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Robert Morris Universityfraud and corruption

Robert Morris University cares only about getting students' money and don't care about students' careers. There is lots of corruption at this school, and they harass students to do their internship at Robert Morris University. However, the internship at Robert Morris consists of conducting a research. RMU also cares more about keeping positive relationship with companies than impacting students' careers in a positive way. I found an internship at a Hospital and filled the internship application about practicum. However, later on I understood by one of the people working for the given hospital that RMU representative has spoken with them to give me to do a research instead of having a hands- on experience. I found this to be very disturbing because I believe that RMU should not stand on students' way to achieve their goals. They not only do this to those students who do not want to do their practicum with them, but they do it to everybody. It is like they own you if you are their student. Also, if you work at Robert Morris University, even if you are a student employee doing some office jobs, you are required to do your internship at Robert Morris University and not anywhere else. In fact, RMU is more like a research school where students conduct researches for all of their classes, but it does not provide any real hands-on experience. If they say that RMU provides hands- on experience, they are referring to the tons of research papers students need to write for their classes.


  • De
    Debbie6601 Oct 16, 2018

    Master Business Adminstration, Human Resources Management=== Drive a school bus.

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  • Me
    MeoS Jun 13, 2016

    I am African American male student, and I graduated in 2013. I agree with the other student's comments on that instructors write lower grades to African American students than they do to white ones. To balance this, I have observed that over 80% of the African American students are abusive toward the white ones. In addition to all this racial tension, I have been told that some security guards seek sexual favors by female students. If female students are not willing to do any sexual favors to some security guards, the security guards are finding the internet webpages of the female students and are harassing them. I also agree that students do 99% of the work, and more than 80% of the instructors have not even read the textbook or don't know what it is about

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  • Rm
    RMmm Jun 13, 2016

    Some Robert Morris Securities are making out and having sex with students and Robert Morris Employees in the gym, after the gym hours and after the gym is closed. They conduct their acts where students make massages and in the fitting room where are the showers.

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  • Pe
    PETE TT Oct 10, 2013

    The security at Robert Morris University is reading students' RMU emails because they have too much time on their hands. If you don't want the security to read your RMU email and stalk you on the internet by reading your online posts and searching your internet websites, you need to keep as much distance as possible from them, never tell them your name, and never give them your personal information. The security at RMU can get too far with their stupidity, and they can use students' social security number to get into students' bank accounts. Also, make sure that you don't check RMU website on facebook if you don't want them to know who you are.
    RMU has created their website in a way that they can track who is checking their website and from where their website has been checked. One time a student had a post that the students at Robert Morris University are treated like they are in high school. However, it is worse. The students at RMU are treated like they are in prison. RMU staff are getting into every part of person's life and want to know everything about the students. After they understand something about the students, the RMU staff start harassing the students. In fact, the RMU staff start treating students like a real garbage. In addition, RMU does not provide the environment where students feel at school. This school is based on the idea from whom they can make more profit. The students who play sports are the light of the school; therefore, they can go by without placing any effort to do their homework. Instructors are all nice to them even if they don't come prepared to class because these students contribute in a positive way to the image of the school. In addition, the administration not only stalks students on the internet and want to know what is not their business, but they also listen to students' conversations. For example, if students seat on the chairs on the, which are outside of the classrooms, the administration will get close to the students so they can listen to whether students are talking something bad about the school. Sgain, they do all this crap because they have too much time on their hands, and students are doing all their work with assigning them to research some issues pertaining to the higher education. Also, RMU took away all of the vending machines. If you have evening classes or play sports, make sure to bring food from the outside because you will not find any vending machines, and the store might be close. On the top of all this mess, their is NO microwave on any of the stores, and the security is locking the gym several hours before the time when the gym must be closed. All they do is go around to harass and bother students. They like the lazy students, the ones who do not use the library or the gym.Sometimes the security will even tell students that the fire will go on just to close the gym several hours early than the time for closing. Wow! It is such an easy way to make money without not doing anything but just bothering students.

