River Oaks MHP, LLCunauthorized street parking

E Jan 14, 2020

January 13, 2020

Emery Johnson
5300 E. Desert In Rd #280
Las Vegas, NV 89122

rhp Properties
River Oaks MHP LLC
Ms. Jocelyn Ramos Community Manager
5300 E.. Desert Inn Road
Las Vegas, NV 89122

Dear Ms Ramos;

Subject: Oversized Box Truck Parked Continuously on Street Day and Night
Posing Safety and Vehicular Accident Risk

This has been a continual problem, resurfacing each time River Oaks MHP, LLC gets a new Community Manager, emboldening resident Richard Lentz of Unit#281 to test the Rules & Covenants and repeatedly Street Park this Oversized Truck 24/7 at his whim.

This Truck's recent all day and all night parking at Residence 5300 E Desert Inn Rd # 281 Las Vegas NV 89122: Dec 30, 2019, Dec 31, 2019, Jan 3, 2020, Jan. 8, 2020, Jan 9, 2020, Jan 12, 2020, Jan 13, 2020 and today Jan.14, 2020.

1) Traffic Safety Accident Hazzard

Every time we Exit our Driveway, day or Night while that Box Truck is parked there we are dodging a "Vehicular Accident Bullet", Both ourselves and any on coming travel traffic are driving blind and are at risk of a potential collision.

2) Night Safety Potential Ambush Area

At Night the Park Streets are not well lit as it is, with this Hugh Box Truck being parked on the street at night, the darkness and shadows are far worse, The perfect place to hide and pounce on any unsuspecting person. This potential risk of attack has increased over the last several months, since River Oaks' has left both entrance and exit parameter gates open day and night to easy outside access. This being a Senior Park we are a prime target. As there is no security patrols we are on or own.

3) Eye Sore

When you look out your window one of the last things you want to see is a Hugh Ugly Dirty White Box Truck spoiling the view.

Finally I have lived at both Valley Vista and River Oaks Parks for a combined fifteen years, I used to own a Motor home, while residing here and I was required to park it in the Parks Gated Long Term Oversized Parking Area. Mr. Lentz should be required to do the same, instead of parking months at a time in Guess Parking, Empty Lots or on the Parks Streets.

Emery Johnson..

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