equals 2 case$. ? Hmm It seems it is money related now doesn't it?

Keep in mind Robert Hannan is currently pending in Marina Garcias Woods court for $250, 000.

This information showing connection pertaining to the people attacking clients through what I consider to be unethical means, opposing attorneys need to move to dismiss any and all legal actions against from this particular court on the grounds of possible bias and corruption coming from this legal firm and its connections to the current court over any case and others alike client and opposing.

I would also move to have others entire case transferred to another county and under the authority of a different judge if at all possible as we don't know how deep this runs in Broward County, or at least another unrelated judge there in the county until an investigation is finished upon Joyce Julian, Robert Hannan, Natalie Kay and anyone else that is or has operated with these attorneys.

Not only does Hannan have a history of legal abuse from people reporting him online, but he continues to show his negative antics allegedly on his professional business sites by outlining how he deals with the husband of a particular case concerning moving his Clients out of the courts reach, filing for domestic violence orders against the husband etc. Robert Hannan is affiliated with Women in distress and apparently takes on several women as clients, interesting? Wouldn't this be biased toward men once again? And If Robert Hannan does take on a man, would they benefit from hiring him or his staff, especially Joyce Julian?

He also seems to demonstrate a close and unprofessional relationships with others working there in the same office, whom some of which have been terminated from the bench for whatever reason and moreover, seem to have a highly stereotypical outlook on the male gender whom further, effects the way they handle each case as it comes in, as Joyce Julian claimed sexual assault.

That again, seems to be geared to cause great emotional and financial damage to not only the other side, but to their client as well
Robert Hannan’s office, and because Joyce Julian claims she was assaulted, this makes her biased toward domestic violence cases, in which Robert Hannan and the like practice and shows biased toward the male gender.

These above are my opinions with facts I found on Broward County Clerks, my personal experience and of course other online reviews on these above aforementioned. I hope someone out there is strong enough to stand up and report them to the bar, I cant be the only one suffering.

Unethical, Corrupt? Favoritism Biased


  • Ju
    Justice Fighter Jun 04, 2012

    Yes I agree Joyce Julian and much of the Broward's or as I know it COWARD COUNTY'S lack of justice system is connected and it shows when a connected case comes up.
    In my case it seems they did not like me voicing the conversation I had with a man from Jordan just prior to 911, this man and others warned BSO and the FBI but he said they did not believe him. For some reason Mohamed Alta “sorry if name is spelled incorrect”, got the seat next to me on my next flight as I recall from FLL to LGA, seems they had inside connection or a very good/bad network.
    In hind sight they likely knew, but was ordered to play stupid much like the court does to help the connected.
    I was also fighting to keep my family off hard drugs” products of the connected”, dealers that did not want anything to happen to the Oxy etc. operations they had going that killed more people than the 911 attack, they wanted to discredit me and destroy my ability to dig dirt up on the dirty.
    Thanks to Joyce Julian, and my Judge who's son worked for the RRA law firm but knew nothing of the 1.2 Billion dollar scam even though he seemed to be very close to Scott Rothstein like number 4, and thanks to the X wife's lawyer and to some extent my lawyer set me on a path of finical destruction by giving me back my house after kicking me out after I was in a lease, forcing it to foreclosure and insisting I pay 3000 per month or go to jail both written and verbal. The last contempt of court the judge wrote this is a sad case. He also told me I don't understand why you need money to work, I replied like I have been saying for years airplane tickets, hotels, rental cars, food and other expenses for work, and the big money is over, the company I was contracting for could not utilize me except for local jobs and it was often hard to get money to do local jobs. There is no reason that so many people can be blind and or stupid, they are clearly connected to people that put money above family and above human life. Thanks to these spineless people many people die each day and will continue as long as we let the rich and powerful connected get by with it.
    They are few but has overall control.
    It is a real sad joke when the lawmakers takes marijuana off the ballot but is slow to stop the crap the drug companies push, crap they are selling as clearly designed addictive and harmful replacements for less harmful drugs and they have very willing users of the crap due to the BS drug court that does a great job of pushing the man made fake crap, who would want to burn incense that smell like burning cardboard or cow crap, how many people go to the news stand or gas station to buy bath salts or incense . Maybe when someone getting ate alive close to them spineless lawmakers/ enforcers they will see it is not worth the money and they must stand up for humanity. However many of them will sell their mother or sister for money, the guy who took the fall for the pain clinics had family members that were addicted to Oxy's Blues basically Heroin and if they don't get them they become painfully sick.

    Bottom line Florida is documented #1 in public corruption and Broward is the center, it seems they don't really care who knows about it because they feel they are in control regardless. I pray this can be changed for the good of others especially families.
    Florida is the testing ground for many of the corrupt evil deeds for the connected, 911, the distribution of 10 times more oxycodine than all other states combined, and the latest designer drugs and much more. It has took much time for them to get this Bold but the seeds are planted, again no one is as stupid as some of our local, state, and federal government pretends to be. I call it Bush Wacked with a Greek twist ok maybe he was that stupid.
    Read the Florida Grand Jury Report it talks about the corruption, conversations I overheard from the connected thugs did state connections to many of these low people in high places.
    One law I would like to see changed is the one that makes it illegal to record audio and or video in your own home, how can we protect our family from the lies the drug dealing thugs spread to gain support from our family. In many states it is legal, this is a law to protect plotting thugs and they use it. If you suspect something I warn you that recording phone conversations are illegal unless you can find a non connected judge that is willing to sign a court order and not inform the thugs " good luck" but if you do, don't listen to just what you can normally hear, using a program such as wave pad by NCH amplify the blank spaces till you see audio waveforms sometime the blank spaces contain hidden messages that they can decode sometimes these massages are difficult to hear and may have the frequencies shifted etc to make the massage difficult to detect and decode. Don't be fooled there is enough band width to do it, one the Fed's told me they are not using that level of technology but did not deny it could be done. Later this was confirmed with a telecommunications engineer.
    For example the thugs could leave hidden meassges with instructions of what to drug you with. For sure Xanax can make you forget everything that goes on around you, I have never did Xanax and never will but I tested myself positive for it, wonder how that happened?, It’s a thug world.
    These ### took all I worked for and make it difficult to earn a living after serving my country 7 years, they made it imposable to guide or help my children, the X also lost out and is working at a gas station because the plan to finically destroy me finally worked.
    To the wise what can we do to stop the Florida's connected corruption??
    I am sure not all of the connected are connected willingly but still lack the backbone and resources to stand up for humanity and fight.
    In conversations I heard the thugs rejoiced at Julian being the mediator, and later said I was trying to destroy their mediator.
    "After rejoicing about the mediator the thugs said they also know " Old Judge Berken" also but the tone seems to indicate he was at onetime at least more difficult to deal with, unfortunately the thugs are good at finding breaking points.

    I am glad I did not spend much of my life going to school to learn to fight for justice to find out in connected cases crime is in control.
    Just for fun look the department of corrections list especially people on the run. Many of the pictures are incorrect, just another sign of connections, also I have found discrepancy’s in death record.
    Please someone find a way to stop this evil that is destroying humanity, my only hope for now is one of the evil plots will destroy them. Or God will come and fix it all.
    God Bless the world.
    And for those who don’t believe in GOD you must believe in Humanity or you are not human.

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