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  • Pe
    Peter Rodriguez Oct 08, 2013

    Depending on when you are reading this, I am either currently enrolled at RMU, or have graduated (Graduation Date Feb. 2011). I came to RMU because of the recognition the Admissions team presented me. I fell into the trap of getting wrapped up my all the pretty picture and lights. RMU presents this image of being cutting edge, being more practicing practical education, and the big turn key of Graduating earlier.

    First off when you are presented your schedule you are force fed classes. There is little room to make changes or pursue outside interest.

    Second admissions will say anything to get you in the door (yes, I know this happens at any school, but they will call and email right to the weekly legal limit before harassment.

    Third for RMU to really push this "Not-For-Profit" image it doesn't do much to protect the interest of the students or its Professors.

    Fourth and maybe my favorite, if you look at the amount of time you study at RMU, and compare it to a traditional 4 year institution and figure out how early you get out taking courses over the summer, then subtract the breaks you get to take at the traditional school, you technically would graduate earlier if you were to fill in those gaps with a class or two, compared to RMU's overloaded year.

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  • Pe
    Peter Rodriguez Oct 08, 2013

    The security officers at Robert Morris University are checking students' internet websites because they have too much time on their hands. Also, at the beginning of each program, students are shown how to connect their computers to the RMU internal network. They are told that if they enter some number, which is on their computer, they will be able to read the articles on the electronic library. However, this means that the security is able to get into students' computers or computer internal software system and read what they are doing on the internet. It is just students are not told about this .

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  • Bm
    BMAAA Aug 30, 2013

    I decided to attend Robert Morris based on the fact that I was supposedly able to finish a business degree quickly, affordably, and efficiently. They also have an open enrollment status, and advertised "advanced placement", meaning that I was able to take classes at my own pace, thus allowing me flexibility and freedom.
    My decision was based on their propoganda and the information provided to me by my admissions counselor. I was told that I would be charged a flat tuition fee to take up to 24 credits per quarter (6 classes) five quarters a year. I was also told that many professors would allow me to take on extra projects if I felt that the classes were not challenging enough.

    I went through the entire admissions process, all the way up to the day of registration, before I realized that I had been given incorrect information. First of all, Robert Morris designs your schedule for you, allowing no freedom whatsoever. I was required to take classes that I had already transferred in as well as classes that I could have easily placed out of. (the dreaded CIS 101) I was also required to take the exact same group of classes with the same group of students for the next three years. When I questioned my department counselor about these requirements conflicting with their current marketing materials, I was told that the materials were outdated. (The materials were printed and dated for the same school year that I was planning to enroll)

    I also want to reflect on the attitudes and overall friendliness of the college. For the most part, everyone that I had spoken with was rude, unfriendly, and inconsiderate. The financial aid department misplaced several sections of my tax forms, and as a result, I was not able to get funding within a resonable period of time. Overall, I got the impression that they were more concerned with the bottom line than the quality of their student body, faculty, and education.All of these factors contributed to my dissatisfaction with Robert Morris college and the reason for my withdrawl Morris University Illinois

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  • Fa
    faddd Aug 30, 2013

    Robert Morris survives on false advertising. Not A SINGLE thing I was told was true. ALL classes are pre-determined, grading on attendance is manditory, failures for being late to class are acceptable (forget about passing if you have a job), the teachers are rude, offensive, hateful (I had one have a nerveous break down), you are treated badly and looked down upon by the faculty if you take issue with anything and it will destroy your chances of ever graduating, you must walk on egg shells with the teachers because they can fail you for any reason without any consequence (the teachers there have been there for 20 years and push the administration around like younger siblings). Six of my friends and classmates have already transfered (credits are not transferable to ANY college by the way), the financial department can't tell what your current balances are or why they keep sending you bills for $10, 000 one week and send you checks (that bounce) for $1, 200 the next. Some other issues have been covered by other reviewers.For the love of god, yourself, your family and your future... Pick another college.

    Very expensive and a total waste of your money. There are plenty of better schools in Chicago, Peoria and Springfield.

