• Bo
    Bobby V Dec 12, 2007

    There is no way possible to accidentally subscribe to our service. The process is multi-step and requires that the user acknowledge their understanding of the program before being activated. The user, upon entering their cell number will be sent a unique PIN code to their phone.

    In order to be activated the user must either reply on their mobile phone to that message accepting the subscription or enter that unique PIN code in to the website and check a box saying that they have AGREE to the terms and conditions of the offer. The price is prominently displayed as well as the terms of the offer are shown on the first page. We are not only regulated
    by normal legal business law and common best practices, but we are also compliant with the Mobile Marketing Associations guidelines or mobile content distribution. In addition, ever offer that we attempt to put before the public is subject to an extensive 4 week review by each cellular company individually as they obviously want to protect their customer base.


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  • De
    Denise Damele Feb 19, 2008

    I would like to be taken off the list. I don't want RingAZA anymore. Thanks.

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  • La
    laslo hegedis Mar 11, 2008

    I would to be taken off the list.I don't want RingAZA anymore.Thanks.Laszlo

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  • Hy
    hyestr Mar 19, 2008

    I also got a text message from this company, RingAZA, saying I subscribed and will be charged $9.99/mo. Never heard of this company, never subscribed in any shape or form. I had to call my wireless carrier and put a stop to it. FRAUD!

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  • Aa
    Aaron Wilson Mar 23, 2008

    I have been getting this charge to and sprint wont help out this sucks.

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  • Tr
    Tracey R. Hackett Mar 26, 2008


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  • Ch
    Chalres Reavis Apr 28, 2008

    I also have been charged and have asked my cellular company to reverse the charges. They claim they can do nothing about it.
    I have attempted to contact this company and get no response.
    I have done nothing to ask for this ring tone. The cellular carrier tells me that they are very tricky in having people sign up for this service without their knowledge, and that they have had this problem alot.
    Somebody needs to take ownership for this.
    Who is the legal authority that governs them so we can send a written complaint.

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  • Jo
    John Jun 09, 2008

    This company is a fraud and a scam. They charged me $19.99 without my authorization and said they will keep on charging me that amount every month. I am complaining to AT&T, BBB and I want to file a Class Action suit. Let me know who is interested.

    Do not give your number to them. They will charge you without authorization and it will take weeks to resolve the issue. Not to mention the tens of junk emails they keep on sending.

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  • Sa
    sandy Aug 02, 2008

    i so agree to this complaint!!i just recieved a text that makes it sound as if i have joined their, 19.99 per month...thank you for being in our club and for continuing your membership...i have never joined and do not ever intend to!!!last month, i had to get off all unsolicited phone calls to my phone due to a certain college continuously calling at all hours!i told them over and over to take me off their list and each time thet said they would but they did not. it was horrible!different ones would call from different numbers and say i did not tell them, and i would say oh yes i did, it was a different person but the same school because they would announce it before beginning their schpeel.i cannot describe how mad i was!anyway, my ph.comp.will take the charge off my ph., if the ringaza comp.does end up charging.i feel very badly for the ones whose ph.cos.will not do this my suggestion is to keep on complainig!!!do not stop till you get justice!!thanks for listening.

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  • Do
    Donna Vittoria Aug 06, 2008

    Being charged for text messages that were not authorized by me! Beware all! Do not let them get you!

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  • Ja
    Jasmine Cohen Aug 19, 2008

    I do want to keep my pixplace account active.

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  • Mi
    Mike Oct 14, 2008

    To: BOBBY V

    Loser? There's no "accidental way"? Well HELL yes there is YOU LOSER! Very misleading. These little Quizzes and Tests that are offered online, such as an IQ test that pops up on everyone's facebook when NOBODY on your friend's list has taken the test, yet it says they have and are challenging you. First of all THAT is misleading and misinformative. Secondly, when you take the quiz, it says to get the results you must enter your CELL Number and they'll be sent to you. Hmmm. First you have to agree to the Terms and Conditions but once you try to view the terms and conditions either ONE: Your popup blocker blocks the site. TWO: Your antivirus protection says the site is UNSAFE and the popup is blocked. or THREE: if you turn off either of the first two, you get MANY popups and by the time you close them out you are back to where you started and amazingly the terms and conditions have been agreed to.

    How the hell do you consider that "LEGAL". I could understand it if I text messaged the company and asked for the service, but this type of back door ### is just OFFENSIVE, MISLEADING, and UNETHICAL business practice. You won't get a damned DIME from me YOU DOUCHEBAG

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  • Jo
    John Oct 16, 2008

    I agree with the can "accidentally" be subscribed to your scam of a service if someone puts in a phone number that doesn't belong to them...and you get $20...please...Not to mention, a screen pops up after you take the IQ test and they send you a text message saying you subscribed to their service which you haven't...and that is an unauthorized charge. You will be hearing from my team of lawyers.

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  • Ja
    Jan L Oct 28, 2008

    I did not subscribe to this crazy scheme. One day, I went on a website and asked to receive different ring-tones and then began receiving these ridiculous text messages. I've just sent back a message "STOP" after one of the text messages said they would stop sending the messages if I replied w/ this message. I'm hoping this is the end!