    Fitness & Exercise degree is a BIG, FAT, EXPENSIVE JOKE! Teachers were inexperienced and unrealistic. Classes were not challenging enough and lacked structure. If you're looking for a fitness degree, go elsewhere and get your bachelor's or even just settle for a quick program like at NPTI! You will learn NOTHING at Robert Morris College! Morris University Illinois

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  • My
    MYYYYYYYYY Aug 30, 2013

    In the ten years since I graduated from RMC the only job I had that was remotely connected to my degree was that of Office Space Designer, not really as cool as it sounds and not only that but I got that one through a temp agency when RMC career services completely failed to find anything reasonable in my field (Computer Science/Drafting).
    Most of my fellow students were basically just passing through and on daddy's dollar. Out of my class (admittedly a pilot program at the time, since canceled, that's a good sign right?) of 15 people only three of them (including me) gave a crap about the program, a few others seemed to be getting it and the rest were disruptive, ner'do'wells and probably need(ed) a good spanking or a stint in jail (dopers, liars, lazy-a$$es). The bulk of my fellow students would have rather looked at or checked their email instead of actually doing any work. The course itself was rather unimpressive. I had and still do have a love of drawing/drafting and had taught myself pretty well in high school, I actually created two semesters of Drafting (well, nobody had ever taken the advanced CAD courses and so the teacher didn't have any set curriculum. Mr. L. basically handed me the book and told me to do whatever I wanted and he would grade it accordingly. It was the easiest and most useful "A" I ever got in school, and I worked my but off for it just because I loved the material.) So I learned almost nothing from the actual RMC course work, the only real benefit was having decent machines with newer AutoCAD and a large plotter to work with (I sure used the hell out of that plotter to fill my portfolio). I was so good that the other students that cared quickly glommed on to me as a pseudo-professor and asked me all their questions. That leads to the next part of this critique.

    The staff/faculty were basically a joke, all except one and even he was not in the right element. They brought in this ex-factory engineer. He had designed some really good systems in his time but he was not a teacher per se. He knew his stuff but had a hard time communicating it and taking charge of the class. I got along great with Mr. T. and learned a lot from just picking his brain and leading him to the topics I most wanted to learn (wait who was the student here, oh yeah me, dang). After the 2d/3d design class debacle he was let go which was really too bad for me and the other two. The lazy portion of the class didn't appreciate his criticism of their "art" and got a petition going to have him removed. You do the math, 3 vs 12, Mr. T. was let go. I even went directly to the Dean and told her that Mr. T. was a good man and knew his stuff and that the whole issue was over "art" (trust me some of that stuff was just bogus and not art at all). So they replaced him with this (no names changed to protect the guilty here) Mr. Mask doofus. This guy got along great with all the lazy ner'do'wells because he was them in five years. He relied too much on multimedia, didn't know the material (even some real basic stuff), and IF he was in the class room he was too busy checking his email or screwing around on the internet (looking for a better job)(notice I said IF he was in class, about half the time he was not, in fact he was usually at the financial aid office hitting on the secretary). And that was the drafting side. Ms. Vanmeeter in English Comp (why in the hell did I have to take that class anyway, I was way more literate than any ten of those other goof-balls including the prof.) was a liar, a cheater, and a sexist. I'm not even kidding here, she would give her female students higher marks just for being female and I proved it (the other alternative is she was a reverse racist but that doesn't really factor here). Quickly, I grew suspicious that I was getting weaker marks than I should have (having done great in this subject for the prior four years of it I took in high school) and one of my friends/fellow students had come to me for some help on a paper. This was a second pass grade system where you got to edit your material after an initial grade (nothing helps like a little teaching-to-the-test). I didn't rewrite it or anything but noticed that my friend had already gotten a better provisional grade than I had. When we turned in our papers, my friend got an "A" and I was still stuck with a "B-". Anyway, on the next assignment we swapped papers after writing them and had a couple of other friends witness this for when we went to the Dean. Sure enough I got a "B-" and she got an "A". (Note this is nowhere near a definitive clinical test but people don't miraculously get better or worse at writing in three days either.) This prof. still teaches at RMC last I checked. The Dean is also an idiot, as if that wasn't obvious.

    I attended one of the satellite campuses (not going to say which one) and it was the smallest, lamest, most convoluted campus I have ever been on. The building was racked with problems, the parking lot was treacherous, the library was small and out-dated, the bookstore/career office was in another building (ACROSS A RIVER WITH NO PEDESTRIAN ACCESS EXCEPT ON A BUSY MAJOR STREET) and they rented out class space from a church on the other end of the parking lot. Talk about doing it wrong. At least I didn't have to use their housing system, I'm not even sure that campus has housing and if it did it's not even close enough to be practical.

    However, the actually Chicago campus is relatively nice, it's no UIUC or UC but nice. Also the head of the program I was in works there too, a Dr. Gaste (hope I spelled that right), he was really nice when I met him once and he even told me that I should really be there as I had real talent. At the time I really wasn't sure what to make of that statement but it's sort of inconsequential now, thanks anyway Doc.

    To add insult to injury (or the other way around), in the last week of school leading up to finals and then graduation some jerk stole my zip disk (wow that's old tech) with almost all of my files on it for the term INCLUDING MY FINAL PROJECT! (I did learn one valuable lesson I guess, always, always, always back up your work.) At the time I thought maybe I had lost it but in the last ten years and three moves I have not found it, I save everything BTW, I still have all my work from High School on firmys.

    Overall I would give this school a "D" and this program an "F", they did too apparently since it only lasted two years. As a recap, the staff are undereducated and uninterested, the administration is a bunch of reactionary buffoons, the program is nearly worthless to somebody with ambition and drive, the facilities are horrible, and the student body is a brain-addled couch-potato with personality problems and low ethics.

    The one line zinger? I would have been better off taking the twenty grand I spent on this fancy toilet-paper to buy a really good graphics workstation, programs I would need to learn and just done what I had always done and teach myself what I needed to know. If I had some money left after all that then I could have found a guy to whip me up a fake diploma to hang on my wall. Or just done that too since I could have afforded a legit copy of Photoshop.

    My advice to prospective students, ask a lot of questions and if you don't like the answers keep asking and keep looking. As it specifically applies here, RMC = Real ###s College. (Or as we that gave a crap about the course and felt shafted liked to call it Bob's College of Knowledge.)What should I have done? First off, not go to this school. Second off, did a little more research. And third, I should have gotten out when I started to notice the ship sinking.

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  • Mj
    MJJJJJJJ Aug 30, 2013

    The Tuition and Financial Aid process at Robert Morris Univeristy is awful. Although the staff tries to work with students and explain the information, the entire process is an absolute setup. Tuiton is through the roof, and increases each year. An undergrad degree here costs more than Master Degree at other institutions! The school makes you jump through hoops to receive any type of support. And perhaps one of the most frustrating tuition issues I have with the school are the books! Each year, a new edition is required, even if the course is a continuation from a previous quarter! And of course, the school will not accept prior editions to buy back. Robert Morris University is all about earning a dollar - not about students earning an education.

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  • Tw
    TWCS Aug 30, 2013

    I came to RMU because of the recognition the Admissions team presented me. I fell into the trap of getting wrapped up all the pretty picture and lights. RMU presents this image of being cutting edge, being more practicing practical education, and the big turn key of Graduating earlier. However, the practical education they refer to is the research papers students need to write each week for their classes.

    First off when you are presented your schedule you are force fed classes. There is little room to make changes or pursue outside interest.

    Second admissions will say anything to get you in the door (yes, I know this happens at any school, but they will call and email right to the weekly legal limit before harassment. DO NOT give them your email address or phone number...they will stalk u until u respond, no lie

    Third for RMU to really push this "Not-For-Profit" image it doesn't do much to protect the interest of the students or its Professors.

    Fourth and maybe my favorite, if you look at the amount of time you study at RMU, and compare it to a traditional 4 year institution and figure out how early you get out taking courses over the summer, then subtract the breaks you get to take at the traditional school, you technically would graduate earlier if you were to fill in those gaps with a class or two, compared to RMU's overloaded year.

    If you plan on attending RMU and you're from out of state, don't plan on going home too often the breaks are too short.

    The schools philosophy of trying following the latest and greatest doesn't follow suit. You will pay way too much in books, and get very little in return for it. Save your money and go to a cheaper school, really the headache once you're here is not worth it.

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