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  • Mi
    Mik Nov 03, 2008

    I played some quiz about Metallica from a link I clicked on with facebook, and thinking facebook was reputable, the link was ok. I won the quiz, clicked "download your free ringtone", and I was taken to a page of ringtones with about 10 artists, NONE of them Metallica, but there were several other links on the page asking me to "click here" for other stuff. I never did get my ringtone, so that is false advertising to start with.

    On top of that, I am now receiving multiple text messages every hour, none of which I consented or subscribed to, and if you are going to tell me that I didn't "read" the fine print, that's illegal and entrapment, and that's just for starters. You can't advertise things like that and then sign someone up, knowing that they would have disagreed, had they knew what they were signing up for. That's a scam, and if it was legitimate, you wouldn't have to put it in the fine print in the first place.

    I just tried sending a message to customer support, and I am getting page timeouts on the page, and when I log into the account that was created for me when I tried to get my free ringtone (which I also did not consent to), I went to the "account" page, to request for the text messages I keep getting on my phone to stop, it went to another page with another advertisement asking me for my phone number again, and a PIN, NOT an account page where I can subscribe/unsubscribe to get the text messages to stop.

    I would appreciate if I could get someone from that company to get in touch with me so I can get any and all of my information removed from their database, as I did not consent, nor did I subscribe, and I do not want to create an account. This is misleading and it's a felony at the very least.

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  • Li
    LINDA PETRY Nov 07, 2008

    Please remove me from your list now.
    480-390-6876 Linda Petry

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  • Ll
    ll Nov 14, 2008

    hey tht happend 2 me...they said they would send results to the test if i typed in the pin...then they said i had subscribed and to stop all i had 2 do was send stop 2 them...i did tht immediately so i was subscribed 4 all of 2 minutes...are they still going 2 charge me the monthly fee??

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  • Ov
    OV614 Mar 04, 2009

    Bobby V,

    I am amazed that you talk to people they way that you do knowing that your company uses the sneaky tactics it does to acquire your business. I myself, did not order the pin number. I read the small print underneath which tells you that you are actually subscribing to a service which has absolutely nothing to do with the task you were performing. I stumbled upon this by clicking on an IQ test. I answered about 10 questions that anyone with a 3rd grade education should be able to answer. Then, before it gives you your IQ score it wants your cell phone number so that it can send you a pin. Only by reading the fine print underneath will you discover that you are actually subscribing to a service (which I assume is worthless since they have to resort to these tactics to get business.) Your company is sneaky and underhanded and everyone that you have scammed should win a class-action suit and get their $20 back and then some for the trouble of having to deal with a loser like you.

    Suck it, Bobby V


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  • Me
    melanie Apr 13, 2009

    the same things happened to me. this is entrapment, unethical, misleading, & ###!!! they keep taking the $ . i can't use my phone without text interuptions. and now i can't even reach them to "unsubscribe". this needs to stop. they need to be shut down and pay for their actions. WHAT DOWNLOADS? that's not how a company does business. you really are ###s!!!

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  • Cr
    cruiz7197 Apr 16, 2009

    Ringaza=RingaZa=Rigaza=FRAUDULENT CHARGES!

    We were charged $9.99. Brand new cell phones!
    Day after opening them a charge appeared out of no where.
    No one else had access to our phones.
    No one took any online quiz.
    We were not online.
    There are no kids or anyone else with acces to the phones.
    There were/are no texts from Ringaza.
    Charge appeared without any promting in any way on our part.

    What we did so far:
    We contacted our cell phone company and had ALL THIRD PARTY CHARGES banned and blocked- DO THIS NOW EVERYONE!!! (We have Verizon.)
    We wrote a dispute E-mail to Ringaza (from work.)

    So far:
    We got a nasty E-mail from Ringaza refusing a refund for this fraudulent charge. They explained the way they trick others into signing up for their service (the "free ring-tone scam" above.) We did not do that. (By the was--DON'T take the Facebook quizzes.

    This company is a FRAUD! Their practices are illegal. There was never any agreement nor disclosure of any kind.

    By the way--
    Whovever "Bobby V" is above in this posting, who said there is "no possible way to accidentally subscribe" is right. While some of the people tooka quiz of got a text--in this case, Ringaza FRAUDULENTLY sign US up WITHOUT our permission--it's no damned "ACCIDENT!" They did this on purpose to take money. FRAUD FRAUD FRAUD ALERT!!! They think no one will initiate a class action, because it's only $9.99! Exteremly deceptive business practices, and now blatant fraud.

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  • Pi
    Pippy Jul 05, 2009

    I do have Verizon and not knowing that the offers of TrialPay, Prize Rebel, MetaRL, etc. were subscribing things. I am only 11, and I tried them, and still received my prize. Although, my mom got the phone bill and it said it wass charged 20$ for my dad and I 's phones. So, she contacted Verizon and asked why these charges were placed, given the number and texted "STOP" to them, and blocked them from further charges, yet this 332-32 is still texting but I cannot see them, therefore I do not have to worry. I think it is B.S that they do this, frauds come in many ways nowadays, no matter what game, online use, etc. It will happen.
    ~ Pippy

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